Retail box stickers say LG Optimus Black “upgradeable” to ICS, but is it really?


LG’s having a tough time in their quest to update their existing phones to Ice Cream Sandwich. The LG Optimus Black was one such device affected by their hardship, and new developments suggest they just might be ready to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the masses… or not.

You see, these retail boxes appeared — where, I have no clue — with a sticker that says the device is “upgradeable” to Ice Cream Sandwich. There are a few possible things that have happened here:

  1. For starters, this could indicate that an update is pending and is ready to go out following a round of testing and approval.
  2. This could be a retail box made when LG expected to release Ice Cream Sandwich, but not properly recycled since that never came to fruition.
  3. Someone made that sticker themselves and are just trolling the world.

Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that we still don’t have any clue on whether or not LG’s planning to release the upgrade, and mum’s the word directly out of their camp. We’d love an official stance once and for all, and we’ll be reaching out to see if they can give us an update on their rollout strategy for older phones. [Tech Covet via GSMArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
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