Amazon won’t release a 10-inch Kindle Fire, launching two 7-inch devices instead


Rumors of a larger Amazon device (8.9-10 inches) have been circling the internet, and we even had a leaked image that was claimed to be the one. If the latest rumors are to be believed, though, Amazon will not be launching a 10-inch tablet this time around.

Instead, there will be two 7-inch devices being announced. One of them will be a slightly improved version of the current Kindle Fire, while the second will come as a significant upgrade.

We have no clue why Amazon decided not to expand its reach to the 10-inch market, but they may simply be trying to avoid high risks. With the Nexus 7 and other affordable 7-inch tablets around, it can not be easy to be Amazon at this point.

The Kindle Fire’s success was mainly due to the tablet’s price, which was considered to be stunningly affordable then. The tablet’s low price-point meant the customer had to sacrifice certain features, though. Lower specs, the exclusion of cameras and the Amazon UI were just some of them. Current tablets offer some of the best specs for the same $200 price.

This is why Amazon is making some changes. According to CNET’s sources, this tablet will include a camera. But what might be even more exciting is that it is also expected to launch with a price lower than that of the original Kindle Fire.

These improvements, along with the ones we don’t know about yet, should definitely entice some customers to purchase a brand new Kindle Fire. As always, we should take these rumors with a grain of salt. Your best bet is to wait until next week’s press conference to find out what Amazon has for us. We will be there, so stay tuned!

[Via: CNET]

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  1. Wait… Why would they have two 7 inch models? Even if one is more powerful than the other, it’s a bad move Amazon.

    1. I agree. What’s the price difference gonna be? $50? No one will buy the low end one, unless they are completely ignorant.

    2. Rumors are floating that one of them might be an ad supported version so it would be much cheaper.

  2. should have gone with a 299 10inch and a 199 7 inch fail amazon. I bet the cheaper 7 inch will just be the kindle fire with minor changes

  3. Why is Amazon even making another Tablet? They cashed in on it when they had the chance. It’s over for them. Their market is crap, their custom UI sucks. They won’t come near a full Android experience the Nexus 7 offers. If an iPad mini is released, their even more in the shits.

    1. They would have to price it very low for it to work out… I wouldn’t go for one unless it was like $130. And even then, I would still keep a Nexus 7 around and probably use it more.

  4. I was thinking a $120-$130 kindle fire 7″ and a $200-$250 Kindle Fire 8.9″ with different space options

  5. They should’ve capitalized on the lack of a Google 10 tablet.

  6. Amazon is going to have to do something super special to get me to buy anything but the Nexus7 at this point

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