Motorola and Verizon to introduce DROID M at September 5th presser?


We’re fully expecting Motorola and Verizon to reveal the highly anticipated Motorola DROID RAZR HD at their upcoming joint press conference September 5th, but new rumors suggest they’ll be bringing two devices to the party.

It’s supposedly called the Motorola DROID M, and it will come with a 1.5GHz S4 processor, 4G LTE radios, and NFC. Judging by the photo we could be looking at a 4 inch device, though it’s always tough to judge scale in a photo without anything to compare it to.

The suggestion that it’ll have qHD resolution would fit the 4 inch mark, though there are conflicting reports out there suggesting this will come with an HD display. We’d be more inclined to believe the former considering this would interfere with the high-end space that the DROID RAZR HD is slated to fill.

It doesn’t even sound like a mid-range device based on the specs we know, but it’s said to be coming in at a nice price point of $150. We still have roughly two weeks until this all goes down so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in New York. Phandroid will be in attendance so be sure to come back around for the latest news, hands-on, and more straight from the event. [BGR]

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  1. I can see a lot of people being upset if they announce that, considering most people are hoping for a RAZR HD.

    1. RAZR HD MAXX 5G or no deal.

      1. Hold out for the RAZR HD MAXX 5G Pro !

  2. Sounds like the HTC One X and One S. Of course, those phones came out in April…

  3. The laser etching for the model is VERY similar in size to the one on the back of the Razr, you could use that to approximate scale.

  4. I’m not sure that you can say “highly anticipated” about the Razr HD anymore now that specs have leaked showing only incremental upgrades to the RAZR and a smaller battery than the RAZR Maxx. Phones with better specs have been out for several months.

    1. whats incremental about it? it’s got a higher resolution screen, the latest gen processor, a bigger battery than anything else on the market

      the only thing it might lack is RAM, even though I don’t see how any sane person could ever reasonably use more than a gig of RAM on android.

      1. A higher resolution screen than what? Phones with 720p screens have been on the market for almost a whole year now.

        Latest Gen processor? Again, phones have been on the market with S4 processors for months.

        And it actually has a smaller battery than the Razr Maxx.

        So why should someone be excited now about a phone with the same specs they could have had since April?

  5. There hasn’t been much innovation with Android devices lately… Last 20 devices released seem to all have the same specs….

    1. Well processors wise there is nothing else out right now that comes close to matching the S4. Screen wise you can’t do much better than 720P with available tech. (I don’t know that it will ever really even be necessary to do any better than an RGB stripe 720P screen honestly) So that pretty much leaves software for innovation until the A15s start dropping. Really everyone is just trying to get out ICS devices because that IS really the innovation for right now.

      1. Screen’s can be better, as demonstrated by the iPhone Retina display. The colors are not great, but the resolution is stunning. 2011 saw way many more interesting feature additions than 2012. It’s been kinda boring…

        1. Do you really fall for the retina marketing hype? You do know the iphone has a lower resolution than 720p,it’s just on a smaller screen. Even then, I believe the Rezound has a higher pixel density, while the One X has undeniably the best screen on a phone.

          1. iPhone 4 resolution 960×640 with 330ppi
            Galaxy S 3 resolution 1280×720 with 306ppi

            That extra ppi makes a difference.

            And also, LG makes the Retina display, not Apple. I don’t consider Retina an Apple technology, since LG makes it.

          2. You completely glanced over the fact that the ‘extra ppi’ is there because of the smaller screen size. If a GS3 was that small, the ppi would far surpass the iPhone.

          3. The PPI has to do with pixels per inch, but not in relation to the screen size. If you take a square inch of the iphone screen, the pixels in the square inch are higher than in the GS3. Regardless of if the screen is 3.5″ or 4.8″ There are more pixels per inch on the iPhone screen (made by LG) than on the GS3 and the OneX

          4. HTC Rezound: 4.3″ Super LCD HD (1280×720 resolution) – 342ppi

          5. so hold the screen an extra 0.8″ away from your face than you would an iPhone. same visual result, but bigger resolution.

    2. The S4 is the only “top-of-the-line” processor chipset that supports LTE built in, so I think that’s why every high-end phone these days has it included.

  6. $150 isn’t a sweet price for a “not even mid-range” device

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