Android Overload: Oracle To Pay Google $1 Million+ After Losing Lawsuit, Google Fiber Coming Soon To More Cities, and More


Good evening, Phandroids. You’ve made it to another episode of the Android Overload. This is the place where we stash all of the Android, Google, and/or mobile related news that comes our way from throughout the day but didn’t get featured on our front page. There’s always a little something here for everyone, so have a look around. Night everyone!

  • Google Drive now supported by IFTTT. [Twitter]
  • Judge rules Oracle will have to pay Google $1,130,350 for losing their case against them. [Groklaw]
  • Amazon announces agreement with EPIX to bring more streaming video to Prime Instant Video. [PressRelease]
  • CyanogenMod team introduces new messaging app for their AOSP-based ROMs. [Google+]
  • Google patents “personal discounts” that can target specific buyers with personalized discounts. [Engadget]
  • RadioShack announces new No-Contract Wireless plans with Cricket. [PressRelease]
  • Chrome celebrates 4th birthday. Shows off new Time Machine website. [GoogleChrome]
  • Google is planning to accept new bids to bring Google Fiber to new cities. [BusinessInsider]
  • Android tablets have officially killed off the ASUS Eee Pad netboook. [Digitimes]
  • Acer releasing 5 new Android-powered smartphones in 2013. [Digitimes]
  • 1 in 5 Android users plan on buying the next iPhone. [Electronista]
  • FCC to begin testing mobile broadband for more accurate reporting. [PhoneScoop]
  • Google Play Books are now available in Korea. [Google+]
  • Google brings voice navigation to India. [TimesofIndia]
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. You meant Google Drive NoW supported by IFTTT, right?

    The Chrome Time machine is very well done, and I love the “Keep calm and carry on” Chrome notebook demonstration video, very funny.

  2. I call bus on the electronista post, I loved their piece on how iOS 6 features trump Android although they are pretty much taken from Android, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just made up the survey to try and raise apple stock

      1. Lol, no, I like the “bus” saying as a substitute for BS. You should keep using it. :)

        1. it’s also a substitute for Bull SHIP

  3. Uhh.. 1 in 5 will switch? Really? Either they must not know the difference, or they are old and stupid. Old and stupid people by iPhones, it’s a fact. :P

    1. Old and smart people buy Android because it’s easier to read on the much larger screen

      1. lol I realized that after I commented

      2. As much as I like Android, iPhone actually has infinitely better accessibility options than Android does. I say this as someone with a legally blind roommate who has helped him look into phone options. Why is it that in late 2012 there is still no built in screen magnifier in Android and none available on the market? Magnifiers that use the phone camera to blow up what the phone is looking at are not the issue here, what Android needs and doesn’t have is any ability to magnify the screen itself and all the text, graphics, etc thereupon.

        1. You are wrong as you can magnify all text on screen which leads me to ask what phone have you been using? Since last year that option was made available in Android 4.0

          1. Sony Xperia Pro.

          2. I’m pretty sure if your phone has a screen magnifier that is a feature specific to whatever skin your phone’s manufacturer used, because even android.com doesn’t list any way to activate such a service.

  4. 1 in 5?? I find that hard to believe

    1. Relatively small, as well as relatively informal surveys are pretty easy to skew and/or screw up. I put little to no stock in them.

    2. there are still a large number of casual users who are still using devices from mid 2010 (evo 4g, galaxy s1) who are very frustrated with the lagginess and sluggishness of their phones. i’ve heard quite a few say they are frustrated and are moving to iphone.

      1. This could’ve been prevented if everyone got the latest updates :/

        1. yeah but even rooted and overclocked my old evo 4g doesnt hold a candle to my stock and skinned evo lte. Android has come a long way, the best we can do is show them our newest phones and hope they are amazed.

      2. Meh…

        These people do not understand progress. New products generally out-perform older ones (at least, that’s the goal). The fact that they do not understand this and blame Android leaves me with no qualms about seeing them jump ship.

        In two years time, they’ll be making the same complaints about whatever they have switched to.

        This market-segment exists for every product/platform. Apple has them, Windows has them, Android has them…and they trade places with each constantly…effectively negating any impact they might have on the market as a whole when they switch to yet another “side” (because another group of them is switching from somewhere else).

        1. i will agree with you to a certain extent, but i also half to disagree in some areas. Unfortunately an iphone 4 will run much better than my old evo 4g. And i think THAT is where the problems lie. Yes its the technology progressing, but android phones year to year take larger leaps than apple phones. So a 4s down to a 4 isnt that much of a downstep. So regardless of 2012 someone might argue that a 2010 iphone has less issues than 2010 skinned android devices?

          1. Yes its the technology progressing, but android phones year to year take larger leaps than apple phones.”

            ….and the people that see this as a negative are more than welcome, in my opinion, to jump ship.

            In no rational way does “more progress then Apple” = a negative.

          2. i dont think its that, i think that these are the non tech people who do not know how far android jumps each year, and also yes iphone jumps less, but iphone also had a big lead over android. So it didnt need to jump as far. Lets say (for arguments sake- lets keep opnions out of it) that the iphone 5 and the gs3 were both 10’s on the cell phone richter scale. Maybe the gs2 was an 8, and the gs1 was a 6. Lets say the iphone 5 was a 10, the 4s was a 9 and the 4 was an 8. Then yes android jumpers further, but on older phones the non techies were more satisfied with their apple counter parts.

            Before i get flamed, im not saying by any means i consider the gs2 to be equal to the iphone 4, i was just using it as a simple example. So maybe you dont those users on android, but i do. The more users we have, the more 3rd party interest android gets.

  5. 20% and 20%+ apple fans will move over.. aka nothing to see here

  6. PLEASE Google, bring Google Fiber to Metro Atlanta

  7. first time I heard about google fiber. Need to know more…
    edit: ah because they are only working on Kansas City and I don’t live anywhere near there. But it’s good they are wiring up the heartland first.

  8. Having the FCC testing mobile broadband speeds should push at least Sprint to get off their asses and upgrade their network so that we see a large increase in coverage and speeds becuase of it sits I am stuck at lousy edge speeds right now sometimes its even worse then that. I have 4 g only like 1% of the time around here and I constantly lose my connection.

  9. The ASUS Eee Pad is their tablet, not the old netbooks. Those are just called the Eee PC

  10. What the hell is going on with phandroid today, no new articles since Chavez last posted?

  11. There might be 1 in 5 android users switching because they never had a chance to get an iPhone and might be back. Also many iPhone users have switched to android and still will, I know of a couple people that are so glad they switched

  12. I need more fiber in my diet. It was makes things move along faster :P

  13. about the chrome time machine: it does not work with chrome for android. >_<

    here's a screenshot

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