Is this the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s screen bezel?


Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy Note 2 is just a couple weeks away, but a newly leaked image might give us our first glimpse at the device…sort of. What we actually see is purported to be the screen bezel component of the new handset, and while there are no tell-tale signs that we are even looking at a Samsung phone let alone the Note 2, a 5.5-inch corner-to-corner measurement certainly matches with rumors that the handset will feature the larger screen size in comparison to its predecessor.

Interestingly, the image suggests that the Galaxy Note 2 might not speak the same design language as the Galaxy S3. The bezel certainly belies a curvaceous device in favor of straight, sharp edges. Without seeing an assembled handset, it’s hard to make the call either way. Samsung will be unveiling the Note 2 at their IFA 2012 Unpacked event, which takes place on August 29th.

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  1. Certainly looks Samsung-y, time will tell.

  2. looks much different then the render posted yesterday. Looks like it wont just be a bigger GSIII afterall. Now Im curious….,

  3. There’s no way it will be squared. That goes against Samsung’s new Natural and Human design scheme.

  4. Yeah I don’t buy that. Too square and that perfectly oval power button just doesn’t match Samsung’s recent design cues.

  5. bezel? that’s the digitizer my friend

  6. It looks great besides the physical button part.

  7. Is it that slow of a news day that we’re now speculating on BEZELS?? Wow!

    1. When you get sued over bezels by you know who, it’s relevant.

    2. Umm a bezel is a look into how the final product will look… So yes, it is interesting news and it is very relevant.

  8. have we heard about the release date for the note 2 yet? and don’t they suppose to have a press conference on aug15 in regarding if the note 2 release date?

  9. I’m actually hoping this is really it. Definitely liking the more squarish design. *fingers crossed*


  11. I really hope they make this as the final design. And port Windows 8 RT into this and this will be the greatest mobile phone :D

    1. You never know. We could see a Samsung Omnia Note one day.

  12. FWIW, the aspect ratio of the pictured bezel is approximately 16:9 like the Note2 is rumored to be, and NOT 16:10 like the original note is.

    (I measured 460 / 260 pixels in the image as 1.769. 16:9 == 1.777…, and 16:10 == 1.6)

    1. I’m very curious on what you prefer Jason. I can see arguments for 16:9 (easier to hold for a given screen diagonal, no black bars when watching 16:9 video) and arguments for 16:10 (at the larger screen sizes, 16:9 is a long phone that has trouble fitting in pants pockets whereas 85-90mm width still fits, 16:10 is more common with other computing devices, would give room for watching a movie with subtitles off screen, 16:10 is a more aesthetically pleasing aspect ratio, better for reading ebooks in portrait, …)

      Me, I think I prefer 16:10, but I also like commodity pricing, and if computer monitors coming down in price for 16:9 due to the HDTV market is any indication what standardizing on phone screen sizes can do, I’m OK with 16:9 too.

      As far as the Note 2 goes, I don’t have a Note 1 but I thought about it. Have a Nexus 7 now which is definitely too big to pocket, and I’d love a 5.5″ or even a 6″ device with either 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio. It’s going to be hard to get a non-Nexus device now though – might just wait to see what comes out by the end of the year (hopefully multiple Nexus phones, some big).

      1. I don’t really think there’s TOO much difference between 16:10 & 16:9 on a phone or phablet to prefer one over the other. 16:12 (4:3), though, like LGs Vue monster, is pushing hideous limits, imo.

        16:10 (1280×800) gives more absolute pixels, which is nice, and it’s actually very close in aspect ratio to the very common 800×480 phone resolution (1.60 vs 1.66)

        16:9 (1280×720) is a little taller & skinnier, so it’s easier to hold, but slightly harder for the thumb to reach the notification bar up top. I guess if you watch video more than game, then this is the preferable aspect, but even then, 16:9 is more common (galaxy nexus, sgs3, et al), so games might optimize their graphic assets for it first

  13. I typed “14 cm in inches” in Google, and the results were all about penis size!
    Anyway, it’s 5.5 inches.
    Also, I notice that the bottom and top edges are slightly curved, but the sides look straight.

  14. using the ruler to then measure the rest of the phone, the Note 2 will be about 15cm x 8cm (or about 6″ x 3.2″). it’ll be longer than the original note. width might be about the same, or only very slightly smaller.

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