Aug 25th, 2012

Adobe Flash Player’s end was inevitable, and we knew it was coming for a long time. The company’s product has been great to all Android users, but it is time to move to greener pastures. The product is no longer available, save for those who installed it before August 15th, and we know many of you must be missing it. You should be careful resorting to other methods to get Flash back, though, as multiple malicious Flash .apk files have been making rounds across the internet.

It seems we tend to desire that which is not available to us, and people are set on keeping Flash Player on their Android phones. This is where the bad guys come in, trying to cash in on eager Flash Player fans. Reports include multiple fake Flash apps, hitting your phones with adware and invading your personal information, as well as your notification bar (ads) and even your contacts.

So next time you are going around those third-party app stores (especially Russian ones), you should stop yourself and worry about your phone and private information. These fake apps are said to install a modified XDA version of Flash, so you would not even notice there was an issue, at first.

Instead of taking the risk, you should head over to Adobe’s official site for your download if you are still missing Flash. That is right! Adobe still has Flash Player for Android available from their very own website. The only caveat is that you will not be getting automatic updates from the Google Play Store when/if Adobe releases any bug-fixing updates. Sure beats getting a malicious app, though.

[Via: PC World]

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