Aug 29th, 2012

HTC and Beats might not be parting ways anytime soon (despite a distancing of the two companies in recent weeks), but there will definitely be a change in strategy, according to a report out of BGR. Their sources claim that Beats will soon launch an Android handset of their own, one that would launch under the audio brands banner and make no mention of any connection to HTC. HTC, of course, will still manufacture the handset.

While any specs are unknown, it’s safe to assume music playback will feature heavily into a unique user interface that will be separate from HTC’s current Sense. In reality, we will probably be greeted with yet another Beats-enabled HTC handset, albeit one with a much stronger marketing tilt towards the headphone maker. Consider it the Beats equivalent of a Nexus phone.

The phone is rumored to be only part of an expanding product lineup that will feature a Beats TV set manufactured by Samsung as well as an iTunes challenger referred to as Daisy. Take it all as rumor for now and enjoy BGR‘s mockup of the rumored devices above.

[via BGR]

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