Apple and Samsung Make Their Closing Arguments – It’s Now In The Jury’s Hands


Today, both sides of the Apple vs Samsung patent/trade dress trial made their closing arguments. After both given the opportunity for rebuttal, it is now officially left in the jury’s hands to decide the fate of the two mega corporations. Samsung gave it the ol’ college try, urging jurors to not see things Apple’s way saying,

“Rather than competing in the marketplace, Apple is seeking a competitive edge in the courtroom. (Apple thinks) it’s entitled to having a monopoly on a rounded rectangle with a large screen. It’s amazing really.”

Apple is seeking $2.5 billion in damages and told jurors that Samsung blatantly copied their iPhone design and software UI saying in their closing argument,

“Samsung was able to copy and incorporate the result of Apple’s four-year investment in hard work and ingenuity — without taking any of the risks.”

Bright and early tomorrow morning, the jury of 9 will convene and sift through the mountains of evidence, a grueling task, no doubt. Who will come out on top? Place your bets, ladies and gents.

That’s 1 trial down, countless appeals to go…


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  1. My bet goes to Apple. More people favor iPhone over Samsung, and honestly, Samsung did copy a lot from Apple. I’m not saying Apple didn’t copy a lot from Google, but this is Sammy vs Apple we’re talking about.

    1. Of course Samsung clearly copied the iPhone it’s obvious, from the design to the ui to the charging cable, this people dont see because their level of fanboyism paired up with hypocrisy is to high, but I’m sure they know it deep down, I’m pretty sure apple will win this.

      1. How do you explain the previous designs that Samsung had before the iPhone was even developed?

        And the charging port? I thought Samsung used a MicroUSB for their charging port? I know you’re not talking about that flat one they had since the 1990’s; that flat looking one.

        1. Nope, I was talking about this, just to cite an example, the rest of the accessories follow suit..

          1. Oh my… LoL!! I see…

  2. Gotta disagree. I think it becomes a partial deadlock with wins on both sides, but no real “Winner”

  3. Any juror that was awake for the proceedings will likely realize that ruling in Apple’s favor would be disastrous and a terrifying precedent. Full disclosure: I use a lot of Apple products (and a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7). I could even be considered an Apple fanboy in some ways. But the litigious nature of Apple has left me questioning the direction that they’re heading. Are they still interested in delivering the best end-user experience or are they concerned about giving the ONLY end-user experience in pursuit of profit? There’s room for everyone. People that will buy an iPhone will buy an iPhone; people that will buy an Android device will buy an Android. Giving Apple this kind of control because they have patented someone else’s ideas is ludicrous and frightening to say the least. In most of the world, we live in a capitalist society and governments granting exclusive access to markets like this undermines the very foundation of the economy and our society.

    1. Better hope there aren’t many idrones on the jury. Considering how many there are in San Jose, this could get ugly for samsung and google.

      1. Most “iDrones” are against it too. Shoot over to MacRumors and look through the forums; even die-hard fanboys think it’s an obnoxious distraction. That should tell you something. All Apple is doing is providing ammunition to Apple haters while simultaneously alienating their own user base. Nobody is mad at Apple just because they manufacture iPads and iPhones; people are fed up because Apple is suing everyone.

    2. Apple is all about control. They have never cared about choice since day 1. It’s their way or not at all – until it starts hurting their bank. It wasn’t until Android got popular that Steve Job’s changed his mind and said his customers can have multitasking, notification system, dual core cpus, ect.

      “You’re holding it wrong” – they can’t even admit when they are wrong.

      If you’ve read any of the court hearing transcripts, they honestly tried to say that people get confused and buy samsung phones instead of iPhones…. come on now. So no, they don’t want consumers to have a choice.

  4. Someone replied to me with these two links: , , then deleted their comment. Here was my reply:

    Regarding the 1st link, I already mentioned Apple stole from Google. They haven’t stolen a single thing from Samsung, on the other hand, Samsung has blatantly ripped the iPhone’s hardware and software look and feel. A little side note, before any of these patent wars began, I remember owning a Samsung phone and thinking “Wow, this feels a lot like my iPod touch”.

    Regarding the 2nd link, you’re saying Apple stole from Sony by making a thin laptop? Are you serious?

    1. You’re barking up the wrong tree here. Go post stuff like that at MacRumors.

    2. There was also evidence of some of Samsung’s “stolen designs” predating the iPhone.

    3. Your “are you serious” is not much different from ours “are you serious” about Apple’s ridiculous design claims. So what Samsung made a feel-alike? Why should anyone be allowed to patent rectangles and rounded edges? It’s not fashion business, FCOL.

