Google ending $25 Play Store credit with Nexus 7 purchase on 9/30


When Google announced the Nexus 7 earlier this summer, they sweetened the pot for early adopters by offering a $25 credit to the Play Store to be used towards the purchase of content such as games, apps, books, and movies. For those still without an N7, you may want to consider purchasing the Jelly Bean tablet within the next two weeks, as Google plans to end the offer on September 30th. After that date, all purchases of the Nexus tablet will be processed without the added bonus. As before, to be eligible for the credit you must have a valid Google account with a credit card stored to your Google Wallet account. Check out Google’s support site for more details.

[Google via AndroidForums | Thanks to AntinmonyER and Unforgiven!]

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  1. thats not good google.
    i got my N7 so im good anyway

  2. This is sooo misleading. If you buy more than one Nexus 7 on the same account, you only get the 25.00 credit once. Kinda sucks I’d say.

    1. You can only redeem it once per Google account. If you enter another Google account you will still get it.

  3. I bought nexus 7 awhile ago for my son used his account, got the $25 credit

    A couple of says ago, I logged onto my account on his phone, and said, resister a credit card and get $25 credit. I skipped it.. Said I could try later… Didn’t sound right …


    Already had a card registered under both accounts..

  4. Great! now I just need someone to purchase a N7 and let me try the playstore credit just to make sure it works lol

  5. Bought 2 and got full credit. Down to $2 left. Good job on this one Google. My wife still has like $15. I thought it was only a online thing but i got mine at sams club.

  6. Purchase by or register by?

  7. Hmm. I have my N7 under another account without any creditcards added, so I guess it’s just easiest to re-add my main account (with cc’s) in order to spend the $25, which I added/removed just for GoogleWallet too. But then… most of the stuff you buy will only be licensed while that account’s active, which sucks.

    Google really needs a way to TRANSFER OWNERSHIP of apps & content. If giftcards are coming, they can do this too.

    1. I agree. And I refuse to tote around an account just because their policies are garbage.

      This is from the Google Play Terms of Service:

      If you have multiple Google accounts with different user names, in some cases you may transfer Products out of an account and into another account, provided you are the owner of each such account and provided Google has enabled a feature of the relevant service allowing such transfers.

      Unfortunately, they don’t seem to want to enable that.

  8. I know it’s costing them a lot of money but it is a nice perk and helps the transition for new Android and play store users. Reducing it to $10 or something like that would have been nice.

  9. Hmmm price drop in the queue?

  10. The credit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The account I setup my device under didn’t have a Google Wallet account. When I added a business account that did, the credit went there even though the literature and onboarding processes both stated that I could add the Google Wallet account later. Google has refused to fix this even though I was never prompted about associating the credit to the other account. The device is great, but I am actually returning the device based on such a miserable customer support experience.

    If you are doing this for the credit, make sure you do not add ANY account that has a Google Wallet associated to it before you add the account to which you want the credit applied.

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