Sep 12th, 2012

If it seems a bit quiet around here today, it’s because all eyes and ears are turned towards Apple. It’s iPhone 5 day, at least unofficially. Apple would never actually let the cat out of the bag in advance, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why the company behind arguably the world’s most iconic smartphone invited the tech media elite to attend an event in San Francisco today. It kicks off at 10AM PDT (1PM EDT), at which point we expect to finally get some answers about one of the biggest handsets to be unveiled this year.

The rumors have been plentiful, but little is actually know for certain about the next iteration of the iPhone. And just about the only thing we do know is that Apple has finally given in to the notion that users can deal with a larger display. Leaked prototypes and surrounding rumors suggest Apple has gone with a 4-inch screen, creating an iPhone that is taller and slimmer than previous versions.

Other features are more up in the air. Will the phone stick with a similar screen resolution to previous Retina displays? Or will it make the leap to 720p HD? While it seems like a foregone conclusion for most high-end Android devices, there is still some doubt that Apple will include 4G LTE connectivity in their latest smartphone. Then there is the matter of NFC, which Apple held out of previous versions of the iPhone. Conflicting reports have the new version either including the technology or continuing to ignore it. Apple also looks to miff some users owning older iPhone accessories such as speaker docks by introducing a new proprietary connector port, though an adaptor of some sort could provide a workaround to this problem.

The real question, though, is what will it take for you to drop your Android device and start camping out for the iPhone 5? Or have you already made up your mind regardless of what Apple has to show off today? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to sound off in our poll!

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