      1. You’re wrong. They also copied the look of the “Home” button”, and they DID copy the general design of the iPhone, including the rounded backed rectangle. Motorola doesn’t do that, HTC doesn’t do that, LG doesn’t do that, only Samsung did. They also heavily copied iOS’s look and feel and even completely ripped their icons.

        1. AJA0 UR AN 1D10T. Go troll somewhere else.

    4. Saying apple copied Sony by making a thin laptop is NOT ANY less ridiculous than saying Samsung copied apple because their phone has rounded edges and a screen. FYI that is one part of EXACTLY what apple is saying.

    5. So how original is Safari. Ask xerox how original apple’s version of windows is and ask xerox how many employees apple took who designed xerox’s gui OS. As for what apple stole from samsung I believe there are several wifi patents that are in the courts in australia and germany atm. And oh incidentally, my archos was a touch screen player with icons lined up side by side just like what apple is suing samsung over. My archos player came out more than a year before the first iphone. Another example for you, I had a samsung phone 7 years ago and I did voice searches of places on it ala siri. But I’m sure you think its all a coincidence. btw, didn’t apple grabbed a patent 2 months ago for laptops with wedge shapes ??? hmmmm. Funny how apple fanatics are always selectively closing their eyes on what apple does. Very much do as I say not as I do kind of crowd which makes sense. Apple after all is all about “hi i’m a mac here is what I want you to do” whereas in android and windows OSes its “hi tell me what you want to do”. One set leads. One set follows.

  5. as long as no money evolved, samsung will win.

    1. Apple is planning on making a tv. It will look like other tv’s why not have everyone so them. Apple will lose these patents are garbage and the us patent Office should be ashamed of themselves.

      1. Sue

  6. You know I really hoped Tim Cook was just waiting out Jobs’ death to end all this crap and go back to trying to innovate. (So Jobs wouldn’t have felt betrayed or whatever) Think of how far things have come for both apple and Android as a direct result of having to compete against one another.

  7. Lets not forget that they have various devices in hand. Being the fact that they do, I believe they will see its not copied. They are all plainly different. Samsung will win and Apple can go home with its tail tucked between its legs and cry itself to sleep.

    1. If only. Apple will appeal if they loose. So will Samsung, of course.

      The only effect this one will have is that whoever looses will have a harder time in the appeal.

  8. All IT Companies steel but only the darling apple company gets away with patenting and claiming they create the stuff they steal.On top of that they are able to ban and Sue competitors who make better products. That hypocrite Steve Jobs said good artists borrow great artists steal. Then most of the airhead general public believes them.
    Apple is a pathelogical liar and a Fraud.most stupid apple idrones have never tried another phone or tablet. Against all odds the galaxy Gs3 rose to number one. But to be honest the LG revolution is better than the 4gs. Any mid to hi end android is better than an iPhone.
    But things are not handed to you reading and research is required to root remove carrier bloat and install custom roms. The positives out weigh the negatives with android and even though Apple is winning the tablet market they know Android tablets are better and that they are outnumbered and they can only stay on top by being childish and banning the competition.

    1. Steel? =.3
      I honestly got confused reading that. LoL!!
      Steal, maybe? =.P

  9. I think their is evidence to suggest Samsung copied the IPhone, but there is also evidence to suggest what Samsung copied were not original ideas by Apple. I say Samsung wins.

  10. Wow! Are Henry Fonda and Jack Klugman really on the jury? (If you haven’t seen the amazing classic, “Twelve Angry Men”, WATCH IT!)

  11. Makes me wonder what the consequences for the industry will be after this is all done.

  12. I think it will be a hung jury on all issues. I am sure there are a couple of sleeper Icrap and Android fans on the jury who will keep both sides honest. If Apple wins LARGE, heaven help us all but after the Oracle/Google trial, there is hope some jurors may see this for what it is and that is a huge power grab.
    My fear is who knows what people who live near San Francisco will do? They keep electing Nancy Pelosi don’t they?

  13. Strange that Apple’s ridiculous demands never reduced once loads of Samsung devices were excluded from this trial. As for the amount wanted, it is no surprise given that Apple are using the same lawyers that Oracle used unsuccessfully to sue Google for Billions of dollars.

    No surprise either that their calculation for this amount came from the so-called expert that Apple paid $2million to calculated and testify (lie) for them.

  14. Heres hoping the jury sees what a douche bag company Apple is and sends them packing.

  15. IronHorse, Apple didn’t create the USB wall plug. You should focus on items that they actually invented and patented. Pleant of.manufacture used or had access to similar plugs but they became industry standards around the time of the smart phone boom. Your accusation fails.

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