Beats building an Android smartphone?


HTC and Beats might not be parting ways anytime soon (despite a distancing of the two companies in recent weeks), but there will definitely be a change in strategy, according to a report out of BGR. Their sources claim that Beats will soon launch an Android handset of their own, one that would launch under the audio brands banner and make no mention of any connection to HTC. HTC, of course, will still manufacture the handset.

While any specs are unknown, it’s safe to assume music playback will feature heavily into a unique user interface that will be separate from HTC’s current Sense. In reality, we will probably be greeted with yet another Beats-enabled HTC handset, albeit one with a much stronger marketing tilt towards the headphone maker. Consider it the Beats equivalent of a Nexus phone.

The phone is rumored to be only part of an expanding product lineup that will feature a Beats TV set manufactured by Samsung as well as an iTunes challenger referred to as Daisy. Take it all as rumor for now and enjoy BGR‘s mockup of the rumored devices above.

[via BGR]

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  1. More phones on the market!! Woot!! I kind of want to see it :D

  2. A black One X…….sick!!!!!!!

    1. why a bllllllack phone always gotta replace a white one?

      1. cuzz white had their chance?

        1. I had a dream about this….

  3. oh boy…

  4. Couldn’t you find a better blog to repost from besides BGR?

    1. Yeah I never put too much stock into stuff that is sourced from BGR.

  5. bgs mockup lol that’s a damn htc one x with the black turned up… WHO IS PAYING THESE PEOPLE!?

    1. black turned up? Your skill of describing something is waning.

      1. >implying you were aware of my skills of describing before this moment?
        >Try again sluggo.

    2. you cant just “turn the black up” on a white color. You’d have to carefully seperate the white parts by hand and then paint over the white areas with the right tone in order to achieve that level detail. (if using photoshop) or you could build the model in a 3d application and put whatever color you like and then render it in a photoreal fashion (if using Maya/Cinema4d/etc.) lol long story short, either its real, or someone put a lot of quality time into making a fake ad. Either way, they should be paid lol.

      1. we selll a dark grey version that is maybe 2 shades lighter than the one pictured.

        1. ah i see

          1. This is the image I had in mind lol in retrospect it is even closer than I thought ha

  6. Would prefer they brought out something akin to the iPod touch, to challenge that market, rather than another phone, but we’ll see how it pans out.

  7. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint but I would like the phone to not be just another HTC phone.

  8. Can’t wait for that Dr. Dre skinned Android!


    1. Like a Bass

      1. Hahaaahaaha

  9. It’s gonna be like their headphones: overpriced, and low quality.

  10. Maybe Dre Dre will bundle Detox with the phone.

    1. If so this this phone would arrive in stores in the year 2017….. maybe.

      1. Maybe, but it will arrive. It’s the musical cousin of Duke Nukem Forever

  11. Always been a fan of the OneX and with that super gray one is smexy!!! *drools*

  12. If no one wanted a HTC phone with beat branding, why would people want a beat branded only phone?

  13. Oh God NO
    Not another Skin on Android, just means you will never get updates since it will be essentially an HTC phone, just rebranded to the horrible Beats name

  14. Lol i cant wait to see this haha made of the same plastic their headphones are made of with beats branding all over it, and probably a horrible processor and stock android 2.1, but with a price tag above the price of the beats by.dre pro. I wonder how they would do it their products where as good as their marketing.

  15. All aboard the fail train. I see Beats wants to take the same downhill route as WebOS. Why can’t they just listen to the consumers? Give the people what they want!

  16. I can confirm this will feature mid range specs but cost $200 on contract.

  17. Cool. My main hope for this will be dedicated ‘Previous, Play/Pause/Next’ buttons the side. Always miss those, even though I have them on my BT headset, as I don’t always use the BT.

  18. So basically an HTC phone with the Beats branding?

  19. My hope is that it may have improved audio components for better audio quality, not just an eq like other HTC phones.

  20. I’m looking forward to it’s ARM 11 processor (clocking in at 768mhz), and abundance of RAM, likely exceeding even 256mb!

    That screen is also going to be flat out AMAZING at 320×240. Maybe a 3-5mp rear shooter…should be a real beauty. Hell, we might even get Donut (1.6) over Cupcake (1.5)! Multi-touch support could be an issue though.

    This phone should give the HTC Hero a real run for it’s money, I’ll tell you what.

    1. completely distracted by shoe on head.

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