Redeem Showing Up In Play Store For Google Play Gift Cards


We got word earlier today that Google Play gift cards would soon be making their way to retailers across the country and right on schedule, a new “Redeem” option is appearing in both the web, and Android versions of the Play Store. Guess now it’s time to add some of those gift cards on your birthday wishlist. On a separate note, what the heck happened to Wishlists? Now that’s the leaked feature I was really waiting for.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Which retailers? when? Being able to redeem a gift card isn’t worth much if you cant actually GET a giftcard.

  2. This is awesome, now we need to be able to gift apps.

  3. I wish they’d cover hardware. I’d ask for nothing but Google Play GCs for bdays/xmas and just stock them up until new Nexus devices dropped.

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