Enter to win 2 Nexus 7 tablets and a Transformer Prime with Keyboard Dock! [TEGRA 3 GIVEAWAY]


You read about it in yesterday’s review of Beach Buggy Blitz, and here it is — our End-of-Summer Tegra 3 giveaway! NVIDIA has given us three awesome devices to giveaway to all you guys, and you’re going to have to read carefully if you want a chance to win. The rules are simple, but if you don’t follow them to a T you won’t get a chance to win so listen up.

First things first, though: you’re wondering which devices you’ll be hoping to win. We have two units of Google’s Nexus 7, and an ASUS Transformer Prime with a keyboard dock to help fulfill the purpose it’s named after. Three winners will be selected at random to win one of three. So how do you win these?


  • Prizes: three different winners will receive one of the following — Nexus 7 unit, Nexus 7 unit, and an ASUS Transformer Prime with a compatible keyboard dock. Which specific device a winner receives is subject to our discretion.
  • Location: You must live within the contiguous United States of America to qualify.
  • What you must do to enter: leave a comment letting us know why it’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else.
  • Time limit: you have until Friday, September 7th at 11:59pm eastern to enter.
  • Winner selection: we will contact three winners at random. We will give winners 48 hours from the time that we contact them to respond. If they can’t respond within that time, we will choose another winner at random. This cycle will continue until all prizes are claimed.
  • Contact: we will contact winners using the email addresses and/or social networking accounts attached to their Disqus accounts. If you don’t use your real information, we can’t contact you and will be forced to select someone else.

If you meet the criteria and follow each rule perfectly you will have just as much of a chance as anyone else to win. Folks are back in school, and none of these prizes wouldn’t be a bad late back to school gift for yourself. Good luck, and thank you for being the loyal Phans that keep us going each and every day!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. WOW!!! Im First, I Want It, Pick Me Pls!!!

  2. It is great to have a Tegra 3 device because of all the games designed to work with them!

  3. Would love a tegra3 N7 to along with my TF Prime, tegra 3 devices rock, smooth as butter

  4. Tegra 3 is the perfect balance of speed and efficiency…The amazing graphics are an added bonus.

  5. Its best to have a tegra 3 device above all else because not only is it cutting edge, but it ain’t apple, AND………….I can edit my photographs on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I really want a tablet but I don’t want to buy one

  7. A tegra 3 is advantageous because talking about it here gets me entered into a contest that I probably won’t win.

  8. Tegra 3 makes any Android device run as smooth as butter even without Jellybean.

  9. Tegra 3 = Great Gaming. Plus Tegra 3 would be the bestests thing ever

  10. I want to win one of them, it doesn’t matter!

  11. Tegra 3 devices dominate the games with qualities that will be enjoyable :)

  12. The games are a huge benefit if you are a gamer, Nvidia is
    one of the largest names in PC gaming and they have a huge list of sponsored
    games being released in the next year or so and others already having been
    released. The speed of other things is
    also a huge advantage over competitors products, the quad core flies through
    apps and games alike, and when you are not using it so much and need more
    battery a fifth companion core powers the device to keep it alive longer.

  13. Tegra 3 has the best graphics!

  14. Tegra 3 shines above all else because it is a quick thinking, hard charging, mulitasker that doesn’t bow down to a challenge!

  15. For me it would be advantageous because my Tegra 2 Asus Transformer has lead a rough life and will probably need to be replaced at the end of the year.

  16. Ohh I just love the speed of tegra 3 from nvidia, with multiple cores and video. Makes me shiver at how cool it is.

  17. Tegra3 devices are simply superior to all others.

  18. Android > Mac


  20. Tegra 3 is the latest and greatest technology at the present which have perfect processing speed with up to date adroid platform and as a result the OS runs faster and smoother.
    And that is why i would like to get my hands on to a tegra 3 device.

  21. It is great to have a Tegra 3 device because of its speed which helps with gaming,videos and even getting this like school work done

  22. DirectX 11, Open GL 4, PhysX should make for a rather nice graphics experience, whouldn’t ya think?

  23. I need a Tegra 3 device so my kids won’t make fun of me for owning gadgets that belong in a museum.

  24. If you own a Tegra 3 device “above all else” you will automatically be higher than everyone else and will have the best view. Of everything. Plus you’ll have a sweet tablet to take a picture of that awesome view.

  25. I never win these things

  26. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above everything else is simply because is quality, speed, and performance is top notch and bar none.

  27. Tegra 3 devices allow for great gaming opportunities and some of the best battery life around.

  28. Tegra 3 Devices are great for games and for the power user. I would love to have one for my forays into game development on Android.

  29. quad core gives amazing responsiveness

  30. Tegra 3 = Power and games made for the Tegra processor! How can yo not love those 4 cores!

  31. It’s advantageous to have a Tegra 3 device for the overall benchmark scores and the excellent gaming that it produces. I

  32. Amazing battery life with multiple cores? Yes please!

  33. booooo US only.

    1. That’s what I think too! Wait… they can’t ship it across a border…?

  34. Tegra 3. The future… is NOW! Grant me one of these devices, and I promise to use the power of Tegra 3 only to boost my productivity… and maybe to laugh in the face of Apple fanboys. I would not take the responsibility lightly, and I would always treasure the tablet as it signifies the beginning of a new era.

  35. Tegra 3 would be super duper to have. My kids would think I am super cool

  36. Tegra3 will help you get the best android experience!

  37. having a tegra 3 device is great for me because i can play tegra designed games

  38. Tegra 3 powered devices are so smooth. Paired with Jelly Bean, they’re next to unstoppable.

  39. it is awesome to have a tegra device for gaming, speed and ease of use!

  40. Tegra 3 = Quad-core goodness with exclusive Tegra 3 developed gaming. #NVIDIA #PHANDROID #GOOGLE

  41. I think there are almost too many to list, but the top ones are speed, power, and the ability to handle anything, including some of the nicest games, I can throw at it.

  42. Tegra 3 = TegraZone – optimized games! mali graphics can’t compare to an optimized game

  43. Between having a family,going to The University of Phoenix,and having a fulltime job the Tegra 3 thaty friend let me use while on vacation is lighting fast for multitasking.

  44. Tegra 3 is a beast!

  45. With the Tegra 3 you have a wonderful mix of Raw power, Graphics capabilities and power sensibility. You certainly don’t need 4 cores running well over a GHz to check e-mail, Tegra 3 says, Hey here’s a core it’s buddies are sleeping. Then you go, Huh I’d like to kill some Zombies.. Tegra3 goes, You my friend need some cores, Have fun!

    How is that not advantageous?

  46. If you have a Tegra 3 device you can take advantage of all the Tegra optimized Games. Seems like just about all of them are these days.

  47. The Tegra3 is extremely fast and it saves battery life too, it’s designed perfectly!

  48. Oh this one is simple, To play Riptide GP! The game is just not the same without the splashes on the screen….;-)

  49. Speed, from those awesome 5 cores!

  50. it’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else because you can do so much more so much faster!

  51. Three words why the Tegra 3 is preferable: games, games, and games.

  52. Tegra 3 is awesome because it’s future proof.

  53. A Tegra 3 for quick response time and better performing apps ‘n games. Also nice to have the internet in your hands without having to own one of those apple pads.

  54. i think because of tegra zone not much of a gamer but id love to try it out.

  55. Its all about the speed!

  56. Nvidia makes quality hardware, like my video card. And hopefully my new tablet.

  57. Gotta get it for the gaming!

  58. Tegra3+Jelly Beans together give unbeatable experience!

  59. tegra 3 is above all else bcuz it’s pure android and faster than all.

