HTC teases new device for tomorrow’s event, but is it Android or Windows Phone?


HTC has just posted a photo to their Facebook page teasing us with the the corner of a device and the number 19.9. It’s pretty obvious that the number references tomorrow’s date, when HTC will host a press event to introduce a line of new devices. Otherwise, there isn’t much to take away from what could either be a phone or tablet (or both), other than a time of 10:08 positioned to one side. The significance of that time isn’t clear, and we don’t have enough to go off of to determine if we are looking at an Android device or one running Windows Phone, if it is even an accurate depiction of what we will see tomorrow at all.

HTC is expected to have new handsets for each OS tomorrow, but much of the speculation leading up to the event has centered on Windows Phone, and we’re leaning in that direction with this latest tease. While there is a chance we will see the oft-rumored HTC One X+ make a debut, it seems less likely that the Taiwanese company will unveil their upcoming ‘phablet’ competitor. Keep it tuned here, though. We’ll be live at the event in NYC tomorrow bringing you the news as it breaks.

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  1. I was seriously hoping the 19.9 was in reference to the device being a super mega Note 2 killer phablet with a 19.9in display.

    1. With the iPhone5 now toting a 4″ screen it’s sure to be a Galaxy Note killer

      1. iPhone users sure are proud of 4 inches >.>

        1. lol u killed me :D

  2. It’s Windows Phone. Just look at the clock font. Unless they’re ripping off the Metro UI wholesale on their next Android device, it’s WP8. Also, Android tends to have more information in that part of the screen (battery, signal, etc).

    1. Downvotes? Really? I’LL TRY TO BE LESS RIGHT NEXT TIME ;_;

      1. Welcome to phandroid. Where being right gets downvoted. Lol.

      2. Down vote for complaining about down votes. Grow up.

        1. I’m extremely upset. I might cry. I hope you can sleep tonight, you monster.

    2. Battery and signal don’t matter in this case… It is a hint, not an actual screencap of that part of the screen…

      1. If it’s a Windows Phone, it could be an actual screencap. That’s *exactly* what that part of the screen looks like in WP7 and WP8. It’s also obviously the Segoe UI font.


        1. Must be a tablet then, the position of the clock is too low to be a phone.

          1. I’m guessing it’s just a black bezel around the screen. Windows RT doesn’t have a clock that looks like that.

          2. True, it doesn’t. Maybe they just took WP8’s clock and added it onto this rectangle, lol.

  3. OMG look at the mock up phone you guys posted yesterday as a leak it has the same time this phone has 10:08, also has that same greyish bezel on the outside if you look closely.

    1. All HTC devices display 10:08 in the promo shots.

      1. oh do they, wel then i think its a windows phone lol,our notifcation bar doesn’t look anything like that

      2. Not true, they always take the picture at 10:08(am) for lighting purposes

    2. That mockup was a fake and HTC’s Android build has a lot more going on than a black background and a white text clock.

      1. yea i know but i really wanted it to be a Android phone lol

        1. Enough with the Android and wp7/8 garbage START BUILDING iOS DEVICES!

          You already have the non-removable battery and the no SD card support down. I don’t see a better time than now

          1. What is the deal with people and non-removable batteries? It honestly doesn’t bother me. And my LTEvo has SD card support…

          2. It bothered my mom. She read the Samsung ad in the paper and she was surprised that the iphone didn’t have a removable battery.

          3. Yeah, it is surprising that some phones are switching to non-removable batteries. But, the only people I can see it affecting are those who like to buy multiple or extended batteries, or those who like the freedom to do so.

          4. It’s harder to fix. Sometimes a phone can freeze up and the only way out of it is to take the battery out and reinsert it.

          5. Eh. The manufacturer usually adds in a hard reset function (I believe it works in rooting as well) that works almost exactly like a battery pull, so it isn’t that big of a deal.

    3. They all have 10:08

  4. Clearly a Windows 8 Device. Look at the text.

  5. Sigh, seems to be another Windows 8 device,

    Bring on the International Phablet!

  6. I think that time is interesting because the default time on watches is 10:10 (so the hands don’t interfere with the logo usually). Or that’s when they expect to say what new devices are coming out. Hmm.

  7. Phablet is reserved for devices 5.3″ anything lower than 5.3 is a want to be phablet and anything higher than 5.3″ and lower than 7″ is a “slablet”. Anything 7″ to 10.1″ is a tablet and anything over 10.1″ is a damnit

    1. Oh no, so what do we call something that’s 5″? Larger than a normal phone, smaller than a normal phablet. A Phabonet? Or maybe we should just stop giving artificial limits to names and avoid that mess.

      1. Eventually you do get to a point where it can’t fit into anyone’s pocket or purse.

  8. If they’re just announcing a WP8 device, they better announce a Nexus device soon, too, otherwise I’m done with HTC.

    1. HTC doesn’t get to decide that, Google does. But hey, we can hope. At least Sense is actually good now as of 4.

  9. I hope its Windows phones! I don’t want my Evo Lte to be outdated before 2013.

    1. It’s going to be both, we know that. The wouldn’t invide android blogs to a WP8 event, and they wouldn’t invite WP blogs to an android event. The question is what OS is the device that owns that corner running. Also known as, we can’t wait for the announcement, lets all speculate. Just for fun.

  10. Yep, Windows Phone it is, that Segoe font of the clock tells it all. Damn, to think WP8 devices are being announced but the features of WP8 itself haven’t been fully unveiled by Microsoft yet. Or is it that resizable tiles and those hardware features are all they’ve added? :P

  11. I Think the 10:08 time is for 1080p screen I can’t wait for that

  12. I think it’s a W8 tablet. It looks like it’s sideways, but yet the clock is the right way up. The font is obviously in the windows style as well.

  13. Windows? lol.

  14. I’m assuming 10:08 is the release date October 8

    1. yay!!!!!! somebody figured it out…

  15. First thought after seeing the image: Windows Phone.

  16. So, announcement tomorrow for release on October 8th.

  17. Could it be that full sized tablet? You know, the one with a thick bezel on one side, being held with that bezel on the top – thus the big gap between top and the clock?

  18. Or not if you consider actually looking at it properly.

    Apparently it’s the wp8 equivalent of the One X….

  19. if that picture above is the phone then its windows

  20. 10:08 –> 1080p? 10:80 is not a real time, so maybe they’re just doing a very subtle hint.


  21. Zune and Kin were failures and WP7 is a failure. WP8 also looks like another failure. When will Microsoft realize that very few actually want that kind of look? If WP8 looked more like Windows 7 (on PC) than my old Commodore 64 then even I would be all over it.
    White text on yellow? Seriously?

  22. Phandroid looks like crap on my PC browser:

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