Sep 15th, 2012

A substantial issue has been plaguing Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus replacement units for a few weeks now. These replacements have been struggling to keep a 4G LTE signal and making their users’ lives impossible. But if the latest leak from the guys at Droid-Life is to be taken as proof, Best Buy is sure this problem will be fixed very soon via an OTA update.

This is definitely no small problem, as the quantity of users reporting such issues has been significant. Yours truly is in the process of getting a replacement unit, and I certainly would not like it one bit if my device came with this baggage.

Thankfully, this leak states that Samsung has discovered what the problem is and the bug-fixing update should be coming within the next couple days. Also, there seem to be some Galaxy Nexus units that have already been updated, marked by an “Updated” sticker in the box. You might want to ask for one of those if you are getting this smartphone before the update comes around.

But let’s get to the good part, shall we? It is great that Verizon customers will no longer suffer signal issues with the Galaxy Nexus, but when will that Android 4.1 update be rolling out?

[Via: Droid-Life]

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