  60. Tegra 3 is the best processor out there fast for gaming and optimized to save battery

  61. Best gaming performance.

  62. Tegra has great games with tegra zone and has great graphics and computing power in a single low draw chip

  63. The main reason why Tegra 3 is better than all else is because it has 3 more tegra’s than all others! plus is crazy fast

  64. Tegra 3 right now is the most powerful chip its made by invidia the same folks that made that beast of a chip for the ps3 I think its called the RSX anyways u can’t go wrong with anything from invidia the only chip that can beat the tegra 3 is the Tegra 4 period!!!

  65. I have built countless computers and I only use Nvidia Graphics card for a reason and that same reason carries over to Tegra 3 chips as well.

  66. You need that tegra 3 speed for all that android action

  67. It’s a quad-core processors. What is there not to love?

  68. Tegra 3 gives users all the power they need exactly when they want. These devices provide the ability to do the mundane tasks flawlessly before shifting gears to provide the best gaming experience out there.

  69. It would really help me with my school work to own a Tegra 3 device. Tegra all the away!

  70. Because the game Beach Buggy Blitz looks awesome, but right now it’s a Tegra exclusive!

  71. I work with teenagers and can’t wait to show them how my Tegra 3 blows their I-device out of the water!!!

  72. unrivaled multitasking and gaming POWER

  73. Well besides being a part of the best pure Google device, the gaming and multi-tasking are what definitely puts this processor above all else!!!

  74. The biggest advantage is clearly the gaming platform associated with tegra and Tegra 3 specifically.

  75. Heck yes! Tegra3 with Jelly Bean is an unbeatable combination.

  76. I have to say Tegra 3 is the way to be. Great processor for gaming, and for less intensive stuff it will never slow down

  77. Tegra is the best for performance , reducing lag and increasing enjoyability.Tegra is Android.

  78. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else because then you’ll have an excuse to use the word ADVANTAGEOUS in a sentence!

  79. Easy, all of the best games are optimized for Tegra devices. Google decided to use it its flagship Nexus tablet. Enough said.

  80. Because tegra 3 is one of the most POWERFUL processors around. when it comes to 3d gaming and pure kick in your teeth power the tegra 3 wins!

  81. Tegra 3? Advantageous? Perfect for doing school stuff when you’re not being slowed down because of a bottleneck in the system. And for doing other things when you’re not working on school stuff; like playing awesome games on the most wanted chip on the planet for mobile devices :D

  82. Having a Tegra 3 device would help with work travel and then the occasional play time.

  83. The Tegra 3 is great for sheer mind-numbing number crunching speed. It makes video playback and games a breeze, and does not PWN a battery.

  84. Tegra 3 + Jelly Bean = Awesome

  85. Because a Tegra 3 quad core processor, hits the sweet spot between processing power and battery life. It’s efficient and powerful.

  86. Tegra Has Great Graphics and Awesome CPU Without Conforming Battery Life and there Are Awesome games for it

  87. Tegra3 lets you play the best games! it’s essential!

  88. Tegra 3 devices have the best graphics and fastest speed hands down.

  89. The Tegra 3 has the MASSIVE advantage of having exclusive and graphically impressive games. Gaming on anything else just doesn’t compare. Tegra 3 provides the absolute best gaming experience, without sacrificing ANYTHING.

  90. Either of these would be perfect for me if I win a seat on the local city council :)

  91. It’s better for gaming.

  92. Absolutely love the assortment of games available on the Tegra platform.

  93. On one hand you get access to Tegra Zone and all the great games that it entails. On the other Tegra 3 just screams fast. When combined with Jelly Bean there isn’t much out there that can beat it.

  94. Tegra 3 is the best chip to ever grace this world, Duh!

  95. Then you can get the special apps for tegra 3

  96. coz, Beach Buggy Blitz looks great!!

  97. Owning a tegra 3 device is better than not owning one because they are fantastic and they rule

  98. Tegra 3 is the best for speed, gaming, and overall Android experience!

  99. Cause Tegra 3 = Kal-El…and Kal-El = Superman…and Superman is awesome
    and fast! And I want a fast tablet! If it also came with laser
    vision, that would be cool too.

  100. Tegra 3 is top of the line gaming

  101. tegra 3 is buttery smooth on a Nexus 7!

  102. Performance independent of what application or game is running.

  103. Tegra 3: Quick, slick, and smooth high-res graphics and excellent battery management make Android even better whether doing smartphone/tablet basics or engaging in serious gaming. Transformer Prime, please:)

  104. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device because with the Tegra 3 you get fast performance that performs way above other competitor’s speeds, as well at the best graphical performance on any Android device. Tegra 3 devices are in a class of their own and I can see Tegra devices becoming the standard for the industry.

  105. Tegra three allows for advanced features

  106. tegra3 tablet -> beast of a device.

  107. Tegra provides me access to so many great game that i’ve been dying to play and with jelly bean I won’t be held back at all!

  108. Tegra 3 is the most powerful and interesting chip out there so far. Its 4+1 core architecture is unique and power efficient. Its cost effectiveness is such that appears in both the highest end (and most expensive) Android table (the Asus Transformer Prime) and the least expensive Android tablet (the Nexus 7). The only thing better than a Tegra 3 is a Tegra 4!

  109. Tegra3 is vital for buttery smooth performance and a good battery life.

  110. The Tegra 3 chip works silky smooth on tablets (particularly the Nexus 7) from what I have seen. The battery and graphics optimizations are superb!

  111. When I use my fart apps on a Tegra 3 device I know I’m gonna get juicier farts than TI, Snapdragon and Exynos chips.

  112. Tegra 3 smashes the competition. Android FTW! I need a sweet gaming device for sure.

  113. Tegra 3= Bad ass, need I say more! The best IMHO.

  114. Nvidia and Tegra pwn n00bs.

  115. The reason is the great games for tegra 3.

  116. I can smell the BLOOD from Wild Blood, and the fluid gameplay of every game I can imagine with Tegra’s HD graphics. Connect a controller and throw away the xbox kids, the TF Prime and Nexus 7 are taking over! I want to be there when it happens.

  117. Tegra Zone Pinball on is the best pinball game out there and you can only play it if you have a Tegra 3 chip

  118. Tegra 3 is so good, it even realises there’s a world outside the contiguous US. If only I could enter :)

  119. The advantage is the speed of the tablet, no worries about lag or loading great graphic. And best of all great for bookmarking phandroid, and downloading phandroid app to enter great contest like this.

  120. DUHHH, because the anagram of Tegra is GREAT! Why would anyone want anything but a GREAT Tegra 3 device????? They Rule!!

  121. Tegra 3 speeds would be so blazing fast, my eyeballs would pop out of my head!

  122. Because being in the army I am on the go alot and having sweet power like that during my down time would be great!

  123. Having tegra 3 is like having your team win the super bowl. Everyday. Not just for the excitement but for having a team.. In this case team of processors putting out winning results.. :-)

  124. Tegra 3 Devices dominate the market when it comes to performance//realiability///affordabilty// the future of gaming and entertaiment start with TEGRA3 processors!!!!

  125. Speed without stutter and high end graphics are a requirement to be taken seriously in mobile tech today. Tegra 3 gets it done CONSISTENTLY!….then adds great battery life as a plus. NVIDIA is focused on innovation and because of that has changed the mobile gaming landscape (and console gaming for that matter) by making tablet gaming legitimate! #Tegra3-4me

  126. Tegra 3 has the best game support

  127. First of all, I can easily pronounce Tegra versus some of those others. :P Second, games look pretty good from what I’ve seen so far. Third, got to love that fifth “core” and its miserly power consumption! It really does work.

  128. tegra 3? gaming! and because today is my birthday ;) android FTW

  129. Tegra 3 really makes Project Butter live up to its name.

  130. i feel the need, the need for Tegra 3 speed

  131. Because nvidia does games best whether on android or PC!

  132. 4 cores, high speeds, enhanced graphics, the Tegra 3 is the chip to have.

