Aug 24th, 2012

Though the move towards tiered and shared data packages has been met with much resistance and grumbling from smartphone owners, a new study by NPD suggests the vast majority of users are just fine without access to unlimited data plans. Using an Android app to collect info on the data usage of 1,000 smartphone users, NPD found that users on T-Mobile’s network are the most bandwidth hungry. Even still, only 11 percent of subscribers use more than 3GB of data per month.

For AT&T and Verizon, the number is even lower, with only 4 percent and 3 percent of users exceeding 3GB respectively. Usage on Sprint’s network was found to be in the same range as AT&T and Verizon despite unlimited data offerings. T-Mobile’s higher number is attributed to a younger subscriber base taking advantage of streaming music and video. In general it was determined that WiFi connectivity played a large role in alleviating excessive mobile data usage.

While some may find the results surprising, they certainly echo sentiments of my own. While holding on to an unlimited Verizon data plan, rarely does my monthly data usage exceed 2GB. While it is true users will likely be fine with the new data plans set forth by carriers, it doesn’t change the increasingly exorbitant fees service providers are asking for.

[via BGR]

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