Google goes live with Play Store gift cards, available at RadioShack, Target, and GameStop


After it was all but confirmed this morning, Google has gone live with gift cards for their Play Store. A landing page is now present at the Google Play site detailing the gift cards and exactly where to find them. As we learned earlier, the cards will come in denominations of $10, $15, $205, and $50, and will only be redeemable on one-time app and game purchases, as well as the purchase of books, music, and movies, and TV shows. Magazine subscriptions, hardware, and accessories aren’t covered. The gift cards will be available for purchase at RadioShack, Target, and GameStop, though a note on Google’s site says, “Google Play gift cards are on their way to retail stores near you. They may not have arrived yet, so please call ahead to check availability.”

[via Google Play | Thanks, Keith!]

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  1. Looking forward to getting one of those 205 dollar cards :)

  2. This brings up a question. I was playing Cytus, this cool music game, and I wanted to buy it, but it didn’t support the Google Wallet form of payment. Now I have to wait until Thursday when I get paid. =.[

    This could create a problem. This means if I never get a debit/credit card then I can never buy the app. Granted I have one, but this is an issue that needs to be fixed. I don’t know any details as to why that specific developer wouldn’t want that form of payment, but there are people who just don’t want their debit/credit card saved, or people who are too young to even have one.

    I haven’t seen any other apps that did this, but yea.

    1. So what is your question?

      1. LoL!! IKR!? My question was will there be apps that don’t allow you to purchase using the Google Play Credit.

  3. My daughter and I saw them in Target last night here in central VA. We didn’t pick any up so have not tested functionality. I’d assume they’re just like a CC in the play store. Buy what you want, refund back to the credit. About time!

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