  133. The Tegra 3 super chip (whats dat?!) is more powerful than my current laptop, and it’s not an i anything.

  134. Tegra 3 is advantageous because of the ability to play the best games with the best graphics. Nothing from TI comes close to matching the beauty of a quad-core Tegra 3 tearing throw a gorgeous game.

  135. Reasons it’s advantageous? Let’s see… how about developer support, multi-core processing power and high chance of receiving forthcoming updates? Those are the best reasons there are, IMO lol.

  136. After loving my Tegra 2 for so long I can only image the joy of the Tegra 3.

  137. Brilliant machine and at a great price and it starts with a T and not an I!

  138. tegra 3? gaming! and because today is my birthday ;) android FTW [email protected]

  139. Tegra 3 Quad Core Processor is the best of the best at the moment and worth every penny performance wise. Performance is what its all about as the Tegra 3 is as well.

  140. Tegra3 has all of the best games! :D

  141. Coz, it haz Nvidia GPU corez, great for graphically intense games.

  142. The Tegra3 offers a nice balance between power and battery life. I also like that nVidia takes an active interest in game development for the Tegra3.

  143. I am a Nexus nut!! My last Nexus device was a Galaxy Nexus so I am behind the times and I really want to check the Nexus 7 out but it is not in stores? What!!! Love ya guys…thanks..JPS4inLA(TWEET STATUS)

  144. It’s all about the awesome multitasking, that’s why Tegra 3 is the best. With Android you can do everything you need to without worrying about hesitation thanks to a Tegra 3 because of true multitasking optimized by this awesome chip.

  145. Best optimizes gaming performance, added with Jelly Bean and Project Butter makes the mythical creature we’ve all wanted to see.

  146. It is advantageous to own a tegra 3 device above all else because two of the best tablets on the market use that chipset and it really performs!

  147. I can finally play all of the good android games on the new tegra 3 that I cant play on my phone.

  148. Fast in-general and apps (games) are optimized for it

  149. Tegra 3 + Jelly Bean = fast performance, superior graphic performance and great battery

  150. tegra 3 cause everything else is childs play

  151. Tegra 3 devices are the most advantageous because of the amazing graphics! Blows away the competition

  152. There are quite a few reasons for owning one of these bad boys but the biggest being the advancement in the processor.

  153. I’ve never been disappointed when using a tegra device they are the most resposive and graphically impressive out there. I wish I had one. So I could show my apple friends they are wasting there mo

  154. the graphics are equivalent to the PS3. It has super fast processor that offers next gen quality graphics

  155. The Tegra 3 processor is best because how it can decide how to handle high demands with 4 cores and low demands with it’s single battery saver core.

  156. If you want to play the best games on Android and have buttery Jelly Bean work then you gotta go with Tegra 3

  157. Tegra 3 is awesome for games and is super fast!!!!!!!

  158. Tegra3…because NVIDIA rocks. There ya go! :-)

  159. awesome

  160. Optimized battery life!

  161. They rock.

  162. Why else than to have the fastest chip on the market. That with the best OS equals killer devices.

  163. Running a quad core Tegra 3 chip in my tablet would allow me to do all the mobile gaming I want while blowing away my enemies with 4 cores of power!

  164. Performance + Speed

  165. Tregra Zone games, plenty of custom roms, and overclockable with great success.

  166. Speed and gaming are very important to me.

  167. Its advantageous to have a tegra 3 processor because its lightning fast.
    Also because games like sonic 3 get released on it first. Just lost my job and Im stuck on a single core nook with cm7. Im so Ics Jellybean starved. Come on Phandroid Show a guy some love!!!

  168. tegra is going to lead the way in future technology. got to be number 1

  169. A Tegra 3 processor is most important to have in a device for both for raw processing power and power savings which means snappy application performance and long battery life.

  170. Tegra 3 is the better because Phandroid told me so. And Phandroid is always right :)

  171. Miracast is coming soon to Tegra3…. On top of which, Tegra 3 is super slick, quad core, and overall on of the best battery saving chip sets on the market!

  172. The Tegra 3 would be advantageous for me because it will allow me to give it to my kids so they can leave me alone to watch Football Thursday through Monday nights…!

  173. Because it’s NOT use in Apple products. Seriously. Plus, awesome multi-tasking abilities along with great gaming opportunities unlocked by the quad-core goodness and power-saving tech so that I have lots of time to enjoy my device. Did I mention “go Android” and “suck it, Apple”?

  174. JB runs buttery smooth

  175. How about the fifth cortex A9

  176. Efficiency, speed, and performance are what Tegra 3 offers and only makes sense to have it powering your tablet.

  177. The best reason to buy a tegra 3 device is knowing it won’t be an apple device.

  178. The Tegra 3 has the most, and more importantly, the best developers making games for it specifically. I love the extras in the Tegra versions of games you get versus the normal version of the game – if it’s even developed. I’d love some Tegra 3 goodness in my hands.

  179. Even if you’re not a gamer, smooth graphics and performance are a must for Android devices. The advantage of owning a Tegra 3 device over anything else is that you’ll have a well-supported high-powered processor to keep things running smoothly.

  180. Tegra 3 is simply the best all around mobile processor there is…period!

  181. fast as hell. i love tegra 3 chips

  182. Android and Tegra 3… can’t beat it.

  183. The Tegra 3 plus jellybean is like combining butter and bacon at the same time. Dangerous power but oh so right.

  184. Nvidia graphics within a phone and great battery life, what’s not to love.

  185. Tegra 3 devices are super fast it helps your battery unlike other processors, Tegra has to many core’s to mess with it makes your system bad ass. And they give you Tegra zone is awesome with games like Granny smith you cant go wrong.

  186. Tegra 3 devices are fast and plays well with udders…

  187. This would be perfect for college especially the dock.

  188. The tegra3 chipset allows you to having a “real” portable gaming experience with great battery life. Full laptop replacement.

  189. Tegra 3 has great games and amazing graphics, also great processing power for running all apps on it.

  190. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device in order to enjoy some of the smoothest game play around, anything else just does not cut it.

  191. Tegra 3 allows me to multitask in class at blazing fast speeds!

  192. I am crazy about chips….Tegra chips!!!! So lame I know but seriously I really love anything Navidia. Thanks guys…John Paul Sweeny IV (ON FACEBOOK)

  193. Because it’s NOT used in Apple products. Seriously. Also, awesome multi-tasking abilities along with great gaming opportunities unlocked by the quad-core goodness and power-saving tech so that I have lots of time to enjoy my device. Did I mention “go Android” and “suck it, Apple”?

  194. Tegra 3 offers performance that no other chip can offer. Speed, energy efficient, and graphics like no other because it is built by nVidia. the companies that put tegra 3 into their tablets, mainly Asus, make sleek and sexy tablets that can go head to head against any tablet, mainly the iPad and win. Price is the last advantage, the cost of the devices that run tegra 3 is affordable, the price range is $200 to $500. Very affordable, that is why tegra 3 is king of the tablet world!

  195. A Tegra 3 is advantageous to own because of the speed and multi processing.

  196. Replacement to console gaming devices…..

  197. these giveaways have really good lately!

  198. Number 1 advantage to the tegra? More butter! And added graphical goodness in some games, thanks to the tegras muscles!

  199. Tegra 3 chips give you the ultimate tablet gaming and overall tablet computing experience.

  200. The Tegra 3 means that you’re getting a quality tablet that will really fly and it means that you’re not wasting your valuable time with a slow, stuttering tablet.

  201. Its advantageous to own a Tegra 3 above all
    else because of the performance and battery life.

  202. Tegra 3 would be awesome, especially with all the new games designed for tegra 3, plus everything finds so much smoother

  203. with a 12 core GPU in the Nexus 7, the Tegra 3 is unmatched by any other SoC in terms of gaming and graphical power!

