Sep 7th, 2012

Samsung has tried and — in most people’s terms of success — failed to launch their own smartphone platform in the past. Their Bada OS never really caught on and eventually was merged with the open source Tizen project backed by Intel, but at least one prominent figure from the mobile industry thinks that Samsung has a viable shot at creating a “dark horse” platform to rival the likes of Android and iOS. Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon, believes Samsung has the track record and resources to break away from Android as their main OS of choice and venture out on their own.

Samsung has indeed been a dominant force in the global smartphone market over the past several years, growing to become the number one manufacturer of mobile devices, unseating the likes of Nokia and Apple. Creating their own OS also afford the Korean company the opportunity to break clean from an Android platform that has landed them in a number of legal battles around the globe. Of course, in many instances the actual Android operating system was not the issue.

Sure, Samsung stands as good a chance as any to create a viable smartphone OS, but regardless of their history would still be competing with more than just Google and Apple’s ecosystems. They would also enter a market fighting against underdogs such as Microsoft and RIM. It’s hard to imagine Samsung would want to move into such uncharted territory, and with over 20 million Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets shipped, why spoil a good thing?

[via TheVerge]

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