Aug 30th, 2012

Amazon is making a point of announcing that their Kindle Fire tablet is now sold out. Like really sold out. For good. There are no more. If you didn’t get one, tough luck. Until next week, that is.

That’s because Amazon is hosting an event at which we fully expect to see at least one new Kindle Fire model (a refresh to the 7-inch model), if not more (the long-rumored 10-inch version). While nothing is confirmed, it’s hard to imagine Amazon would want the world to know that the original Kindle Fire, released last year, was no longer available if they didn’t have every intention of restocking with something even better very soon.

In what ways might it be better? Well, for starters we are expecting an improved display with higher resolution. Then there is the possibility of other bells and whistles like a front-facing camera, beefed up processing power, and enhancements to the tablets customized Android build. Expect a device that is specced to compete head-to-head with the Nexus 7 while maintaining the $199 price point. What could get really interesting is how Amazon plans to price a 10-inch model, if it is indeed revealed. Just as the original Kindle Fire redefined tablet pricing for its size class, could a larger Kindle Fire redefine what customers are willing to pay for a bigger model?

[via Amazon]

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