Sep 9th, 2012

Project Glass isn’t the only augmented reality project Google happens to be working on: they’ve recently been granted a patent for what can best be called a “Smart Glove”, somewhat similar to what Tom Cruise wore in the movie Minority Report. Consisting of several sensors, cameras, processors, memory and networking capabilities, the glove itself seems very unlikely to make its way to regular consumers (though I wouldn’t mind one to play around with).

Possible applications? One such is using gestures and Project Glass in conjunction to perform actions, such as zooming in with either the camera on the glove or the Glass. Another is interacting with holographic interfaces, such as Tony Stark’s computer in Iron Man.

I must admit, though, that I have seen some form of prior art in the segment. I’m referring to technology demonstrated by an MIT Media Lab assistant researcher and PhD candidate, Pranav Mistry. A video of Pranav’s at a TED conference is below. How similar is Google’s work to his? I’m not sure, but they definitely seem along a similar line.

[Android Authority]

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