Rumor: Samsung to announce Galaxy S Camera alongside Galaxy Note 2


IFA 2012 is almost upon us and all manufacturers are getting all their new toys ready. The latest rumor claims that there is going to be a little special something coming from Samsung, though – the Samsung Galaxy S Camera.

We have heard about an Android-based camera coming from Samsung for some time. The rumor has been dying, but it seems Samsung might have not given up on the idea. GSM Arena’s sources claim that this camera is in the works, and will be announced during IFA, next to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The device is described as a “Galaxy S3 glued to the back of a point-and-shoot camera.” It will be 1.5 to 2 times thicker than Samsung’s flagship device and feature a curved right side (ergonomics) and a pop=out Xenon flash.

It is also said to sport a 16 MP sensor and run Android 4.0, available in both WiFi-only a 3G versions. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S Camera would not be meant to replace your smartphone, so carrier connectivity is said to be limited to data. We simply can’t see who would want to pay an extra monthly fee for a camera, but that is the rumor, and some of you just may need that.

Remember that this is simply a rumor, so it might be a bad idea to hold your breath on it. Android cameras may seem a bit far-fetched at this point. It surely seems like an odd market to target, but Polaroid and Nikon are taking their shots. Who is to say Samsung can’t make a Samsung Galaxy S Camera?

IFA 2012 is just around the corner, so let’s stick around and see what comes from Samsung and all other manufacturers. But what do you guys say – would you be down for a Samsung Galaxy S Camera?

[Via: GSM Arena]

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  1. >.> would of been even cooler if it was like a camera with a phone docking station turning it into a Android camera but this is still pretty cool, i guess well have to wait for Asus to make the transformer cam lol

  2. Cool, if you use camera’s. I have no need for one tho personally.

  3. It would make sense. Way back in 2000, they were the company first to sell a camera phone, and for years they made a point of having the highest-megapixel camera phone on the market. I remember a friend bought a 10-megapixel Samsung phone in 2006.

    1. By the way, some people may be surprised to hear that Samsung pioneered camera phones (and not, say, a Japanese company), but I can confirm it with links:
      The first Japanese camera phone came out some months later:
      Turns out Samsung were also the first to sell an MP3 phone, in the same year.
      Let it never be said that Samsung don’t innovate, eh?

  4. it seems dumb at first.. but I am starting to really really want one because for the life of me I cant figure out all the settings/buttons on my Sony or Fuji point and click cameras and having something based on Android would at least be familiar with me. IE if it came down to picking a point and click camera between an android and a non-android you know where I would go. Especailly will all the android ecosystem attached.

    1. One word: instagram.

      1. Not the point Edward is making…

        1. He wrote: “Especailly will all the android ecosystem attached.”
          You’re not going to get apps like instagram on a proprietary system. There can be all kinds of neat camera apps for this thing.

          1. And why not? I’m sure there would be ways to get apps like that on it…
            Just like how the infuse 4g was cut off at 2.3.3 but I see my friends running 4.1.1 on it… some dev will get his hands on one and *bam* apps galore for it!

  5. Not sure I would want that bulky thing. We’ll see.

  6. A point and shoot that will auto sync with g+ over WiFi. Yeh, that would be pretty useful.

  7. uhhhh…ok

  8. This is great.

  9. Apple will now sue Samsung again for copying the iPhone 5

    1. xD I see what you did there…people can use the Samsung iPhone 5 to take pics of their food.

      1. The logic is this: even though the iPhone 5 won’t be a camera, people will think it is because of the youtube video and therefore people will confuse the Samsung camera with the iPhone 5!

    2. The Flight of the Conchords could clearly claim prior art.

      1. i’ll pay that!

  10. that’s strangely tempting o_O

  11. At this point why aren’t they just putting these in phones? I mean save is from buying multiple things? I’d die for something bigger than 8.0mp from Sammy…

    1. Phones have to be thin to compete these days and you can’t have a thin phone with optical zoom.

      1. I’m sure they have a 16.2 mp camera that works identically with out optical…

        1. LG coming out with 13 mp. But mp isn’t everything you need for high quality

          1. Digital zoom

  12. I rather use my Canon Rebel

  13. Lucy Koh: Samsung please pay apple another billion for using apple’s intellectual property “Camera”
    Jury: Top samsung exec’s were aware of this

    1. Hipsters: Apple created the first ever camera back when Steve Jobs was just a semen.

      1. Apple also patented sex so they can screw everyone.

    2. While the concept of a android-powered camera sure is interesting, it’s not new:
      “The 16-megapixel Nikon Coolpix S800c camera, announced Wednesday, will be the
      first camera running Android on the market when it hits shelves in
      September.” Samsung’s concept is a reality for others.

  14. Just when I thought Nikkon had something with their Android Camera, Samsung goes and does this.

    Oh well, nice try Nikkon.

    1. I’d buy Nikon’s camera if it comes with Jelly Bean/ICS. This photo of Galaxy S Camera looks weird!

      1. The Nikkon camera is said to come with GB….

  15. I think they should make it a phone. Like the Galaxy Note, everyone may not like it, but it will attract a following of people that love it. Remember the Nokia with Carl Zeiss optics that was basically a full on camera. People seemed to love that at the time and it got a premium price.

  16. Why not make a ”Twist and Lock ” camera lens that can be added and removed to the phone.

  17. Two words: Mega Flop

  18. If this phone comes in with such a camera feature, it would be great altogether. But how would any Galaxy S case fit this set. I am an accessory lover and all I am worried is to protect this gadget fully.

    Any suggestions?



  19. It just looks like a camera extension for the S3.. look at the crack where the GS3 would stop and the camera begins. Plus wouldn’t the picture here be more reliable had the screen orientation been landscape?

    1. That is not a real picture…. Just a speculative image.

  20. I had an insignia GPS that had a wireless connection(don’t know if it was quite 3g or not) to use google searches and other things(searching for gas stations). the first year was free and it was like $90/year. of course the ability to upload video and still shots would greatly increase the load over simple web searches, but it’s something to consider.

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