We’re live at Motorola’s On Display event!


Greetings from a rainy, humid New York City. We’re here live at Motorola’s On Display event where we expect to see the unveiling of several new devices, including the long-in-gestation Motorola Droid RAZR HD. The “display” theme certainly fits if that’s the case, but nothing will be confirmed until 2PM EDT when Motorola kicks things off. It looks like we’ll be treated to a bit of live music with a drum set, guitar, and synthesizers currently setup on stage.

Remember, you can watch along live with us over at Moto’s official livestream, but be sure to keep it tuned to Phandroid. We’ll be providing up-to-the-minute updates, reactions, and commentary as well as any hands-on footage we grab after the presentation wraps up.


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  1. No edge to edge, no care.

    I’ll be tuning in just in case, but I don’t have high hopes. It’d be a bit of a mindfark to see Moto be the first to go edge to edge based on their design history, anyway.

    1. razr m?

      1. Definitely an improvement, BUT not e2e. Perhaps DROID NEXUS will take the cake, unless cake is a lie.

        1. What is your reference for what edge to edge means? A phone with no branding, front facing camera and speakers?

          1. Haha. No, all things listed would need to be present, but in my mind’s eye e2e screen phone would need to have a lot less bezel on top and/or bottom of the screen. Personally, space on the bottom serves no purpose for me what so ever. The mics are so tiny now and usually hidden somewhere on the edge of the phone anyway, so why have this large piece of plastic under the screen. Razr M is a step in the right direction, thumbs up for that. It is likely my next phone, unless HTC will release something else that i like during their conference.

    1. Where’s the video that shows how to upgrade the memory card or how to remove and replace the battery?

      1. I want to see a video of WP8 with a real web browser. Who still uses Internet Explorer?

    2. Yep, it’s a nice phone, but this is really not the place for a link to it, you see. This is an Android blog, and while most would freely admit that Windows Phone 8 is a huge step forward for that ecosystem, it really isn’t why we’re on this page.

      Be a kind fellow and go away, wont you?

  2. ok it’s on

  3. oh look
    That’s a Sept 18 event in London for the Edge! Today is Sep 5 in NY so it’s not the Edge

  4. 1.3 million activations per day

  5. 20min talk time and ten and a half hours of charge time, and we complain about batteries today? lulz

    Perspective FTW.

  6. I hope they use the RAZR MAXX HD as a reference point for a Nexus

  7. If they don’t make this at least a 4.7in display then I’ll be disappointed

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