Samsung says Android’s multi-touch isn’t as good as iOS’, Apple says it is


Just when you think these patent lawsuits are starting to calm down, more drama comes around. Samsung and Apple are now going at it in the Netherlands, disputing over “touch event model” multi-touch software – it basically stops users from accidentally tapping two buttons at once. According to Apple, Samsung has taken iOS’ functionality to use it on its own devices. Samsung disagrees, and throws a statement that may make Android fans raise an eyebrow.

As a cry during desperate times, Samsung claims that Android’s multi-touch software simply isn’t as good as that of iOS. Samsung’s lawyers state that Android’s solution is more “hierarchical,” making it harder for developers to use it. In addition, Apple’s solution works on an OS level, while Android’s takes care of the problem in the application level.

This suggests that Samsung believes Android to be inferior (in this sense) and more complex. Any company would be flattered to hear this, but Apple wants to win and begs to differ (talk about reverse psychology). Apple’s lawyers go on to mention that Samsung does not have a lesser solution for a multiple input “conflict situation.”

Samsung then states that Apple was not the inventor of this technology, giving two examples of prior art that is very similar to both companies’ solutions. One being DiamondTouch, which allows multiple users to operate a touch-based table at the same time, and the second being software synthesizers, which can ignore certain keystrokes while using a keyboard.

Once again, Apple disagrees. DiamondTouch’s solution is meant for multiple users, not just one. And software synthesizers are not applying this technology to a touch-screen, so to this is simply unrelated to the Cuppertino Giant. (Seriously, this sounds like two kids arguing with their mother over who is right and wrong).

This is only one patent lawsuit, and as you can expect, there are many more happening as we speak. If you would like to know how this one concludes, stay tuned for October 24, when judgement is scheduled to be delivered. A ban could halt Samsung’s sales in all of Europe, as the Netherlands is where the company’s distribution center is located. So yeah… this is a big one.

[Via: PC World]

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  1. hey if this gets a Galaxy note 2 in my hand by December , then hell with it, apple is the best.

  2. Shut up Apple and Samsung. I’m sick of your wining. Apple get out of the court room and start innovating and let Samsung do its thing.

    1. Samsung is doing its thing with or without these lawsuits, actually they are doing better this year then the last

      1. Good point. I was just cranky when I read this article, just got back from a double shift at the office.


  3. Ok, just so I’m know I’m reading this right. Apple is now saying that no one else is allowed to come up with a solution for multi-touch conflicts even if the solution is entirely different than theirs? A “we have the answer, it’s the only answer and the right answer because we say so. You can not provide another answer.” So suddenly they’re allowed to have a monopoly of solutions? No one is allowed to solve problems they feel they already solved? WTF?! This is the very reason patents suck and technology is slowly starting to stagnate. Not even the behemoth that is pharmaceuticals is that damn anal retentive. STFU Apple and go back to innovating.

    1. Seriously didn’t the whole Google v Oracle trial end up the way it did because even if the result of some code is the same its not infringement if the method for producing that result is different?

    2. If you haven’t already, watch this hilarious!

  4. As the owner of an iPad and a nexus tab, I can confirm that this is true.

    1. Of course they both have ways to deconflict multi-touch inputs, it’s an obvious and necessary function of multi-touch itself, and the entire touch-based UI would fail without it.

      What is the android OS supposed to do instead? Allow the conflicts and subsequently destroy the user experience?!

      Fvck Apple.

  5. Why wasn’t this patent included in the list during the US trial? Surely this seems like an obvious one that would have netted Apple far more? How come it’s only being challenged in a Netherlands court?

    1. Aren’t US and Euro patents different?
      Maybe they don’t have a US patent for that, or they keep it for another trial.

  6. Is all this even necessary apple? You would have Samsung devices be banned in all of Europe over this multi touch feature?

    1. That’s why they think it’s necessary…

  7. I no longer can eat apples.

    1. especially Macintosh apples

      1. I donno, it feels pretty good destroying apples with my teeth. I think you guys are sadly mistaken.

    2. I shoot arrows at Apples. On top of fanboy’s heads.

      1. You aim at the apple?!?

  8. “Once again, Apple disagrees. DiamondTouch’s solution is meant for multiple users, not just one.”

    The machine doesn’t know if the multi touche event was made by one human, several or even by an alien with 6 arms. So from the point of view of the underlying OS, multi-touch is multi-touch, regardless how the touch was made.

    You want proof? Take an iPhone, use two fingers from two different persons, make a pinch zoom and see if the iPhone reacts like if it was made by the same person.

    1. Yes, that’s the stupidest thing about this. By that logic, I could build the exact same multitouch system and claim it’s different because mine is meant only for people less than 20 years of age, while theirs is for all the age groups?

  9. Is it the same code for an obviously necessary function? No? Then STFU Apple.

  10. I considered going into patent law. But reading the cases in school made my head hurt the way that sometimes these patent fights become debates over niggling little details. I then chose environmental path instead. At least in this field when someone steals the water, you know it’s been stolen and you can usually trace it! lol

  11. Is it possible change the UI from Android and make it look different been the same OS?

  12. If Apple wins this case, then they will go further by making a patent for touchscreen that can be touched by finger. So no one are allowed to let their users touch the screen by finger, you can use your nose, tounge, elbow, or your knee, but NOT FINGER!!!

    1. It’s a sad, sad world if one can’t finger

  13. But yet, android has apps that interfere with things at OS level.

  14. Samsung isn’t saying androids implementation is worst than ios. It is merely saying it’s different. That android does it on an app level, ios does it on an os level. Maybe Google designed it this way to get around those pesky patients.

  15. This patent should be standard-essential and only licensed under FRAND conditions, thus no injunction possible.
    Isn’t touchscreen technology a standard yet?

    1. I cant think of any other way to use a touch screen device other than by touching the screen.

  16. Does Samsung really say what the headline suggests. I can’t find the bit where they actually say they think it is worse. This is a headline I would expect from an Apple site. I think Samsung are saying its different, more complex and harder for developers but how does this automatically equate to them thinking its not as good? All of this patent nonsense is so out of hand now that the least an android blog site can do to help is word their headlines correctly and certainly without bias against android. I’m not talking about blind fanboism, but unless Samsung have actually stared

  17. Sorry…stated they think the system is worse with android, can we have less of the misleading headlines.

  18. APPLE has gone crazy. they should sell there company and get into patent lawsuit department.

  19. Didn’t LG invent Capacitive Touch?

    1. That’s exactly what I thought.

  20. android has games such as air hockey, for multiple users…. so android multi-touch (can but not often be used for multi person)

  21. apple suck?

  22. Blind android followers yikes

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