Is this our first real look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?


For all the hype building up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, we have yet to see any really convincing leaks of the device other than a shot of the phone’s screen bezel that surfaced earlier this week. That bezel definitely looks in tact in the latest image to appear online with claims to be the final production Galaxy Note 2. The slightly blurry image we see here is actually a picture of a picture, a render that shows a handset with stylistic flourishes similar to the recently released Galaxy S3.

Back to the bezel. In the image shot from within a production facility showing the display’s 5.5-inch size you can notice a slight curve to the casing that would surround the phone’s screen. That curve is definitely in tact in this render. Also present is a single home button likely to be flanked by two capacitive buttons. Of course, we could be looking at an elaborate fake that was designed after images of the screen bezel surfaced, rather than the other way around. We really have no way of knowing for sure until the Note 2’s IFA announcement. What do you guys think?

[KnowYourMobile via PocketNow]

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  1. Bezel doesn’t match, curvature of the corners don’t match, proximity and light sensor locations don’t match.

    Now we have 3 completely different alleged designs of the phone.

    1. Now look at this render http://bit.ly/Note2vs1
      that looks more real and when compared to the Note 1, one sees that it is taller and more slender. If it comes out like that I will be happy.

  2. Does anyone remember the white picture was leaked before the S3 launch and tipster claimed that it S3 but that was note! Check the link photo somewhat resembles to this!

      1. This photo!

  3. im sold

  4. for the third time, that is the digitizer, not the bezel.

    why don’t phandroid writers know the difference? notice the ribbon on the digitizer? it is your touch screen interface, not a piece of plastic trim that holds your touch screen.

    read this definition of bezel if it is still unclear to you:

    “its *leave* you idiot! ‘make like a tree and leave’. you sound like a d*** fool when you say it wrong” -Old Biff, Back to the Future II

  5. approximately when will it be release?

  6. This might be it! instead of making a bigger version of the S flagship (like they did last year) they seperate the two product lines. This is great news. It’s either this or the next nexus phone (if the next nexus has nvidia I will go for the galaxy note).

  7. Looks nicer then the Galaxy SIII

  8. That is faker than when Kim Kardashian tells you she loves you and wants to marry you!

  9. Idk guys, I’m actually optimistic about this design.. does anyone remember when the first galaxy s3 purposed design came out? it had a silver trim like this.. also, the front design kinda matches with this leak.. I’m calling it probable.

  10. If this launches on Verizon with at LEAST 2GB’s of RAM and at least an S4 AND a 3,300mAH batter minimum, I’d be sold (I wish it’d be quad core though).

  11. Hi,

    I buy into the view that this is the ‘digitizer’ and NOT the ‘bezel’. Simply look at the connector on the edge near the ‘zero’ end of the ruler – and forget about it being part of the outer surfaces of the beast.
    What’s more; I believe it is highly doubtful that Samsung would produce a design for the SGNOTE2 that moved so far away from the conventional ’rounded’ corners we are used to, from them.

    Add in some extra space for the casing and you may … just may … be looking at the overall shape of the SGNOTE2 !

    Personally I’m looking forward to the real thing !

  12. I agree, its a fake. Close but no cigar. The bottom corners of the previous posted digitizer photo are less rounded off than the photo above. The distance between the proximity and light sensor holes on the digitzer photo is larger than the photo above. The same applies to the sides.

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