Orange Quick Tap brings mobile NFC payments to Samsung Galaxy S3 users


Orange UK has just announced its new mobile payment system, Quick Tap, will be  available to users of their Samsung Galaxy S3 starting this Wednesday. Quick Tap will utilize the device’s NFC chip to process mobile payments with the tap of your phone.

Barlaycard is the vendor in bed with Orange for the service, and their combined effort has seen more than 100,000 locations in the UK light up with support. It’s been more than a year in the making, but it’s finally here and I’m sure those on Orange in the UK couldn’t be more excited.

The “quick” part of the service comes in its ability to bypass the need of a PIN when purchases of £20 or below are made. Anything higher will require your PIN, and that’s not a bad trade-off to ask for when you consider the need of heightened security in this digital day and age.

Orange is offering £50 in credit for those who sign up for the service, and it’ll be compatible with any VISA or Mastercard from the UK. While it’s not Google Wallet we can’t imagine Quick Tap will be anything less than a bliss to use. Head to the source link for the full details.

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  1. 50 pound credit sweet jesus

    1. You might almost be able to charge an entire half of a grocery bill!

    2. I thought the same thing.

  2. That is one tiny phone in that pic!

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