Black Samsung Galaxy S3 appears on T-Mobile site


Earlier this week the existence of a black color variant of the Galaxy S3 was confirmed by retailers in the UK, but we have yet to hear an official announcement from Samsung. That hasn’t stopped T-Mobile from putting the blacked-out device up on their site. It’s hard to deny this one or chalk it up to poor color correction, as the rumored handset appears in a 360 degree rotating animation, showing off some gloss in the process. The animation appears on a page comparing 4G speeds from different US carriers, so it comes with no details describing exactly what we are seeing. If I had to make a bet, though, I’d say a black GS3 might find its way to the magenta network in the near future.

[T-Mobile via Engadget]

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  1. Screw you Samsung, Screw you……
    -a now highly disgrutled Pebble “Purple” GSIII owner.

    1. Blurple?

      1. That’s the best way to describe the color.. lol

  2. now if T-Mobile can get their act together and hop on the note 2 right away, my wife and will be set

    1. Seems doubtful seeing how they JUST got the Note 1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Note 2 will come to every carrier like the GS3 did.

  3. sorry, i still like the blue better

  4. so if you stare at the rotating phone on one of the revolutions the back is different with a grey band and an 8 megapixel branded camera. also it switches to HTC any ideas?

    1. It switches between 3 or 4 different phoned as is rotates. Didn’t pay close attention to what the devices were tho.

  5. I think that black looks great IMO


    1. I think that’s pretty easy to figure out.

    2. And that’s a problem because…?

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