  204. Tegra chips produce great graphics and allow for an awesome user experience.

  205. I love the nexus 7 form factor easy to use in 100 different ways.

  206. Tegra 3 Is superiority in the tablet universe! Best OS + Best CPU = Best Tablet experience known to man. Rapid, Snappy, Graphics that bring tears to my eyes.

  207. I would like to have a tegra quad-core so that i can find the reason they are
    advantageous :)

  208. Terga 3 offers the of the best gaming experience on android, point blank. Not to mention makes the os as smooth as butter. I would cry for joy if i won one of these fine devices

  209. Tegra has the best performing chipset of anything else currently in the market. The graphics are suburb. The battery performance is also quite impressive. Coupled with the fact that these are Android devices, and you know it’ll be a smooth, and impressive experience.

  210. Tegra 3 is most advantageous because all the best games come out for Tegra first and look awesome there.

  211. The speed boost is enough of a reason to prefer tegra 3 devices.

  212. My brother needs one

  213. Tegra 3 devices produce fantastic graphics allowing for the best user experience currently on the market.

  214. I think it’s important to get a Tegra 3 device because not only do they run Android buttery smooth, but they also run the best games out there – developed to take advantage of the Tegra processor!

  215. it’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device because if you’re not 1st you’re last

  216. For games, silly.

  217. Just the fact that its quad core makes it stand out to me, i think that quad core is the way to be going with these devices (despite the negative feedback). i believe once there are quad core apps out there these devices will outperform anything

  218. Tegra 3 tablets run so smoothly. I have used my friends and they run much better than the newest iPad in my opinion. Both of these devices have great support from both Google and ASUS as well as great developer support. I like the advantages from the transformer keyboard as well. The Prime could very well replace my dated brick of a laptop.

  219. My Nexus 7 never chokes, be it video, audio, games, or the web. Tegra 3 rocks! It fits in my pocket and goes everywhere I do. I can’t do that with an iPad, not even the rumored mini.

  220. Tegra 3 has not only changed the landscape for mobile gaming users as far as quality, but it has also elevated the platform for hardware manufacturers and software developers.

  221. Tegra chips awesome for games and really sweet graphics. Boost with watching videos is pretty nice too.

  222. Tegra devices are great to have because they have great performance and graphics. You can play some really amazing games.

  223. He bestHell yeah tegra3 rocks! That’s why they’ret

  224. Tegra 3 has benefits for tablet gamers. Exclusive games like Horn and improved graphical settings in a game like Dead Trigger. This kind of software support makes owning a Tegra 3 device beneficial. Most PC gamers are familiar with Nvidia and they continue to pump out great products in the mobile space.

  225. Tegra 3 is simply the best there is in mobile gaming. Not the mention the power optimization of the ‘5th’ core that allows all others to spin down. Oh, and yeah, nVidia is good. :)

  226. Tegra 3 are awesome because of their blazing speed :)

  227. Tegra 3 is the most powerful and interesting chip out there so far. Its 4+1 core architecture is unique and power efficient. Its cost effectiveness is such that appears in both the highest end (and most expensive) Android table (the Asus Transformer Prime) and the least expensive Android tablet (the Nexus 7). The only thing better than a Tegra 3 is a Tegra 4!

  228. I imagine the most interesting man in the world doesn’t always play video games but when he does he prefers Tegra 3.

    And every man wants be the the most interesting man! Buy Tegra!

  229. because to win!

  230. Power!

  231. tegra 3…its everyones dream *PERIOD*

  232. Tegra3 and Tegra3+ are going to revolutionize gaming and office workflow. New releases of Tegra optimized games rival consoles and Tegra has the power for Office and smooth remote desktops to be productive from anywhere. Blackberry blurred the line between work and home, Tegra and Android blur all the social lines!

  233. Games that take advantage of Tegra 3 can have HIGHER graphic detail, yet LOWER battery use.

  234. For the games of course.

  235. Tegrazone is a joke, only exclusivity for a month or so. The speed and power savings of the chip are worth it though!

  236. tegra 3 for efficiency and tegra zone games !!!! and because it comes with the nexus 7

  237. Speed, Speed, Speed!

  238. Tegra 3 = speed, speed, and more speed! Anything else is just an over glorified paperweight!

  239. So many things make them
    advantageous. Tegra 3, the games that cannot be found on other devices, the speed, the clarity and colors on the beautiful screens… I can continue but you get the point. :-)

  240. Gaming, graphics and tegra zone = an awesome overall experince!!

  241. It ends up being very simple. The combination of superior graphics, and lowest energy consumption should make the Tegra 3 chip the standard in all mobile devices. Those two features are what really give the Tegra 3 a huge advantage over other devices.

  242. The Terminator: [picking up guns] The Nexus 7 tablet.
    Pawn Shop Clerk: That’s Italian. You can go pump or auto.
    [Hands the Terminator the pump action shotgun]
    The Terminator: The Transformer Prime, with keyboard dock.
    Pawn Shop Clerk: [Hands the Terminator a Transformer Prime] These are brand new; we just got them in. That’s a good tablet. Just touch the home button, the screen comes on and you put your finger where you want the display to go. You can’t miss. Anything else?
    The Terminator: Tegra 3 processor.
    Pawn Shop Clerk: Hey, just what you see, pal!
    The Terminator: [Looks around] The other Nexus 7.
    Pawn Shop Clerk: You know your tablets, buddy. Any one of these is ideal for home defense. So uh, which will it be?
    The Terminator: [Pointing the Transformer Prime towards the door] All.

    1. “I’ll be back”

  243. Better devices havent been created to this point. Pure Android operation means it will run like a charm.

  244. It has the best gaming experience!

  245. Tegra 3: it’s an awesome and powerful processor. And I like tigers. A lot.

  246. Because of the exclusive games made for Tegra

  247. Speed and power make a perfect gaming tablet

  248. The battery life alone is worth it to me. The ‘5’ core on the prime does wonders. Other than that, the speed and the ability to handle anything in the Play store.

  249. I would love to win and they run the best games out there …Louisiana girl here.

  250. Tegra 3 provides superior gaming and a snappy interface thanks to the “5th core”

  251. Graphics power. The games on the new Tegra 3 devices look awesome. :D

  252. I believe it would be advantageous to own one of these tegra 3 devices for media purposes. I could stream better quality movies and get to my music faster and have the most powerful tablet for Facebook and twitter. Oh and I can load phandroid faster and smoother at my own digression. lol phandroid rules!!!!!

  253. It’s advantageous to own aTegra 3 device because of the superior graphics, top of the line games, and the fact that Nvidia seems to always get their platform out first, ensuring they are usually tops over everyone else.

    Andkudos to them for having such a great contest. (You, too, o Phandroid! ;P)

  254. Tegra 3 makes multitasking a breeze! I can read all my phandroid posts while also emailing, posting on Facebook, tweeting, playing games, and watching videos. All with no lag. Need I say more!

  255. Couse tegra 3 is awesome!!!

  256. Nexus 7 suppose be the best! I want enter sweepstake!

  257. its advantageous to have a tegra 3 because all the latest games are being released for it first, now send me one :-P

  258. The Tegra 3 chip is just flat out better than any other chip available for tablets. It’s fast and incredibly impressive to see in 7 inch tablets. Especially the Nexus 7.

  259. The Tegra 3 is designed to be the leader in integrated SoC solutions with CPU and high performance GPU in a small, energy efficient package.

  260. Tegra 3 can beat up Chuck Norris.

  261. One word reason to own a Tegra 3 over all else: games

  262. Tegra 3 not only works more efficiently than other processors, but it provides better support for a variety of functions, from gaming to streaming. It’s an all round quality worth owning.

