AT&T’s Samsung Captivate Glide receiving Ice Cream Sandwich via Kies


Another Samsung device is getting it’s taste of Ice Cream Sandwich as the hot days of summer near an end. AT&T has announced the availability of Android 4.0 for the Samsung Captivate Glide, making it just the latest device to receive the honor (even if most sights are set on Jelly Bean at this point).

The update will only be available via Samsung Kies, where it should be up for download now. Kies will be the only way to get the new Android version for the Captivate Glide. No over-the-air update is planned.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Updates like this are why I’m coming back to Samsung after Motorola screwed us all over.

  2. Kies is another reason why Android is so fragmented. OTA only please. Better yet, Nexus only please.

  3. I have samsung Captivate glide and this Kies is not updating my phone at all. Its stuck on *Firmwire in progress* and its still on 0%. this is pissing me off. My hope were up and now going down. I’m so depressed. ._.

    1. Kies sucks ass! I had multiple issues trying to update my Galaxy S II and had to 3 different computers with 3 different outcomes to finally get an update. The third time on a Mac finally worked.

  4. My phone wont even connect to the bloody kies program and now i’m stuck trying to find a way to manually do it without kies being an asshat.

  5. One of the worst software I ever came across.

  6. This update ruined my samsung captivate glide!! guys be warned other users with the phone are starting to notice that the slideout keyboards backlight will not longer turn on,also the wallpaper picture does not move when swiping between homescreen pages..I dont know how they got away with release this if its a huge bug..Now watch how they do nothing about it i cant even connect my phone to kies now tried to see if i could restore back to older android gingerbread but no luck! >:(

    1. Ur gonna have to take it back to AT&T..

      1. nope its a known issue every samsung captivate glide updated to ics is having this issue 3 other peopel i know with this phone same thing so i spoke to some android devs they are working on fixing this issue..so everyone dont waste your time taking it to at&t they cant do nothing its android os issue!

  7. Not pushing the update OTA is just stupid and lazy on Samsung/AT&T’s part. Customers that aren’t tech savvy can’t and don’t have time to do this.

  8. They said the lock screen was going to have the option to unlock to certain apps … my phone does not have this

  9. why not just root and flash custom ROMs? I’m running 4.1 on my Captivate (non-glide). and it runs amazingly smooth with very few bugs. some ROMs aren’t good for everyday use but I highly reccomend remics ROM. its amazing.

  10. My update went smooth as can be but the “upgrade” is buggy as heck. It freezes or the android app stops running. *sighs* When it works, it’s much faster and has some neat tools but it never works for long.

  11. AT&T announces the roll out with a text, but not the cancellation of the roll out at all. I guess it is a good thing I didn’t have the necessary cable with me when I got the message, but cripe.

  12. My phone always freezes with this hole android.phone.com thing after a phone call. My internet usage has doubled because my internet is always being used when I don’t even have anything open or being downloaded. I cant connect to kies through media. When I visit websites I can’t zoom into them like I used to. And this hole syncing thing is just confusing and randomly starts by itself. I want my old phone back.

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