Galaxy Note 2 priced at €640 for Vodafone


Though the exact details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s release weren’t announced yesterday, a price tag has surfaced at IFA for Vodafone’s edition of the handset giving us a better idea of how the phablet will be priced. The phone is listed at €639.90 off contract or €79.90 with service plan. The US equivalent is right around $800 without a carrier commitment. This doesn’t necessarily reflect the eventual US pricing we will see when the phone hits shelves in the States later this year — there is a tendency for a bit of mark up when translating dollars to euros — but we can expect the Note 2 to retail for a bit more than the average smartphone.

[via Engadget]

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  1. $800 USD….ouchie. Maybe I won’t be upgrading out of contract.

    Here’s to an LTE Quad core Nexus phone this winter!

    1. Thats about the only thing i would launch my sensation for.

  2. I don’t speak German or anything but isn’t the camera suppose to be 8 megapixels?

      1. he didn’t, which is the reason for his comment.
        the vodafone listing states the camera is 5MP and the screen is 1280×800 when it’s 8MP and 1280×720 on the page you linked.

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