Samsung might release a 5.8″ Galaxy Player/Tab, depends on what you consider it to be


If SamMobile were to be trusted, the Galaxy Note 2 might not be the only 5+ inch device unveiled by Samsung at IFA 2012. A tip they received points to a 5.8 inch Galaxy Player which would run Ice Cream Sandwich, unlike previous Galaxy Players that all run Gingerbread.

While the feature-set isn’t too shabby for a media player, I can’t help be concerned about the size. At 5.8 inches, the device seems far too large to be a media player, and way too small to be a tablet. Android-based devices in the domain are already a niche, with a 5.8 inch screen they might be significantly limiting themselves even in that small subset. I fail to see how it could prove to be a commercial success, but hey, that’s how I felt about the Galaxy Note.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. why would anyone buy a media player if you can buy s3, note 2 or tab 7.0?

    1. An s3 or note2 are double the msrp or more than this would be. Plus the fact they’re both phones and the tab 7.0 is a tablet not a pmp. The same argument could be made with an ipod vs. the rumored ipad mini. I would actually prefer the pmp route right now over a tablet since a pmp is easier for the kids to handle as opposed to a tablet.

      1. fixed

        1. there fixed it for ya.

    2. If it were not for the Note, I would buy this Player…

      But the Note has significantly higher specs and I’m sure Sammy is going to put a lot more work into the Note 2 than this player so I guess I know what I’m buying…

    3. Mid-contract? If you have access to good WIFI all the time, why not have a cheap player? these usually cost much less than having to pay for a new phone half-way through a contract…..

  2. 5.8 for a MP3 player is too much

    1. Someone posted on the source article it was a typo. 4.8 in. is the correct size allegedly.

      1. 4.8 would be awesome

        1. Agreed. Just wish the accessory market was better for pmps. Hard to find a nice hd case for them. Already lost a tablet due to lack of a good case selection.

          1. Yea I had a problem with that when I got the last generation players but then decided I don’t need one since their really durable, my iPod touch on the other hand got a scratch on the screen with a hard case + screen protector on, still would be cool to have something for looks though

    2. Keep in mind it’s also a video player ;)

  3. I call fake.

  4. I’m pretty sure that screen size is either wrong or a typo. A media player over 5 inches is way to large to be a portable media player. The main use for it is music so it shouldn’t be near a tablet size

  5. QHD, thumbs down.

  6. spelling errors everywhere and a terrible looking image with far more bezel than samsung would put on such a large device makes me seriously question this

  7. Placement of speakers is ideal.

    1. It’s about time that they put the speakers on the front of the device, that is if this is really a pmp and not just a mock up. OEMs should do the same with phones. At least put one speaker on the front. Samsung should get rid of the physical button and put a speaker in its place…

  8. If its under $150 Ill probably grab one for my kids, they’re too young for cell phones, but really like using mine for the apps and camera.

  9. I wish Samsung would make a WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Note…

  10. I hope company will star making devices that support Android, instead of just Ipod. I waiting to control my Nexus through my Car stereo rather than just plugging in the AUX cable

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