Sep 17th, 2012

Stylish phones from premium fashion, automobile, and accessory manufacturers around the world are nothing new. They always tend to be lacking in power, inflated in price, and sometimes don’t look all that great to begin with.

Aston Martin, a company who I am only familiar with thanks to my good friend Pierce Brosnan, looks to be the next one into the game. Like the others, they’re also foregoing respectable guts for a lavish exterior and scary price tag.

The device comes in black, silver, white, gold, and rose gold for colors, with the latter two being actual gold. It’ll run for $1290 without the luscious metal and $1590 with gold. A little steep, no?

Unfortunately you are getting some bottom of the barrel specs for that asking price. For starters, you’re only afforded a 3.5 inch display. That may not matter to some, but it’s rather small in a world where even the iPhone 5 has increased half an inch.

You’re also only getting an 800MHz processor and 256MB of RAM. What is this, 2008? But, of course, these phones are not aimed at those who tend to be technologically sound. It’s for those with big, fat pockets who need yet another status symbol to validate their well fortune. You can find it over at ePrice. [via Android Central]