Rumor: Verizon set to release HTC Desire 4G LTE


HTC’s Desire brand is usually attached to international devices. These tend to receive a different name when offered in the US, but if the latest leak proves to be true, Verizon could be releasing a device with the Desire moniker.

The leaked document names this rumored device the HTC Desire 4G LTE, and it doesn’t seem to be related with any current or upcoming devices coming to Big Red. It is suggested that this could be a low-to-mid-end device, as it does not carry the DROID branding. Now, having the DROID branding doesn’t mean a device will be high-end, but DROIDs are usually given the spotlight and tend to be of more importance. We must keep in mind that this could also change when/if the smartphone is released, though.

We have no details about the device (other than the fact that it will have 4G LTE connectivity), but we will definitely be keeping an eye on this one. It would be exciting to see this become a good option for Verizon subscribers, but it might also be just another version of one of HTC’s current phones. Let’s just hope it is something worth “desiring.”

[Via: Engadget]

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  1. The thunderbolt did not have the droid branding and was a high end device at the time. The last two “droid” incredibles have been mid range devices. Droid doesnt always have to be high end devices

    1. Thunderbolt? High end?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Oh wait you were serious, let me laugh even harder… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      1. Actually, as one of the early (if not the first — I can’t recall now) 4G devices on Verizon’s network at the time of its release, it was considered pretty high-end when it first came out. It quickly became overshadowed by other 4G devices, to be sure, that were better in many ways… but it had its heyday, and still does have a place in many people’s hearts and pockets.

        1. It was VZW’S first LTE phone and, while it was my last straw with HTC, it had two awesome features that are still nearly unique – a kickstand and simultaneous voice and data on CDMA 3G.

        2. I have it. I got it the first week it came out. It cost $250 on a 2-yr contract. It was Verizons first 4G phone and still better than the LG Revolution and Droid Charge. It was a high end phone at the time. It was a competitor to the EVO, and the newly released iPhone 4

          1. Droid Charge had a better battery, screen, processor, camera, and according to testimonies of Thunderbolt owners, software.

          2. According to every person I’ve ever seen comment on the Droid Charge, ever, it’s a terrible phone.

            I sold my Droid Incredible 1 (got it when it came out) this February and bought an HTC Thunderbolt on Craigslist. It’s a much better phone, and I’m happy with it. It was just outdated when I bought it. Waiting for that 5 inch HTC on Verizon. I REALLY hope that one comes out!

          3. I owned the Droid Charge for over 6 months. It was a great phone. Only complaints I had were the lack of LED notification and the plasticky feel, and the latter was resolved by a $10 case.

            The Thunderbolt was a piece of crap. In the short amount of time I spent with it, it froze up randomly. That’s not even mentioning the cons I didn’t have time to experience like awful battery. It also felt like a brick

  2. Droid Eris 2? Possibly.

  3. I thought Htc was going to focus on fewer phones?

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