Aug 18th, 2012

If SamMobile were to be trusted, the Galaxy Note 2 might not be the only 5+ inch device unveiled by Samsung at IFA 2012. A tip they received points to a 5.8 inch Galaxy Player which would run Ice Cream Sandwich, unlike previous Galaxy Players that all run Gingerbread.

While the feature-set isn’t too shabby for a media player, I can’t help be concerned about the size. At 5.8 inches, the device seems far too large to be a media player, and way too small to be a tablet. Android-based devices in the domain are already a niche, with a 5.8 inch screen they might be significantly limiting themselves even in that small subset. I fail to see how it could prove to be a commercial success, but hey, that’s how I felt about the Galaxy Note.

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