Verizon partners with McAfee to offer Mobile Security app to subscribers


Plenty of data reaffirms the growing problem with malware on the Android platform, an issue that will no doubt continue to threaten the well-being of our smartphones and tablets. Verizon is looking to nip the problem in the bud with the introduction of their new Mobile Security app by way of McAfee. But the app should do more than merely accomplish the dubious task of keeping devices free of viruses and suspect apps, it will also enable users with the ability to track, lock, and remotely wipe a lost or stolen handset.

The app, which operates on Android 2.1 devices and higher, will come with two tiers of service offered. Mobile Security Basic comes free of charge and offers full McAfee antivirus protection as well as the protection from malicious websites attempting to infect smartphones. For $1.99 a month, additional protection is enabled by way of McAfee App Alert, which allows users to track exactly what sort of data apps are accessing and transmitting. The extra fee also enables the previously mentioned tracking features courtesy of Asurion.

We are skeptical about the need to pay a company like McAfee to protect a device, especially when the same company is the one issuing the reports that conjure up fear of malware in the first place. Ultimately, the ability to protect your device comes down to being conscious of what is being downloaded and installed from third-party sources, but with the evolving landscape a little extra protection probably couldn’t hurt (especially if it is being offered free). For more info, head over to the press release linked below.

[Press Release]

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  1. 1st,the B.S. ‘report’ from McAfee regarding malware ,now,………surprise,surprise………. “LOOK,it’s a bird … it’s a plane……,no,it’s McAfee to save the day…. FOR THE SMALL SUM OF…………

    My original response to last weeks scarefomercial still stands:

    KISS MY A** McAfee !

  2. Can I subscribe to this, VZ Navigator, and City ID all at once?

    1. Yes, but you have to pay an extra $2.99 per month “Combined Services” fee.

  3. McAfee?! Good Lord, I’d rather have every virus, worm and trojan possible. Talk about the cure being worse than the cause…
    “…but with the evolving landscape a little extra protection probably couldn’t hurt” Why yes, yes it can, in fact.
    “especially if it is being offered free” Well, you can get Ebola, AIDS, and Lhasa fever for free as well, it doesn’t make it a good idea.

  4. So why would someone choose this over Lookout Security? (Free)

    1. The security that a big name brand is protecting their phone? *shrugs*
      I prefer Cerebus. more options for protection at a very reasonable one time fee.

  5. People still use McAfee? Thought that died…

  6. I was surprised to see this article not mention how McAfee, Asurion and/or Verizon flooded their app with fake five star reviews. Check it out. Apparently Jeremy and John REALLY like this app. I mean REALLY. John rated it four or 5 times and then rated his comment helpful four or five times.

  7. Ahhh McAfee. Takes me back to Windows 98 Plus!

  8. I hate a lunatic hacker with a passion.. Must be someone with extreme meth addiction to have such mentality of hacking people.. Anti virus softwares don’t work against a good hacker…

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