Android Overload: Google’s Punit Soni Appointed New VP of Motorola, 3 Reasons Juries Shouldn’t Decide Patent Trials, and More



  • RadioShack’s no-contract rate plans leaked. $50 for unlimited everything and 1GB of data. $60 for 2.5GB. [Electronista]
  • Google’s Punit Soni is now the new VP of Motorola Mobility. [TheVerge]
  • Onlive’s CEO Steve Perlman laid off after restructuring. Charlie Jablonski will replace him. [AllThingsD]
  • 3 reasons juries shouldn’t be deciding patent trials. [GigaOM]
  • Apple battles with Android-friendly MirrorLink for control of the connected automobile. [ZDNet]
  • Google’s building a Privacy Red Team to help protect user privacy, and avoid FTC fines. [ThreatPost]
  • Samsung shares plummet $12 billion after Apple’s court win. [Reuters]
  • Foxconn shares drop 3.5% after company posts worst ever first-half net loss. [Reuters]
  • US government accused of intercepting trillions of civilian emails and phone calls. Big brother is watching. [BGR]
  • Samsung introduces new Drive Link driving companion app for Sammy devices. [SamsungTomorrow]
  • Hisense Pulse looks to bring Google TV into a small package for only $100. Looks eerily familiar… [Hisense]
  • Google provides list of bloggers and journalists not paid to comment on Oracle trial. [Wired]
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 home launcher has been ported to the HTC One X. [XDA]
Chris Chavez
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Jury Foreman Explains How They Reached A Verdict In Apple vs Samsung Case [Video]

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  1. I think you made a typo in the title… Juries SHOULD -> SHOULDN’T

    Not trying to be one of those annoying people that are hating or anything, but I reckon that’s a pretty glaring mistake that can lead to confusion :)

    1. Oh man. Thanks. It’s 4AM. I probably should be posting this late.. :p

      1. If you’re still up, here’s another one: “Google provides like of bloggers and journalists not paid to comment on Oracle trial.”
        “Like” should probably be “list”.

        1. And besides, the link is not the right one.

      2. Haha! No worries. It’s late so I’ll forgive you. Now go to sleep! :)

  2. Why on earth would I want Samsung’s touchwiz on my HTC phone?? lol

    1. Some would ask why on earth you would even want an HTC phone. Preference.

      1. Well, imo, Touchwiz is more uglier than Sense 4 …

        1. Like I said it comes down to preference. At least the options there for those who like it or maybe even you if you get bored and want to try something new on the future. Better than being locked down to one choice like iOS.

          1. Lol, we can agree there.

  3. The link for:Google provides like of bloggers and journalists not paid to comment on Oracle trial.

    Is directing to a year old phandroid article

    1. and says a ‘like of bloggers’. I think it means ‘list of bloggers’?

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