  263. Watching movies .playing videos and playing games is effortless and smoothie. Amid beautiful . I love my nexus 7 so give me a tprime. To check out and see what the hype is all about .

  264. because with a tegra 3, any man can make his wife happy…

  265. Best processors currently available…and they were released almost a year ago.

  266. i want one

  267. Tegra 3 chips outperform in terms of graphics and battery life. Unless you are a walking induction charging device, or constantly have your device plugged in, the battery life performance is important.

  268. It’s so much more advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device because of that sneaky companion core. I like to refer to it as the Ninja Core. That bad boy keeps power consumption low which is always a plus in the mobile world. Nothing else compares!

  269. The only reason to own a Tegra 3 device is for gaming. Come on. Shadowgun anyone?

  270. I’d Like A Tablet
    Preferably Tegra 3
    Make me say Yipee!
    (best Haiku I could come up with in 30 seconds or less)

  271. The Tegra 3 is a champion in all respects. It is the performance machine, the epitome of smartphone processors. The competition has good processors but the Tegra 3 with its quad-core takes it to another level and that added companion core makes it even better and lets not forget that amazing graphics that comes from the experience and expertise of Nvidia. It has amazing graphics for playing games, is butter smooth for doing work whether it be writing, surfing the web, etc.

  272. The power and efficiency to be productive and entertained while on the road.

  273. Because Tegra3 is awesome. No explanation necessary

  274. Tegra 3 is super powerful, fast, and reliable. Being made possible with the Quad core CPU, but the special thing about the 3 it has a companion core, which it switch’s between the normal four to save power which i love doing since im always on the go. tired of using this Toshiba Satellite laptop, and have been dreaming of tablets, I cant WAIT!!!! hopefully if chosen to win *crosses fingers* i will finally have my DREAM DEVICE!!!!! SO MUCH POWWWWEER!

  275. The pure performance you can get from a Tegra 3 device it what makes it the item to have above the others .. face it weather you are web surfing, playing games watching videos or just reading why do it on anything less

  276. I think the number one importance of owning a tegra 3 device is the games. Not only do they have access to numerous exclusive games, these and other games support higher quality detail than devices with tegra 3. Also, the battery conservation is great to have on a tablet, because the last thing you want is to be constrained to an outlet regularly.

  277. Why own Tegra three device? Cause the games look and feel amazing, all while not eating through your battery like a depressed binge eater at the Sizzler.

  278. Tegra 3 is the best because of the fantastic gaming.

  279. Tegra 3 devices usually have better backgrounds and more things highlighted on the screen during game play.

  280. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else due to the raw power and awesome graphics provided by Tegra 3 devices. Not only will you be able to run any app available today at full speed, you will also have access to special graphics available only to Tegra 3 devices, and games that use only those special graphics. A Tegra 3 device is a gamer device, and if you consider yourself an Android gamer, it is a must have above all else.

  281. Tegra 3 Tablets are perfect for gaming and HD video! I would LOVE to have a Transformer or Nexus 7!!

  282. Tegra 3 can beat up Chuck Norris. Allegedly.

  283. Speed, speed, speed. That’s what it’s all about…

  284. Tegra 3 provides amazing power while still giving awesome battery life. Its a must have for anyone who games with their tablet or phone. Plus it just sounds cool.

  285. The Tegra 3 will be a great portable device for work and play, especially with its great battery life and powerful CPU.

  286. Owning a Tegra 3 device is advantageous to me due to the fact it is the best, fastest and not to mention coolest sounding device available. Plus I have 3 kids that would love to to have one. Pick me and make my three sons the happiest little phandroids on the planet.

  287. I love tegra 3 chips because a lot of games use them for better graphics and stability.

  288. SPEED!!, it’s all about the speed!

  289. A Tegra 3 device is most advantageous above all others because it is the most widely accepted/compatible quad core in the Play Store. This means I can do more on the go and faster!

  290. I love free stuff. Thanks

  291. If Google and ASUS choose it for the Nexus 7 and Transformer Prime then it must be good :)

  292. Tegra 3 has all the good games and i not able to play any of them

  293. Because Tegra 3 devices are the Best!! Oh and I need it for college.

  294. Tegra 3 is the way to go because there are so many Android games out there that are Tegra 3 optimized!

  295. The speed of Tegra 3 is unparalleled. Definitely faster than the iPad!!

  296. performance… performance… performance…

  297. Tegra 3 = Efficiency Baby!

  298. Tegra has stellear graphics performance while mainatin power effeincy with its inovative 4 + 1 core architecture.

  299. Tegra 3 Devices are amazing due to the fifth companion core on the SoC – its amazing how powerful it makes it. I’d love to have something with that kind of tech on the inside!

  300. Most Tegra 3 devices win in performance-for-price category!

  301. I may actually ditch this 10lb laptop for a powerful Tegra 3 tablet.

  302. Tegra 3 makes multitasking a breeze! I can read phandroid posts, email, post to Facebook, tweet, play games and watch a video, all without lag. Need I say more!

  303. Tegra 3 FTW! Better graphics, power management than iPad

  304. Love the speed and smoothness of the tegra 3. Add jelly bean and it really performs smooth as butter

  305. I want one so I can play Horn.

  306. Tegra 3 devices are definitely better because you get better battery life. And battery life is always one of the main complaints with Android. Tegra 3 is also faster and you can play games with better graphics! Who doesn’t love that? #teamandroid

  307. Tegra 3 gives an excellent blend of brute strength and power efficiency.

  308. I had a Tegra 2 device and the graphics were outstanding. I can only imagine what a Tegra 3 is like! Tegra SoC’s have games written specifically for them because of their added graphical capability. Nvisia has their own app, TegraZone, to highlight these apps. I would very much love to get back into the TegraZone! I have NBA Jam but can’t install it on my Note. :-(

  309. It’s advantageous because it shows your inTEGRAty in tablet use…or because you’re a TEGRA in bed.

  310. The awesomeness of its graphics processing power, for sure. Gotta have a good processor to run those shiny games on a tablet!

  311. Quad core with 12 GPUs! What else needs to be said.

  312. tegra 3 along with android is the perfect combination of speed power and efficiency. It’s like combing the speed of Floyd mayweather Jr with the power of Manny pacquiao and the efficiency of Mohammed Ali

  313. Of all the android tablets I’ve handled, the ones equipped with Tegra 3 chips ruin the smoothest, hands down.

  314. Gaming and productivity wrapped up into one! :D

  315. Tegra provides state of the art technology at an affordable price. Reliable ad user friendly as well. The advantage is you’re always using the best there is to offer.

  316. Please let me win, I have a son who’s mom got him a wii and for the first time ever he asked to be taken home early cause he wanted to play it, he’s 4 and I think I need the Android play store and a tablet to kinda even the score :- he’s 4 and I think it would make all the difference in the world if I were blessed enough to win

  317. Tegra3 is just plain awesome

  318. Well the quad core ( +1) processor is the main reason to own tegra 3 tablet. Fast and efficient. I really want to win!!!!!!!!!

  319. It’d be advantageous to me to own one of these devices, so that I can give it to my son who will then use it to help him further his education! Hope I win!

  320. … I’m in the United States of America (yay!), and
    it’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else because: I currently have an old refurb Kindle Fire and I NEED REAL ANDROID GOODNESS (gracious great balls of fire ;-)

  321. Tegra 3 is way better than a Tegra 2

  322. Tegra 3 whips arse all over apple. Asus for me please

  323. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device because of the speed and performance of such a device allows someone like myself to do simple tasks and still have the availability to do some hardcore mobile gaming.

