Another Jelly Bean Build Leaks for the Galaxy S3 – Impending OTA Update Is Impending


With the announcement that Samsung would soon be releasing Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3, owners have been eagerly anticipating the impending update. Not too long ago we saw a leaked Jelly Bean update leaked online and today, it looks like we have a more recent build. Version I9300XXDLI1 is the latest version (postmarked September 3rd) and although there’s no way we can be sure if this will be the final build that will soon be pushed out to Galaxy S3’s, it does serve as a reminder that the official over-the-air update is just around the corner.

As a reminder, this is only for the international version of the Galaxy S3. Those with carrier branded models here in the US will have to wait for your respective carrier to get a hold of the update, and put it through the paces before pushing it to your device. Which carrier will be the first to push out the update still remains to be seen.


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  1. why is it that all these other phones are getting jelly bean and the sprint gnex is still left behind

    1. and the verizion one as well. but they still ahve a littl ebit of time left before samsung beats them to the punch…

      1. well my phone is rooted and running jellybean but I would still love a OEM update

        1. The more I read comments like this the more Leary I am of going nexus :/ so far the HTC’s I carry have stayed on top of updates but jelly been will change that I am afraid. however back when the vivid went ics, very little was said it just happened and I have a feeling HTCis closer to jelly bean than we know.

          1. well only gsm nexus devices get the updates before anyone else….because cmda devices are carrier controlled updates

          2. But without a skin it’s just to make sure radios work properly right? I just assumed it was this way but maybe not.

  2. Been using this rom for 11 hours and I can say that it is almost ready for prime time. Battery life is improved. Third party keyboards can now be used. WiFi speed is now excellent. Browser scrolling is super smooth (was a little choppy in previous leaks). This must be very close to the final build… do not hesitate to flash and use until official ROM comes out.

    1. Third party keyboards can be used far behind jellybean…

      1. I know but there was a bug with 3rd party keyboard when on the last few leaks GS ROMs.

        1. * leaked gs3 ROMs.

  3. I think Verizon will surprise everyone and be first with it’s carrier-branded upda…I’m sorry, I can’t even type that with a straight face!

    1. you smoked too much weed thisholiday may friend,. I hope is not permanent! :D

  4. I’m blown away by this! Samsung has really gotten its act together! I’m an HTC man due to me preferring their build quality, Sense, and previously their ability to push out updates quickly. Now they did push out the update for my EVO LTE quickly 4.0.4, in which the international unlocked version got it about a month earlier. I’m hoping Sprint can get it out quickly for HTC. HTC better start pushing the carriers or the next phone I might get is the SG3 or 4! Jelly Bean is a huge selling point and I don’t know why HTC is taking so long. I think it might be why all of their ICS builds were pushed back in order to get to work on JB, if so they made the right move! If they don’t update their hero line quickly users will stay away from them and they will never compete with Samsung!

  5. I think Sprint is going to get it first.

  6. hey guys for those of you on the sprint galaxy nexus…we will be getting jellybean officially tomorrow from an ota update

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