Verizon’s CEO thinks Samsung could launch a successful smartphone platform


Samsung has tried and — in most people’s terms of success — failed to launch their own smartphone platform in the past. Their Bada OS never really caught on and eventually was merged with the open source Tizen project backed by Intel, but at least one prominent figure from the mobile industry thinks that Samsung has a viable shot at creating a “dark horse” platform to rival the likes of Android and iOS. Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon, believes Samsung has the track record and resources to break away from Android as their main OS of choice and venture out on their own.

Samsung has indeed been a dominant force in the global smartphone market over the past several years, growing to become the number one manufacturer of mobile devices, unseating the likes of Nokia and Apple. Creating their own OS also afford the Korean company the opportunity to break clean from an Android platform that has landed them in a number of legal battles around the globe. Of course, in many instances the actual Android operating system was not the issue.

Sure, Samsung stands as good a chance as any to create a viable smartphone OS, but regardless of their history would still be competing with more than just Google and Apple’s ecosystems. They would also enter a market fighting against underdogs such as Microsoft and RIM. It’s hard to imagine Samsung would want to move into such uncharted territory, and with over 20 million Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets shipped, why spoil a good thing?

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  1. nobody but VZ and Samsung would like to see a Bada 2.0. That way verizon can get their dirty mitts on another OS and try to control it like they do Android

    1. Exactly. This is hot air. Sure they could make a platform if they felt the urge to set millions of dollars on fire… but they sure as hell couldn’t to convince me to use it if history is any indicator of what it would be like.

      1. Amazon could pull it off but even they rely on Android, as forked as it is.

  2. I know what they can do to make themselves unique. They could put stock android on their phones! Everyone would think it was a new SamsungOS because no other phone ever had it before.

    1. Ummm…I think you need to get out more.

      1. Name a single stock Android phone that was not made by Google.

        1. Ummm…I stand by what I said even more now.

          First, you said “no other phone ever had it before”. This is incorrect.

          Second, Google technically hasn’t “made” any phones (yet!). They have worked with both HTC and Samsung on the Nexus lines, however.

          1. First of all, you didn’t get the sarcasm.
            There are very few people who have Nexus phones because Google doesn’t market it very well (and it isn’t for Verizon so Mr. Verizon CEO doesn’t even know what Android is really like). In a world dominated by Blur, Sense, touchwiz and countless other custom UI’s, Samsung could make headlines by embracing stock Android on its flagship phone.

          2. My Nexus is on VZW.

        2. Motorola OG Droid

          1. That was never released to the world like SGS3. That is. U.S only.
            So it actually makes sense

          2. As I said to Ari, he stated/asked “Name a single stock Android phone that was not made by Google.” There was no mention of region/country/carrier, simply name “one”, which I did :-) The Droid *was* released outside of the states as the milestone, but in many markets, the kernel/bootloaders were encrypted.
            I understand your point, but I stand by my answer as it addressed Ari’s question.

          3. And that was the last stock Android phone they ever made. Google owns Motorola and they still can’t give us pure Android phones except for developers.

          4. True. However, your post stated/asked “Name a single stock Android phone that was not made by Google.” To which I answered it. That is all :-)

  3. Go ahead! It will fail. Most Android fans don’t like Apple for many reasons. If Samsung tries to create another Apple it will fail. We feel like Android belongs to us and we don’t want an iPhone, Verizon phone or a Bada 2.0 phone. We want our phone.

    1. Wat?

  4. Verizon should STFU. They ruin every phone they get their grubby little hands on. And without Android, Samsung wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in the smartphone arena.

    1. Without android, Verizon would’ve been screwed when iPhone was only on AT&T

      1. with out android every carrier outside of att would have been screwed lol. It would have only options would have been blackberry and windows.

  5. They should stick with Android.

  6. When will people learn that android is the ultimate OS? All the manufacturers can do what they want to do when it comes to security, UI, apps and such. With android the manufacturers can focus on the hardware and not so much on the software.

  7. It would be a fail

  8. Thank u Samsung, please create this platform… Everyone is tired of Android and it shows #nosarcasm

    1. Eww ahh. Even better, maybe Samsung could work out a deal with our “fruity friends” to allow them to run iOS on their phones. huzzah!


  9. What do Verizon and Samsung have in common? Neither could write decent software to save their lives!

  10. Bada has more market share than WP7. How is that for failing?

    1. How is it for failing? Failing in second place by all accounts is still failing. Notice how you had to compare them to WP7 to even attempt to make a point. Guess what… Your point FAILED

      1. Wow so negative! How has my point failed? Samsung has put very little effort into Bada and it has more market share than WP7. There are many people in this world that would consider second place not failing. I don’t want Samsung to make their own smartphone OS but it’s actually pretty impressive that it’s beating out WP7. Pretty sure your lack of a point failed as well as you.

