ASUS TF500T surfaces in FCC filing, might be next Transformer tablet


A mystery tablet from ASUS has appeared at the FCC with model number TF500T, a designation that suggests it could be a new tablet in the coimpany’s Transformer line. Other members of that product family use a similar numbering scheme, including the budget-oriented Transformer Pad (TF300) and pricier Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700). In this case we have extremely little to go off of in terms of features of the TF500, but its model number suggests it could fall somewhere between the two concerning specs and pricing, possibly making this one a sequel to last year’s Transformer Prime.

As far as what the FCC listing does reveal, the tablet will feature WiFi, HDMI, and a microphone. Other than the Nexus 7, ASUS hasn’t shown off a new tablet since Mobile World Congress, so we’d say a new tablet geared towards a holiday launch makes sense. Given that timeframe it again seems likely we may be dealing with a successor to the Transformer Prime.

[FCC via Engadget]

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  1. Would be nice to have a 11.1″ transformer tablet that weights no more the the TF101Eee Pad 680g??

  2. Transformer Rodimus Prime? Transformer Ultra Magnus?

  3. possible windows RT tablet TRANSFORMER ?

  4. HookedOnTabs • a few seconds ago

    The 15V seems to point to 10 inch, but, I have a 19v 7″ tablet. So, given the success of the Nexus 7, and the fact you can’t buy one from a local store, why not fill in the weak spots of the Nexus 7 and add SD, HDMI, Rear Camera and market for the Holidays at $279 maybe a 32GB for $299. Jelly Bean of course. Mini pads are the hot ticket, if the Mini Ipad thing is true. Asus built the most well received 7″ Google tablet, yet they don’t have one to call their own. They conceived the Nexus 7 as the MeMo 370T. Why not actually bring it out now? But does the MS in the FCC provide another clue. I thought they already cleared a 600 and 810 for RT and Win 8? Now we do know that Asus has announced a battery keyboard for the Nexus 7 for $129, so that could explain the Transformer. So no reason it can’t be a 7″, Why come out with a new 10″ model just add JB. Asus is fast with OS and firmware updates. NO need to put out new model of the same O same O, just to add Jelly Bean. But I guess it could be an even bigger one as someone suggested. But, why 10.1, I don’t buy that. The Prime was already replaced with the Infinity. What would be ONE reason to buy another tablet of the same thing. They have the TF300T which I saw on sale at Best Buy for $338 a couple weeks ago. So it’s can’t be price.

  5. Well you have to be careful when making a name. You don’t want it to be the Transformer Ultimatum. That means there will be no more after that since an ultimatum is the absolute final decision. LoL!!

    Although that does sound cool. Or how about the Transformer Hollywood. It’ll come with 2 free movies and a Google Play card. =.D

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