Fix coming to Verizon Galaxy Nexus replacement devices with signal issues


A substantial issue has been plaguing Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus replacement units for a few weeks now. These replacements have been struggling to keep a 4G LTE signal and making their users’ lives impossible. But if the latest leak from the guys at Droid-Life is to be taken as proof, Best Buy is sure this problem will be fixed very soon via an OTA update.

This is definitely no small problem, as the quantity of users reporting such issues has been significant. Yours truly is in the process of getting a replacement unit, and I certainly would not like it one bit if my device came with this baggage.

Thankfully, this leak states that Samsung has discovered what the problem is and the bug-fixing update should be coming within the next couple days. Also, there seem to be some Galaxy Nexus units that have already been updated, marked by an “Updated” sticker in the box. You might want to ask for one of those if you are getting this smartphone before the update comes around.

But let’s get to the good part, shall we? It is great that Verizon customers will no longer suffer signal issues with the Galaxy Nexus, but when will that Android 4.1 update be rolling out?

[Via: Droid-Life]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. This article is longer than it needs to be. It felt like you tried too hard.

    1. So don’t read it then. I swear, people on the internet talk like there’s not an actual person on the other end of a comment.

      1. Yes, it’s the internet. I’m entitled to an opinion, just like the rest of you. I did not feel like the article required 3 paragraphs to state that Verizon will soon push a fix for a signal bug. One would suffice. There sure is a lot of mad going on.

        1. My response had nothing to do with “opinion”. You are most certainly entitled to your own opinion. I don’t think anyone took as much issue with your opinion as they did the was you expressed it. You showed absolutely zero regard for the individual you were criticizing. My point was, despite this being the internet, you’re still criticizing a flesh and blood person. Just exercise a bit of decency and respect that’s all.

          1. Look, if he can’t handle ‘the way I expressed my opinion’ then maybe he shouldn’t be writing a blog. He’s a big boy, and if he has a problem with my criticism then there’s nothing stopping him from replying to my comment himself and expressing his own opinion.

  2. There is a solution for that James. Start your own Android enthusiast site and not write about this news.

  3. ill continue to hold my breath Verizon…

  4. yeah lets comment on an artical being to long. Just shows that you have sooo many better things to do James. Way to say thanks for the entertainment on a slow Saturday evening.
    Phandriod, keep up the good work.

  5. I forgot the smiley face on my previous post :)

  6. My 4G LTE stability has been acceptable, I’d rather get a Jelly Bean OTA and a radio update later. It seems like OTAs are rarely rolled out in quick succession so it’s probably one or the other for the time being.

  7. This literally just happened to me was so mad that my replacement phone wasn’t working but they gave me another one after 45 minutes of messing with it at the Verizon store

  8. I got the Google/Samsung Nexus S 4G on sprint and I already got the official OTA to Jellybean. Verizon is a joke.

  9. thank god my gn dont have this issue. the only issue i had is the battery bug, which is preventing my phone to get pass 1 hr 50mins of screen time.

  10. Do people really use 4G with the battery drain and data limits nowadays? I’ll believe of a fix when I see it. They still haven’t fixed this issue on the Bionic whom doesn’t even have ICS yet. Ridiculous.

    1. I use 4G all day long.

      I also don’t wait for Verizon to push me updates – as soon as new radios are available I flash them. I’ve been running JB since the day after it was announced.

    2. I use 4G as well by default. Living in a city it’s as fast (or faster) as wifi.
      Data limits are the same, that’s irrelevant. It simply makes browsing faster.

    3. I had only 3G until they expanded my 4G coverage about a month ago and I expected my battery life to drastically decrease, but it’s not as bad as I thought! My Nexus still easily makes it through the work day for me. Depends on usage, I guess.

      1. Good to know. I guess I’ll turn it on and see how it works. I guess I shouldn’t make comments without seeing for myself. For some reason I always thought that it wasn’t worth it. Not sure if that was what friends were saying or what.

    4. I bought the Samsung Gnex extended battery for 28 bucks on Amazon. Added about 6 hours of normal usage. I use 4G exclusively when I have it. I sometimes use it even if I have wifi because it is so fast.

  11. What about existing phones that weren’t replaced in the past few weeks that still have signal issues??? I replaced my phone a couple months ago hoping the replacement would have a stronger antenna….it didn’t. It was no different than my first phone – picked up on launch day.

    My gets a weak wifi signal too. Cellular, 3g, 4g and wifi all suck. My wifes Droid Incredible is better in every category (cept 4g obviously). I don’t think there is any way to fix it other than to replace the hardware.

    Sucks cause it’s the only thing holding this phone back from being the greatest out there…imo.

  12. As I wrote on Droid Life, I’m on my 6th GNex handset, each getting worse than the one before. So I was excited about this.

    I called Verizon to ask when it would be pushed out. The guy at tech support said they had been told October, but that if I called Samsung, they could push it out to me right away.

    I called Samsung and the woman in tech support said 1) that if it was available, they couldn’t send it to specific units, and 2) that they hadn’t been told about any fix yet and it wasn’t on their books as a possible OTA any time (not even near future, but any time).

  13. The FF02/FG02 radios are a huge improvement for my particular device. If you’re rooted, it’s a stupid simple flash over w/e ROM you’re running. If you’re stock, well, more incentive to root!

    1. Didn’t help me any. If anything, handoffs are worse/slower for me now with these radios. I was stuck on 1x or with no data in a strong 3G area just earlier today, despite toggling mobile data several times.

  14. My brother and I got our Galaxy Nexuses at the same time from a best buy and they both had signal problems. I got “No Signal Alert” from the Play Store and my signal was going out every 30 secs or less. Same with my bro. We took it back to best buy and they didn’t even need proof that anything was wrong.

    We got my mother one a week before we got ours, and hers was completely fine.

  15. A carrier-branded Nexus device is a contradiction in terms. I hope Google learned the lesson of this mistake.

  16. I have this issue. constant drops on a brand new replacement phone. tried new ROMs, new radios new kernels… no luck with fixing the issue. fairly sure its hardware related. not sure how they can ota fix it. the sim card holder is a newer model and interface. worst part is that as your phone searches for signal your battery dies. noting like a full charge before bed and your phone dead before you wake up. no alarms.

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