  324. Tegra3 devices are ideal because of their great blend of battery savings and performance

  325. because tegra devices are very fast on the uptake, anfd no one wants a slow tablet of course

  326. Well, the obvious reason we need Tegra 3 is to play GTA3…

  327. Devices with Tegra 3 processors have the advantage over all others in regard to smooth graphics and speed!

  328. it’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device because it’s not an apple product.

  329. speed and graphics baby!

  330. Tegra 3 is the best for gaming, and they are made of pure awesomness

  331. Tegra 3 is the perfect chipset to combine with android Jelly Bean. They pair go together like chocolate chip cookies and milk. A very sweet combination that makes everything done on the tablet silky smooth and effortless. Whether it’s playing the latest hardcore graphics game or just updating my status on Facebook, I want Tegra 3 under the hood to keep it all running fast and effortlessly.

  332. Because if your wanting a better user experience, tegra 3 would be your best option. Great for when playing games, watching movies, or surfing the web. It brings that extra buttery smoothness to all us Android lovers and to show our isheep friends just how much better Android is :)

  333. Tegra 3 is great because it let’s me flawlessly multitask and play games with amazing graphics.

    I’d love an Asus Transformer Prime to take notes for school on.

  334. Choosier mothers choose Tegra 3!

  335. Speed. Android. More speed. Not Apple. Even more speed. Yes, please.

  336. Love my PRIME – The speed along with energy efficiency are what makes it the industry leader! My husband would love to have his own prime too! ;)

  337. Tegra 3 devices are the only devices available that provide
    the speed/battery performance/graphics rendering necessary to make hardcore
    gaming something you can now do from the road.

  338. A Tegra 3 device is advantageous above all else simply because of NVIDIA. Aside from their excellent performance and history, you have programs specifically made to utilize its power setting it apart from everything else.
    Thank you for the opportunity NVIDIA and Phandroid!

  339. ease of use, better speed, hot graphics, lower use of energy, great for storage and looks pretty too.

  340. The Tegra 3 provides super human powers of faster reaction time and improved vision! Prove me wrong!

  341. The advantages of owning a Tegra 3 device are a better battery life, a high performance mobile processor, and the fluidity it creates in the Android interface. The “4-PLUS-1” quad-core system allows an extra battery saver core allowing Tegra 3 devices to use less power than even DUAL-CORE processors! All in all, owning a Tegra 3 device is sure to give you a great experience, whether you’re looking for power, reliability, or a healthy battery life. I want all three! I look forward to your call!

  342. because erm cause ummm cause i need a new tablet cause the other device i had is missing and i <3 android XD been an android user since the g1

  343. Well, just looking at whats all been upgraded, devices that use the Tegra 3 chipset have been noticeably quicker to be updated. It seems to me that the chip makes upgrading easier on companies, and in turn are better for consumers since they get updates in a timely manner.

  344. First to market with quad-core for Android.

  345. Great performance and reliability. Better multitasking and functionality over iPad.

  346. I can’t speak specifically to the advantageousness of the Tegra 3, but I sure love how fast my Nexus 7 is. Would love to have another one for the rest of the family.

  347. It is advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device for a few of reasons:
    – TegraZone – access to exclusive games and Tegra-optimized games
    – (speaking of games) the great integrated GPU coupled with PRISM make gaming on a Tegra 3 device pretty much the best in mobile gaming
    – the mulit-core (4+1) processor allows for great performance over other device platforms while still maintaining great battery life

  348. Really hoping to win. Could use the device for work :D.

  349. It’s advantageous to own a tegra 3 device, because then you will own a tegra 3 device.

  350. It is advantageous to have a Tegra 3 tablet (device) because it is the latest tech within android which allows for longest life possible. on top of that you get access to the Tegra store, an exclusive store where exclusive games are released optimizing the latest Tegra has to offer. this in it self is more than enough to seek a Tegra 3 device. any device with a Tegra 3 in it is a top of the line device at the moment and I would be honored to receive one!!!

  351. Judging from how the Nexus 7 works, Tegra 3 seems to provide a good combination of performance and battery efficiency. I’d love a Tegra tab!

  352. Its great to have a Tegra 3 device because there are so many amazing games designed specifically and exclusively for the Tegra chipset. GO NVidia!!!! Woooooohoooooooo!!!!!! LOVE PHANDROID JUST AS MUCH!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

  353. The Tegra 3 allows for amazing multi-tasking capabilities. It isn’t made by Apple which is a HUGE plus right there! The screen is a perfect size (in my opinion) and is the perfect tablet.

  354. The speed, graphics, multitasking, and battery savings offered by the Tegra 3 are too good to pass up. I love Android and I love nVidia, so the two of them combined is a dream.

  355. Tegra 3 optimized Games

  356. Because I desperately need something larger than my phone to read Phandroid on!!!!

  357. Terga3roxmuhsox.

  358. How else would I get my fill of Sega Sonic 4 Episode II THD?

  359. Tegra 3 is advantageous to own because it works alongside the fastest & best looking OS in the tablet market!

  360. Tegra gives a fantastic user experience. An all around great product!

  361. Buttery smooth speed with great battery life.

  362. A Tegra 3 insanely fast chip is like having a spidermonkey that you gave amphetamines to and he by accident fell into a pool of red bull. so many games out that are tegra 3 only so your choice: Do you want slow and boring or the hyped up spidermonkey fast chip.

  363. Tegra 3 is better in every way, Speed, graphics. I do a lot of gaming and I also do a lot of presentations for work, I would love to use one of these Tegra 3 devices to stream my presentations directly to the 60″ HDTV via HDMI! Would make my life so much easier!

    Good luck everybody and early congrats to the winners!

  364. The advantages of owning a Tegra 3 device are a better battery life, a high performance mobile processor, and the fluidity it creates in the Android interface. The “4-PLUS-1” quad-core system allows an extra battery saver core allowing Tegra 3 devices to use less power than even DUAL-CORE processors! All in all, owning a Tegra 3 device is sure to give you a great experience, whether you’re looking for power, reliability, or a healthy battery life. I want all three! I look forward to your call!

  365. As someone who is leaving the iOS device farm back to the Android community any of these would be a great addition to my new Galaxy Nexus!

  366. Tegra 3 is great. Fast performance, good battery life.

  367. Having a Tegra 3 device is better for gaming and the graphics are just awesome. I look at my brothers nexus 7 and see now fast it is against my tablet and I like how fast it is. I hope I win

  368. A Tegra 3 device is best because it’s fast and has lots of optimized games.

  369. Because having a dependable phone that can take a CPU beating is worth it!

  370. Blazing fast processor + tweakabilty of Android can’t be beat!

  371. Tegra 3 is awesome for games

  372. I love these tablets. Tegra 3 is fast smooth and Android is so much better than that fruit product

  373. Nexus 7 is cool but the transform pad isn’t bad either.

  374. Tegra 3, power when you need it, battery saving when you don’t.

  375. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else, because it’s compatible with my phone.

  376. Tegra 3 device have awesome graphics, power, and amazing at using those features to play awesome games. So want it!!! :)

  377. The tegra3 games are awesome!

  378. It is advantageous to own a product powered by a Tegra 3 because it is the top-of-the-line super fast processor!

  379. When I think of the Tegra 3 I think about the freedom one has to maximize every aspect of a persons daily activities and life. From business, gaming, streaming movies, music production and even communicating with family far away. The processing speed is out of this world. If I win one most definitely my life will never be the same again.

  380. I’m not really a tegra 3 fan if I’m being honest. The only device I’ve tried that it works properly on is the nexus 7.

  381. Tegra 3 is advantageous because of all the great Tegra optimized games!

  382. I want a Tegra 3 device so I can step up from the nook color and play games with no lag.

  383. tegra 3 devices are better to own because of the amazing graphics that you can get out of games. Also theoretical better battery life due to the 5th companion core.

