Sep 18th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:22 pm


Rumors hit late last night that Samsung was gearing up to announce the next iteration of their flagship Galaxy device at next year’s MWC in February — just 9 months after the release of the Galaxy S3. The rumors went on to say that the device would see a global launch no later than March, just 2 months shy of the Galaxy S3’s May release.

While some were excited at the news/logical guess, others were upset that their high-tech superphones would once again become obsolete, turning into a lump of coal the minute the S4 would be released. In an attempt at clearing up some of these rumors, Samsung took to their Twitter this evening crushing rumors of a February Galaxy S4 unveiling saying that they were simply “not true.”

But, if we follow Samsung’s track record for previous Galaxy releases, it’s only logical to expect a spring time announcement for the S4. Remember, the original Galaxy S was announced in March and launched in April; the Galaxy S2 was announced in February and launched in April; the Galaxy S3 was announced in early May and launched late May. So yes, the Galaxy S4 is coming, folks. You can and run and tell that.


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