LG’s anti-theft protection will knock you down [Humor]


Anti-theft apps have proven to be very helpful, but they don’t always stop people from keeping your expensive devices. LG has taken it upon itself to find the best solution to keep your device from ending in someone else’s pocket, and they display the “mind-blowing” technique in their latest ad from the Netherlands. Thieves just have to take some balls to the face!

You read that right! LG has decided to make this humorous commercial featuring a soccer player that unexpectedly kicks a ball to people’s faces right ater they pick up an LG phone. People would be minding their own business while strolling through the park. Upon finding the device and picking it up, BOOM! “It came out of nowhere!”

So if you have some mad soccer skills, you might as well free your device from a few megabytes. And make sure to dodge next time you find a phone, some people won’t even wait for an old lady to try and call the owner.

[Via: Lazy Tech Guys]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. You mean’t “don’t” and not “son’t” in your post.

    1. Thanks for catching that! Fixed.

  2. “they son’t always”

    Do you guys write your blogs (we’ll call them that over articles, since proofreading seems nonexistent) in notepad?

    1. Haha, down voted for asking a legitimate question.

      Keep butchering the sources you guys get your information from.

  3. That’s what I call secure.

  4. If I understand well, this has nothing to do with anti theft protection but with the fact that you can watch a full season of Dutch football on your new LG phone for free.

    1. You are right it has nothing to do with phone protection

  5. this newspost contains absolutely nothing about what’s really being advertised.
    they are giving 1 season of free access to “eredivisie live” soccer video streams for on your phone if you buy an optimus L5 or L7.

    1. Like GoDaddy commercials.

  6. I find the amount of crying on this site over posts with one missed letter absolutely pathetic. I (Regarding this one: In case you hadn’t noticed the s is RIGHT next to the d not exactly like spelling it with a k)

  7. LOL.. so funny!…. hahahahahah……. LG suck!!!!!!

  8. Edgar, did you even try to figure out what the commercial meant? Be honest.

  9. funny with the guy getting hit in the crotch

  10. Not quite as humorous but take a look at this anti-theft lunch bag.

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