Android Overload: Judge Koh Wont Lift Sales Ban on Non-Guilty Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPhone 5’s A6 Benchmarked Against Android Devices, and More


  • Developer creates iOS styled gallery application for Android. [XDA]
  • Google employee blogs about work being done to put an end to website logins. [TimBray]
  • Scout by Telenav now available in the Google Play Store.
  • Judge halts Google book scanning trial pending appeal. [Electronista]
  • AT&T launching Push to Talk service to rival Sprint’s iDEN network. Coming in November. [FierceWireless]
  • Android is more child-friendly than iOS. [Tecca]
  • Judge Koh refuses to lift injunction on Galaxy Tab 10.1, even after a jury cleared them. [AllThingsD]
  • iPhone 5’s A6 processor goes head to head with Android heavy weights in benchmark face-off. [MacRumors]
  • AOKP build 2 now available for download. Build 3 coming right around the corner. [AOKP]


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  1. Judge Koh is dumb

    1. She IS an idiot. However, not as big of an idiot as the jury foreman. He totally steered the rest of the jury claiming he knew what he was talking about when in reality he was clueless and just an apple fan boy.

    2. I don’t think that’s fair. I think this goes to prove that something far worse than her just being dumb is going on here.

  2. So charge Samsung $1billion when the jury ‘finds’ them guilty over baseless ‘evidence’, but still keep Samsung’s product banned even after the SAME jury finds them not-guilty.
    Is any more proof needed that Lucy Koh is a useless imbecile enjoying the publicity she’s receiving?

    1. Couldn’t have said that better she should be released from her position due to complete either incompetence or abuse of the system for her own gains. Especially since the truth is out after the fact.

  3. So the iPhone 5 benchmark is pretty hilarious. When Apple showed their iPhone 4S benchmarks against the Tegra 3 they showed the 4S had double the performance. Now it all of a sudden has 1/2 the performance so the 5 can now be…. 10 points ahead? Wtf are they smoking?
    I’m now 100% confident that their benchmarks are based on nothing and are completely made up numbers. Where I was about 98% confident before…

    1. I saw other specs could have been Engadget or Tom’s Hardware, S3 (quad exynos) was number 1, Nexus 7 number two iPhone 5 3rd, these specs are obviously biased coming from a Mac fanatic site. The iPhone 5 is fast but these benchmarks should be ignored.

  4. Are those specs fabricated to make iPhone 5 appear slightly faster than galaxy s. 3 and nexus7? It is an apple site. IPhone 5 came out last it should be faster. The android world releases phones quicker anyway. The next premium phone from HTC motorolla Samsung if its still making android phones will probably have faster benchmarks.

    1. It doesn’t matter. Even an “old” phone like the iPhone 3GS running on totally outdated hardware specs by today’s standards still has a smoother GUI experience than a current Android phone with a quad-core processor!

      That’s the big thing that Android should be ashamed of. The iPhone can do better on less hardware. That’s a downright embarrassment!

      Oh but, Project “Butter” is going to fix all those problems that fandroids have preached since day one that Android did not suffer from.

      Keep drinking your brand of Kool-aid kids.

      1. iphone still can’t multitask properly. Next!

      2. Um, actually that’s not true. My Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been a butter smooth experience. So has the S3s and I’ve played with. It doesn’t take much to make a 3GS crawl. Just give it more to do and it will slow to crawl. And by give it more to do i mean jailbreak and install all the hacks that give it more Android-like features and watch it glitch to a halt and crash. Same with the iPhone 4s.

        Android simply does more stuff at the same time than IOS. And if that means a glitch or two every now and then – I’ll take that smiling.

        1. That’s definitely weird, cause my Galaxy Nexus is definitely a bit sluggish compared to my iPhone 4S. The S3 is better, but glitchy. My co-worker has one. He just had his phone randomly boot into safe mode and we laughed about it. And there was like a blue X hovering on top of his screen in front of all of his apps. Now that’s not sketch at all.

          There is 0 argument that Android is as fluid as iOS in the graphics department. Benchmarks schmenchmarks.

          That’s the wrong reason to buy a phone. Buy an Android because you need file system access. Or because you love Google services, or you are an advocate of open source, or because it is more affordable, or because you love the awesome screen, or because you wanted to be an early adopter for LTE. But don’t try to say that it’s as smooth as iOS, or WP7 for that matter, until it actually is. Instead, complain about it so that it becomes a bigger issue to Google so they actually sit down and fix it.

  5. Anyone who knows anything about Android knows benchmarks mean squat!

  6. The benchmark warrants its own article..for being an outright lie. if you look at the actual geeksbench website the android devices have a higher score. SGS3 is 1743 right now. http://browser.primatelabs.com/android-benchmarks

  7. You can pretty much ignore those benchmarks. What do the numbers mean? For all we know they could mean the number of times the processor panics and restarts per day. A “score” without context is meaningless.

  8. here, I cherry picked a specific S3 benchmark to compare. http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/compare/1048144/1030202

  9. Since most of you have little to no legal knowledge, you should probably keep your comments to yourself about how Koh’s decision is “unfair.” Because Samsung is appealing the case’s previous result, part of the verdict of the tablet not infringing is technically considered void. For this reason, Koh can’t simply lift the previous ban.

    1. FTA: “…would not be proper to lift the injunction given that the matter is now before an appeals court.”


  10. I can’t wait for the iP5 to hit the stores. Not because I’m gonna get one (nope, I’m hardcore Android), but because I will finally be able to show my ignorant friends and family members just how far behind it is compare to my Galaxy S3….


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