        1. Actually it just shows that WP7 is a major FAIL.

          1. yeah I would agree with that.

        2. LOL! They’re not second place. They’re second place in failing. As in one from the bottom. That being said there was a whole pile of sarcasm in my comment. Sorry if you didn’t catch it. wasn’t trying to come across like an ass. Here’s the bottom line. Competition breeds success. I’m all for healthy competitition despite how stupid the idea of Samsung launching their own os is.

          1. Yeah I don’t think Samsung should make a new smartphone OS or even continue developing Bada. I was just trying to say that people are quick to say Samsung failed with Bada but won’t say how bad WP7 is failing. So much buzz over a smartphone OS nobody is interested in.

  11. This is laughable.

    There seems to be a rumor every month about Samsung dumping Android. Samsung (and Verizon) really thinks that I’m so in love with their brand that I’m willing to give up the best cloud services (Google Maps, Gmail, etc.) in the world?

    You can already predict that this will flop by looking at sales of Samsung’s non-Android phones right now. I’m sure they won’t sell 20 million units of the Samsung Montage or the Samsung Entro for example.

  12. What the hell does he know? Verizon gets more complaints now than they ever did, and what do they do about it? Absolutely nothing. This is a terrible idea. If samsung stop makin android phones motorola owned by google could do more than pick up the slack. Imagine samsung n this new os backed by verizon goin up against google n a “new motorola” handset! What room is there to design a completely new os and avoid these patent lawsuits? They would have been better off buyin palms webos. Im starting to hate verizon more n more. Cant wait for other carriers to get decent 4g coverage. All i want is a new nexus on a carrier other than verizon.

  13. Samsung will be launching sOS next fall. Along with sTunes, sMacs, and sPods.


    1. and an online service called SOL

    2. there are not enough sSheep around to make that a successful venture.

  14. I can confirm that this is the works and its going to be called Galaxy oS, it’s going to be awesome, trust me!

    1. what do you think i will be new? or improved that android does not have.
      all I know is android OS is just perfect at least for me but they did struggled first to get in the way Why risk it that the question and they are plenty examples we have RIM they were great sometime ago but thats just history now and what about Microsoft I really think windows phones have failed!!.
      Samsung phones are great nobody can deny that just icrap fans of course but from being a great phone manufacturer to became the new dominant OS , boy oh boy thats another thing!!…

  15. Samsung should buy webos and redefine it, that would be a killer os with a nice hardware on top.

  16. Bada bing, bada boom
    BANG, ZOOM! Straight to the moon!

  17. Dear McAdam: Fack off and die, stop trying to fix something that’s not broken. Android works just fine on Samsung devices.

  18. So, they would develop and start to use their own OS that has minimal adoption,
    almost no developer/app support, and almost no brand awareness…..for what benefit exactly?

    What could they possibly gain by doing this? Especially compared to what they’d lose.

    Sounds like a load of cr@p to me….

    1. Gain: some leverage in negotiations with Google.

      Just an idle threat, nothing more.

      1. Leverage? That’d be like bringing a water balloon to a gun fight…..

  19. In other news, Verizon CEO thinks your paycheck should be direct deposited to his personal account..

  20. what a moron :p

  21. The only reason Samsung lost their case in the US is because their lawyers sucked and the jury was clueless. With Android an oem can do what ever they want to with it. I’m not jumping ship for a new os.

  22. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. That would be suicide for Samsung.

  23. Really? They want another proprietary OS? What the hell are they thinking?

  24. I’m glad that Verizon’s CEO doesn’t spend Samsung’s money. Anyone thinking of making their own OS should just reference Nokia, Palm, and RIM. Its a great way to throw away a billion+ $s.

  25. I don’t think Samsung will release phones on their own OS unless they have to, it’s a contingency plan for what happens if Google decides to “go Apple” with Motorola and leave the other OEMs out in the cold. Everybody needs a plan B.

  26. I’ve developed for their “Smart TV”. If that’s anything to go by, Samsung has zero chance of developing a competitive OS. One of the biggest mistakes of my life.

  27. no wonder Verizon is such a mess, their CEO is a delusional fool

  28. Sorry, not buying. I support the open source of Android and the Google’s core values.

  29. Shows why they are such a f’d up company, they’re being ran by people with a mindset like that.

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