  384. Tegra 3 = longer battery life with better performance and power!

  385. Tegra 3 is my top choice for mobile devices. With its great developer support and amazing games, these are sure to be the best devices of 2012!

  386. It is good to have Tegra 3 for saving battery and the awesome graphics.

  387. Tegra 3 devices a amazingly fast and do everything expected plus exceeding my expectations!

  388. The power savings of the 4+1 processor, since I do non processor intensive activities ~90% of the time.
    Also, the miracast wireless display possibilities in the near future which will be supported by tegra 3.

  389. I’d like to have a Tegra 3 powered tablet because they have an awesome balance between speed and power efficiency.

  390. it’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else because of performance and power of quad-core plus you get the best games running with the best graphics. Things are just better with Tegra3!

  391. The advantage it has with some of these coming out is nice.

  392. There are a ton of awesome games that you can only play with tegra. Also, console-quality graphics.

  393. quad-core power!

  394. I love both tabs and either would be awesome.

  395. Let’s face it, it makes you that much cooler than everyone else when you own the latest and greatest Tegra 3 device!! Who doesn’t want to be cool??

  396. The extra 5th core on the Tegra allows the chip to run in a low power mode that extends battery life

  397. Once upon a time, Android gaming was pretty sad. We watched as iPad got all the cool 3D games while high end android tablets were stuck with cheesy puzzle games. nvidia came in and changed everything. We now have games such as Horn and Beach Buggy Blitz because nvidia cares about games and cares about the Android platform. We should support nvidia for turning Android into a viable gaming platform.

  398. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device b/c if you own a Tegra 3 device your friends will become jealous, and if your friends become jealous, they will try to bribe you with amazing favors in the hopes that you will share your device with them. And if your friends try to bribe you with amazing favors, you’ll finally get to kiss Jennifer even though she’s dating your best friend. Or maybe you’ll just get some Jelly Beans or whatever desert begins with the letter K.

  399. Tegra 3 devices not only have great performance but they also don’t consume as much battery making them more reliable and efficient for the average everyday consumer and the techies alike.

  400. Power consumption alone is reason enough for me to acquire some Tegra 3 lovin’

  401. Awesome graphics and games

  402. The Tegra 3 is the only way to conduct my evil deeds. Besides, the graphics are second to none when using an optimized app. Pure awesome!

  403. Winning one of these tablets would be better than winning the lottery. The Tegra 3 is the current epitome of “having your cake and eating it too” (raw power meets awesome battery life). I would love to own one!!!

  404. Tegra 3 is powerful enough to make a great back to school gift for my imaginary kids.

  405. because its fast!

  406. Phandroid Phor the win!

  407. Because NVidia knows what they’re doing, and builds excellent chips…they’re leaving amd in dust in this market.

  408. Too many benefits to list, but the best would be the power savings along with extra horsepower.

  409. As someone who is leaving the iOS device farm back to the Android community any of these would be a great addition to my new Galaxy Nexus!

  410. Tegra 3 has the 5th core to save me precious battery life on low powered application and the other 4 cores for intense 3D graphics!

  411. Tegra 3 is the most advantageous because it used in the Nexus tab which means it is and will be the most supported

  412. Tegra 3 gives you performance without sacrificing battery life.

  413. Well I obviously need a Tegra 3 device above all else because I am trying to find a way to overtake the world ala Pinky and the Brain. Although I might be more Pinky then Brain, I have a set plan in mind and having one of these delicious Tegra 3 devices will definitely help me out! When I do win I will make sure to have Phandroid on my “do not destroy list”. :)

  414. I never win. It’s my turn to win.

  415. because its one of my key arguments on android tablet vs ipad.

  416. Simply put, NVIDIA is the leader in performance. The Tegra line have all proved to be powerhouses in tablet form. Tegra has a great range of app/game compatibility (more so than any competitor). The brand name alone should instill trust in it’s users and fear in the face of it’s adversaries.

  417. graphics performance and power efficiency with its 4+1 design.

  418. Why Tegra 3 devices?? Because they’re better than anything A$$le has out there :D

  419. Tegra and android best of both WORLDS!

  420. Power, Speed and and most importantly, it doesn’t run iOS!!!

  421. As the owner of one already, I couldn’t ask for more than what the Tegra 3 gives me in my Nexus! The more the merrier!

  422. Tegra 3 devices always have this smoothness to them that creates a better overall experience with the device and have good battery management. On top of all that they post some kick ass graphics and performance for games!

  423. I would love to have one of these awesome devices so I can use it during class or use it to help me with homework. And since I can’t really afford one, this would e the easiest way for me the get one. So please choose me. Thank you

  424. Tegra 3 is great above all else because it delivers the performance you need for price that you can afford. It isn’t enough for a device to just work well. Tegra brings great performance and long battery life. I tour the country with a children’s theatre company, and a Tegra device is exactly what you need.

  425. Tegra 3 is the best!!!

  426. quad-core power to make everything run buttery smooth.

  427. Tegra 3 is all about that quad core CPU for me, I intend to run Ubuntu side by side with Android to do development on that Prime, so I need as many cores as possible.

  428. NVIDIA + Phandroid = Phor the win! Tegra3 is awesome and I have been looking forward to winning the ASUS Transformer Prime all day!

  429. The Tegra 3 let’s you stay connected to what’s going on in the world, enjoy entertainment, be productive, play games, and stay on Phandroid all day long without giving up speed, smoothness, and battery life! iOS & Windows just can’t keep up #PhandroidFTW

  430. Fast and furiously smooth!!

  431. Tegra 3 allows me to run apps without any smoothness problems and it allows me to play almost any game without any lag! You can never go wrong with a tegra

  432. Tegra 3 devices are awesome, because unlike contests they are available outside the USA!

  433. My brother has the ipad 3 an keeps bashing my xoom for how bad the graphics look. A Tegra 3 Devine would help with that… PLEASE!!!

  434. NVidia is graphic engine and the graphic killer!!!

  435. Tegra 3 best because of such devices like Nexus7

  436. Tegra 3 = performance + power + gaming till the break of dawn (long battery life)

  437. Tegra 3 exclusive games. That, and Nvidia is pretty badass.

  438. NVIDIA combines excellent graphics, 4 cores, and superb power management into their Tegra 3 SOC. Tegra 3 puts the power of a desktop computer into my mobile device, for a fraction of the cost!

  439. Tegra 3 has the best battery usage time I’ve ever seen with an Android device. Love it!

  440. Gotta love the processing power! Nothing like a graphics-heavy game taking advantage of a great processor.

  441. Better Speed, battery life, performance, and graphics to name a few!


    1. You sir should win! :-)

  443. Tegra 3 lets you have your cake and eat it too. 4 cores for processing power and a companion core for conserving battery power when the 4 main cores aren’t needed.

  444. What about that Tegra Zone and all the power that those cores grant to the device? Just awesome!

  445. The Tegra 3 has a lot of great looking games that are optimized for the power and performance it has to offer!

  446. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else because everything else is just sucks!

  447. It would be advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else because these tablets themselves are the most sought after (in my opinion) of any available. The speed, graphic capabilities, etc put these devices at the top of my list of most tablets!

  448. Speed and exclusive games.

  449. Tegra 3 has awesome specs for great android games!!

  450. The zombie apocaIypse is coming and I want to be hooked up with the latest gear.

  451. Tegra 3 gaming blows the other guys out of the water!

  452. Superior battery life, smooth transitions, awesome power.

  453. Tegra 3 devices have better battery life, is also faster and you can play games with better graphics!

  454. Tegra 3 would be the winner of the Triple Crown of processors — Fast (quad-core), efficient (companion core), and awesome graphics (GEForce rocks).

