Sony Xperia Tablet S now available, will you bite?


Sony was not the best Android tablet manufacturer last year, but the company now holds power over its mobile department (previously known as Ericsson) and aims to turn it all around. The Sony Xperia Tablet S was announced at IFA 2012 with a slightly better, yet similar design and better specs. But just in case you missed it, the tablet was released yesterday, September 7, in the US.

The Xperia Tablet S comes with a 1.4 GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB of RAM, Android 4.0 and a 9.4-inch display; all for $399 for the base version. It won’t win any awards with those specs, but it should be a great tab for many users. What is quite remarkable is the accessories Sony is offering for this device.

I personally love the docking stand; it gives the tablet a very nice touch of elegance. And that case with an integrated keyboard will definitely make some of you more productive. Honestly, these accessories impressed me more than the tablet itself.

Regardless, this is just a heads up. You can now get these from both and, so head over there and check them out if interested. For some reason we don’t see these flying off the shelves, though. Sony seems to continue having too much competition and not enough of a “wow” factor.

Is it a good tablet? sure, at least on paper it is. But there are definitely many options when we look at tablets with similar specs and prices. So what do you guys think – will you be signing up for Sony? If so, why? Is it the unique form-factor? Is it the cool accessories? Do you simply like Sony’s tablets? Let us know in the comments!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. I thought about it but I already have the nexus 7 and spec by spec and dollar for dollar my nexus 7 takes it. I love Sony products (I have a VAIO Z series) maybe if they dropped the price a little more towards the $300 I would.definitely buy it.

    1. If I didn’t already own an Excite 10 AT305 I’d consider this one for a high end tablet.
      Sorny can kick the hardware when they want to.

  2. I have to admire Sorny’s build quality and accessories, but as stated the Nexus 7 is darn close to those specs, albeit a 7″.

  3. Yes i will when i have enough money for it. You can buy it @ walmaet for 378$.

  4. I am a Sony fan. I have owned 5 Sony Ericsson phones. I still have the Xperia X10, looking forward to upgrade to Xperia T. Sony has the best designs and sweet UI that I would always love. I have intentions of also getting this wonderful looking tablet. Just can’t beat Sony when it comes to design, music, sound quality and camera quality.

  5. Is that running Android or Win8? o.O

  6. Its the Sony store and Bravia features which impress me. Controlling the TV and accessing Playstation games really gives it an edge over the others. This coupled with the keyboard really takes it. In terms of spec I bet nobody would know any difference in performance. Its features like this which Sony offer which really make the tablet experience worth while. I would chose this over the Nexus.

  7. Will this tablet ever get updated by Sony, I fear not. The tablet looks impressive on paper though.

    1. they haive updated the original tablet s. actually this tablet’s predecessor will be updated all the way to jellybean.

  8. I won’t be getting this particular tablet. As far as Android goes, I have mostly owned only HTC and Samsung products. I am a Google Nexus fan and there are some stories out there that says that LG and Sony might make a Nexus device this year. If so, sign me up for one of them. The Samsung Nexus’s have been nice, but I love Sony’s and LG’s designs. Google will demand decent specs and vanilla AOSP with support from Google always wins. I would love to see a Sony Experia Nexus. Count me in!

  9. No Hd screen.No thanks

  10. I have the Sony Tablet S and is an excellent product, Sony keeps updating and I have been enjoying ICS 4.0.3 for months via OTA directly from Sony not like others, is very fast and the screen colors are beautiful in my opinion is one of the best tablets

  11. Looks like no one noticed the Guest mode that Sony is offering. It’s nice thoughtful features (instead of glorified skins) that makes this a nice tablet. I would get it if it were using one of the newer Snapdragon S4 processors.

  12. It’s not Playstation Certified? Hmmm…strange??? This is a bit of a downer but I still like what they are doing.

    1. BTW – I hope they roll out some of these features to owners of the Sony Tablet S. The multi user and new remote with marco’s kick butt!!!

  13. Well I bit. It is our first tablet. We use Ubuntu, so are familiar with non Window/Apple OS. Short story: Hardware is really good. OS is fine. Software/Sony crapware is iffy to poor. Help menu/sony tech support is really pitiful. First clue is when the live chat menu doesn’t recognize your model number. Second clue is when the chat support people give you help instructions that have no relation to what is on your screen. When you ask them to try it on their unit, they say they don’t have that unit around.
    Went back to the store we bought it from, and the staff, who has a Sony rep showing them how to use it, got things working better. Deleted most of the Sony apps., as they were pretty useless. Had to change app authorization, so we could get useful apps loaded from non Google play sites.

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