Canadian Galaxy Nexus users reportedly receiving Jelly Bean update


Great news for those Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners living in the Great White North. Reports are flying in that the update to Android 4.1 has commenced for Canada, and it isn’t an incident isolated to a single service provider. Folks with TELUS, WIND, Fido, and Rogers have all chimed in to let us know they have received Jelly Bean on their pure Google handsets.

The software update certainly took a bit longer to arrive than what is normally expected for a Nexus device, but it has arrived nonetheless. The news leaves Verizon, the exclusive launch partner of the handset, as one of the few major carriers in North America to have yet to issue an upgrade to the latest version of Android.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Nothing yet on Virgin Mobile Canada.

  2. What is with Verizon in so Cal! Still running ics!

  3. Nothing yet on Virgin Mobile Canada

  4. It is so embarrassing for Google that they didn’t sort this out before hand. Completely devalues the Nexus brand.

  5. I received mine today Galaxy Nexus on Sprint in NJ

  6. *looks at verizon nexus….looks at watch*

    1. More like: looks at calendar.


  8. Verizon one of the last … figures.

    I called about two weeks ago and got hit with the ” we don’t control updates that’s up to the phones manufacturer ” my response ” sir please do not insult my intelligence, all I’d like is an estimated release date. It’s only been close to a year and this nexus still has issues from out the box ” after my comment he reiterated his original response.

    Damn shame I tell you

    Please don’t respond telling me to root. I choose not to with this nexus and SIII

    SIII is indeed a winner.

  9. Eh! good for them lol

  10. Verizon is so stupid! I got a “pure Google” phone (Galaxy Nexus) so that I could GET THE LATEST VERSION OF ANDROID QUICKLY! Now every other carrier has Jelly Bean and VZW the “nations largest 4G LTE provider” still doesn’t even have a preliminary DATE!! And the VZW SIII with the crappy TouchWiz UI is already getting (or is scheduled to get) Jelly Bean… NO EXCUSE VERIZON, this is stupid!!

    1. Obligatory “you should root” post.

      Obligatory “I shouldn’t have to” reply.

      1. I have rooted before on a previous Droid X but my company now blocks rooted devices from accessing corporate data (ie email calendar etc) :( So unfortunately that is no longer an option for me.

        1. No need for explanation. I was just projecting what the next responses would likely be. :-)

    2. You always had the ability to get JB quickly. Its just a question of do you want to do the work to do so. I suspect no which is fine. But you can’t say the option wasn’t there. Unlike most other phones, you didn’t have that immediate JB option like GN so in essence you do have the pure google experience.

      I personally didn’t flash to JB because for the last 2 months I have barely touched my GN other than to answer phone calls and turn on tethering to my Nexus 7. And since the N7 has JB on it, I figure why bother with the GN and deal with early app incompatibilities.

      1. I’m sorry but you shouldn’t HAVE to put in the work to get the updates in a timely manner if you’re on a “pure” google phone…that’s the reason i bought it….to save me the headache of needing to do that

  11. Yo Verizon, where you at? -.-

  12. I JUST flashed my phone to Jelly Bean “takju” variant 2 days ago! I was positive we were never going to get this update. But I don’t regret it, cause now I’ll at least get future updates sooner.

  13. Lucky Canadians

  14. First to release, last to update.

    Yeah, sounds about right. Thankfully, due to it being a Nexus, we really don’t have to care…

  15. For the sake of clarity, am I right to assume that this update will only be for the yakju and NOT the yakjuux build? I was planning on flashing my friend’s GNex to yakju tonight; should I just tell him to wait for an OTA update?

  16. Nothing yet on mobilicity, hopefully that will change by the end of the day

  17. so… when they finally force out of unlimited data, (and they will), i’ll be jumping ship from Big Red

  18. My buddy just got his nexus updated yesterday after I followed the steps from an xda post to get it to force check. :-)

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