  455. Tegra 3 allows for some of the best games on mobile devices. This combined with great performance and not a giant drain on battery life makes Tegra 3 a no brainier for tablets and phones.

  456. Tegra 3 is incredible as a game and video platform, and is great for everything else. I would love to win one of these devices to replace older devices.

  457. Four plus one quad CPU cores, with the 5th, battery-saver CPU core is Chuck Norris approved!!! Console quality gaming. It also boasts of an integrated ultra low power gpu so staying plugged into the wall all day may no longer be a necessary given all that manliness behind it. Power consumption which has plagued so many of our devices this will offload lower level processes to the fifth core giving us 4 cores of RAW POWER!!!……nuff said

  458. This Terga 3 is the powerful graphic engine… too bad, Kindle Fire HD dont come with it :( I want Nexus 7!!!

  459. Tegra 3’s are clearly the way of the future, with their impressive battery life and quad-core processors

  460. Awesome performance with great battery.

  461. The Tegra 3 is very optimized for power, and has great looking games.

  462. Well, I don’t even qualify >.> Y U NO UK? huh? HUH!??

    I’ll comment anyway:

    It will be advantageous to me because it will be buttery smooth, gaming would be much more enjoyable and awesomely sweet multitasking which I’m sure would come in handy during my animation lectures (yea, you guessed I’ll just play games haha). And just because it’s a tablet I’d be able to draw a very satisfying Rainbow Super Cow wearing a flailing bra as goggles :3

    Thank you and goodbaii

  463. Tegra 3 provides exceptional performance.

  464. Tegra 3 combines great battery life with amazing performance.

  465. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else because the Tegra 3 has superior performance and can run the latest apps with Tegra 3 exclusive features.

  466. Tegra3 graphics are fantastic, allowing for games running on Tegra powered devices to be smooth. Wishing everyone else (and myself) luck on this contest – thank you for hosting it!

  467. Nothing beats Tegra 3’s power and efficiency!

  468. If you want the best……Tegra 3 it!!

  469. That would be super helpful at work. I work for a non-profit, we don’t get much money for technology. I could do so much with one of these.

  470. Tegra 3- Finally, decent video decoding abilities. :)

  471. Has to be the exclusive games

  472. I’d go with one of these tablets with a Tegra 3 because Google chose that, so it should be well supported for the next couple of years at least.

  473. Graphics, Saves power, one of the fastest processors, etc etc and its a Nexus! Pick ME!!! <@;)

  474. To be honest, I don’t NEED a tablet but it’d be nice to have one for school to take notes on. Especially since they switched my classes on me to 8am when I already commute an hour to begin with. A Transformer would sure help get my ass out of bed at 6am. :-) The reason I’d go Tegra 3 is because of the horse power it brings to the table. The GPU can handle any Android game out there and the CPU knows to turn off its other core-buddies when they aren’t needed to extend the already great battery life.

  475. The Tegra 3 is a Quad Core SoC processor.. but wait..there’s more. It has a 5th “Companion” core. The same way I want one of these awesome tablets to be MY companion.

  476. Better battery life, great performance and awesome graphics

  477. My Tegra 2 tablet still runs into performance problems on many apps and games. Tegra 3 + Jelly Bean = BUTTER!

  478. Because, I don’t know…. maybe because it’s the best platform available (until the Tegra 3+ with even more greenish nano robots working under the hood is released)?

  479. Because I need to win

  480. For me the best part would be getting the Tegra Zone games my brothers android won’t play. :)

  481. I would be forever greatfull if I win….lol

  482. Technology has changed rapidly throughout the years especially the past few years since tablets have pretty much replaced netbooks. Having a Tegra 3 device is quick, efficient, and works well on the nexus. Hope to see Tegra be used for the future years!

  483. Why do I want this? Tegra 3 is one of the more powerful devices on the market while using lower amounts of power. Seriously would help with law school and potentially used in court.

  484. Because the Tegra3 is optimized for high end games and extremely smooth graphics.

  485. It provides unparalleled gaming and battery saving performance.

  486. Tegra 3 is the best due to it’s graphics capabilities, processing power (related), and still allows for good battery life!

  487. Tegra 3 gives you better performance, battery life, and graphical prowess, off the top of my head lol

  488. Tegra 3 gives good performance per wattage

  489. The one and only point to make… it has awesome battery life. i can use the nexus 7 and not have to worry about it dying halfway through the movie I’m watching.

  490. Tegra 3 makes Android the way it should be: a breeze to use. I have the original Motorola Droid rooted and it’s painfully slow. Tegra 3 makes Android beautiful, fast, and awesome.

  491. Fast fast fast! Makes everything run smoothly!

  492. Tegra 3 is great for saving battery and the great graphics

  493. There are many reasons why it’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else, but key to me is the balance of processing power and battery savings.

  494. The Tegra 3’s battery life makes it the most advantageous

  495. winning a tegra 3 device will finally allow me to play tegra 3 enabled games! I’ve been dying to play Dead Trigger on Ultra High Settings. I hope you choose me!

  496. Why it’s advantageous to have a Tegra 3 device: Quad Core performance, great battery life, awesome graphics. Need I say more?

  497. Tegra3 is so awesome that even Apple fans are now posting how great it is.

  498. Tegra 3 gaming is awesome!!

  499. The biggest draw to owning a Tegra 3 device above all else has got to be gaming. With many games coming out with special Tegra 3 versions, it’s a no brainer! Even with other games that do not require Tegra 3 (Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering comes to mind) the processing power of a top notch device (my Galaxy Nexus) leaves the game lagging and stuttering, something that a Tegra 3 device would surely fix. Finally, Tegra 3’s unique Quad Core + Companion Core design will help reduce power usage when doing “boring” things like checking email & facebook, to make sure you’ve got plenty of battery power left to cream the bad guys or watch movies!

  500. It’s advantageous to own a Tegra 3 device above all else so you can play the best Android games available, with the highest quality game-play and graphics possible.

  501. Tegra 3 give you the edge on performance without chewing threw the battery.

  502. The Tegra 3 is powerful but not a battery-hog

  503. Tegra 3 is fast is fast and saves on battery life.

  504. Owning a Tegra 3 device is advantageous due to its power savings fifth core and great graphics ability for gaming.

  505. I believe that owning a Tegra 3 device is advantageous because it offers high-quality performance coupled with consistency. Many devices and apps are designed specifically to make the most of the high-powered yet efficient SoC that Tegra 3 offers, and even though other quad-core processors may be comparable, programs aren’t specifically tailored to make the most of them. Especially in the case of games, apps will oftentimes have much higher-quality graphics or run more smoothly on a Tegra device, simply because they were designed to make the most of Tegra. While this may sound dangerously like a closed-ecosystem, it avoids that by having Android as the OS. Therefore, Tegra 3 is a powerful, efficient processor that offers consistency of use and many specially-tailored apps, while still retaining the freedom and openness that Android has always valued. That is why I find it advantageous.

  506. Tegra 3 is simply the standard bar none!

  507. Tegra 3 is great because it gives nearly eternal battery life during video playback

  508. Tegra 3 devices have some of the best games available to them, through Nvidia tegra zone

  509. Because Tegra 2’s graphics just won’t cut it!

  510. I need a new tablet since someone drove off with my OG Xoom on top the car, it flew off and was ran over multiple times…*sigh* So I have been tabletless for months now. Just having a tablet let alone one powered by the Tegra 3 chipset would just be pure awesomeness!!!

  511. Tegra 3 is the best option over others b/c of all the game optimizations that developers make. Meaning the tegra 3 versions of the games are better than the non-tegra versions. Don’t forget about that 5th “ninja” core too, to save on battery life.

  512. Being a (broke) college student I don’t have much time to do much of anything. Owning a Tegra 3 device allows me to get all of my school work and productivity tasks