Could Motorola DROID RAZR HD AND RAZR MAXX HD launch on Verizon this October?


Verizon and Motorola weren’t keen on releasing availability details for their newly-announced DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD outside of a wide launch window of “before the holidays.”

If our expectations are correct then this would mean any time before Thanksgiving as the holiday is treated as the unofficial start to the busiest shopping season of the year starting with Black Friday.

Well, it looks like we might have a bit more of an idea of when to expect these powerhouse devices. A press release for the RAZR HD in Germany pegs October as its launch window, a lot more specific than Verizon’s initial window for the US. We could see it launching in the US around the same time, but it would be wise not to get your hopes up.

We usually don’t see European releases of Motorola’s Verizon-bound phones until after Verizon’s versions launch so it’s plausible to suggest they could be targeting that same window.

Unfortunately with so little to go on we aren’t comfortable burning  a date into our minds without also burning a sense of caution right next to it. We’ll hope to get more information about its impending release as the weeks move on. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Bring this to Sprint dammit!

    1. I agreed:'(

  2. I wish Moto had a better naming style rather than over saturating the Razr brand to the point where its no longer a decision factor when it comes to buying a phone.

    1. I think the razr brand has kept the tradition of quality since the first one came out as a flip phone.

      1. As long as they don’t come out with a new krazr, I’ll agree.

  3. when will the Nexus MAXX arrive?

    1. if moto releases a Moto Razr Maxx HD Developer Edition (WTF-longnames!!?) it will essentially be just that.

      the only thing that would be different between the dev edition of any phone and a nexus is the immediate update of said OS. Nexus of course will get it, then the devs will grab the updated OS version and shoehorn it into the dev editions. So yeah, it’ll be as close to nexus as possible. (I’m sure the devs will figure out a way to remove the bloatware too).

      and if this phone will exist, vzw and moto will have my benjamins.

  4. I’d say the launch window is between mid October and mid November. They will probably wait at least a month after the Droid Razr M launched to launch the Droid Razr HD and Razr Maxx HD. Mobile phone manufacturers typically don’t launch multiple models for the same carrier very close together.

  5. they need to make the razr a flagship phone avalible across all carriers. come on google and just make moto stock android now that you own them.

    1. Why the hell would they do that. Moto has to stay separate from stock android. You may like what they do to the UI and the whole locked bootloader thing but a lot of people don’t. Moto is doing the same damn thing they did with the Droid branding. Beating that dead horse so badly that anyone outside of android started calling all of them Droids. FAIL. Last thing I would want is more mindless drones calling all android phones Razr’s.

      Every carrier and manufacturer have their star product they pimp and push out to sell as many of these things as possible. Vz has the droid/razr lineup, Sprint has the Evo, Tmobile had for a time the Mytouch (lols) and Att had…..well yea you get my point lol. Making any one brand available across the board just goes against what Android is about. Choice. IF its an unchanged device (SGSIII) then thats ok. Cuz again the choice is there. Same phone regardless of network.

      1. and thats my point I would not mind a moto device I would love a razr running stock android with the choice of carrier screw Verizon with their insanly high prices I think all manufactuers should have one main device they make avalible across all carriers look how well it worked with the gs3 they still can have all their other varriants.

      2. It’s already happening, in regard to the uninformed calling them all Razrs. In the last couple of weeks Ive had two people ask me if my Galaxy Nexus was a “RAZR phone”.

  6. I am looking hard at the Note 2 and MAXX HD. If they both drop in October, it would be a tough decision. Samsung’s are generally popular enough that dev support is a better and I like the aesthetics a bit more. But moto’s docks are leaps an bounds better as far as connectivity(HD Station as HDMI, USBx3, and power all in one dock, there is no way to do that with MHL) and I also like the huge battery. If I could be sure that CM would come to the RAZR HD, I’d be there hands down.

  7. I cant wait, I’ll probably get the Razr Maxx HD, but off topic, anyone else heard of the extended battery for the Epic 4G Touch? I saw it today on Amazon, 3800mah!! I can’t believe it.

    1. Get the Seidio 3200 mah, its worth it. Japanese lithium battery, not cheap Chinese crap. That 3800 mah is overrated, and won’t last.

      1. thanks. i just read some bad reviews on the 3800mah Trexcell.

  8. hope their pricing is decent, anybody want to buy a gently used DROID 2X?

  9. I get an upgrade in late October, and this phone looks extremely appealing to me – especially since it will be getting JB. Should I go ahead and jump on this, or wait to see the next Nexus phone(s) before deciding?

    1. by October, I think leaks of the next Nexus should be out by then. I say hold on to it until the Nexus arrives.

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