Sep 1st, 2012

Anti-theft apps have proven to be very helpful, but they don’t always stop people from keeping your expensive devices. LG has taken it upon itself to find the best solution to keep your device from ending in someone else’s pocket, and they display the “mind-blowing” technique in their latest ad from the Netherlands. Thieves just have to take some balls to the face!

You read that right! LG has decided to make this humorous commercial featuring a soccer player that unexpectedly kicks a ball to people’s faces right ater they pick up an LG phone. People would be minding their own business while strolling through the park. Upon finding the device and picking it up, BOOM! “It came out of nowhere!”

So if you have some mad soccer skills, you might as well free your device from a few megabytes. And make sure to dodge next time you find a phone, some people won’t even wait for an old lady to try and call the owner.

[Via: Lazy Tech Guys]

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