Screw the traditional drop test, why not just drag race with phones attached to your car? [VIDEO]


Ah yes, the drop test. It’s something that causes a bit of controversy in the tech world when performed (even if only in the form of YouTube comments) but we can’t get enough of them anyway. The latest test technically isn’t a drop test, but it does test the screen durability of the Samsung Galaxy S3 up against the iPhone 4S in a rather unique way.

It’s no secret by now that the iPhone 4S has some pretty fragile glass draping the chassis, but does Samsung’s Galaxy S3 with Gorilla Glass pose better protection for these $600-$800 investments?

YouTube user “aperfectgalaxy” went completely insane and decided to figure that out with a drag race scratch test. That’s right, a freakin’ drag race scratch test. Well, the name is cool but it isn’t really a drag race. Instead, he attached the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S to the trunk of the car with long string.

Gorilla tape (I didn’t even know such a thing existed) is used to hold the phones securely in place on the other end of the string. The phones are placed flat down onto the pavement and off they go!

The crazy tester hops into the back of the trunk and asks his friend to take off. They weren’t going the the upwards 140MPH like you’d see in a drag race but it was pretty violent speed for being nestled into the back of a small, unsafe trunk.

A couple of bounces and a lot of cringing later, the car is stopped and the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes out unscathed. I have to be honest — I was completely uninterested in the result knowing what would happen. I just wanted to see if that guy would fall out of the back of that track. Exhilarating. [APerfectGalaxyThanks Mel!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Now I wonder if the Galaxy SIII will even blend!

  2. Why is that moron out of breathe, all he did was ride in the trunk? And we see the results for all of two seconds? Come knucklehead give us something better than that.

    1. Results were pretty clear. iPhone’s glass shattered in the bottom corners. GS3 seemed to come out without any cracks.

    2. hes out of breath because he was in a car trunk almost falling out. idiot.

  3. I died when he got in the trunk LOL

  4. Don’t worry, Apple will figure out a way to sue the ground, air and wind.

    1. I was thinking along the same lines lol

    2. Tired, TIRED joke…..

    3. Best of luck to Apple for fixing up those Phones.


  6. Must be nice to have to good brand new phones to drag around and destroy ..

    But yet another reason Im on #TeamAndroid

  7. Someone should put both phones in different blenders, for a set time of course… Lets see who comes out with the least amount of damage

  8. You do realize that this is a viral video made by Samsung or one of its hired ad agencies, right? The YouTube user has only published this very video and it has “viral marketing”
    written all over it. I thought the video was a joke at first.

    1. I’ve seen many YouTube accounts with just one video. And yes, it’s viral marketing-esque, but that’s not enough to assume it’s viral marketing. Besides, the whois information doesn’t scream viral marketing at all. Either way, just enjoy the video.

      1. I did enjoy the video :) The man explicitly says that he will show that the Galaxy S3 is superior to the iPhone, so it’s no test. The name of the YouTube account is “aperfectgalaxy”. It’s definitely a marketing video from Samsung.

    2. its called ummm no dumbass

    3. Quit being so bitter unless you have some proof you would like to share.

    4. It’s too scripted.

  9. I agree a “viral” video for marketing purposes. But I don’t doubt the results. That being said I got a little scratch on my Galaxy 3S like 10 minutes after I got it out of the box, I don’t even know how I did it. I haven’t got any since though and I hate screen protectors…


  10. GS3 is pretty durable. Friend’s iPhone 4 got scratch on the screen with ZAGG Invisible Shield on it. I don’t have any cover or screen shield and don’t intend on purchasing one.

  11. That video was awesome! I love the intensity lol

  12. most annoying video guy ever. holy crap….

  13. Despite the fact that I believe the video is real, I think that it was made by/endorsed by Samsung. Look at the Youtube name, “aperfectgalaxy” and the fact that he was so crazy. Nobody’s like that. So despite the fact that I believe the results, I say PR stunt.

  14. Somebody should take that knife from him!

  15. I thought both of those phones used Gorilla Glass.

  16. what a waste of a Galaxy s3 and gas >.>

  17. Bogus test.

    1. Do you think so, try it and see by your self which phone will win! and let us know please.

      1. A proper test utilizes precision measurement tools, to measure controlled pressure applied. These tests are just chance tests.

  18. From Droid-Life:

    Crack is a hell of a drug!

  19. Ouch! The hell?.. see how beautiful the designs for both phones when new.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7uL-DON5FU Money = wasted!

  20. DN12 HNH this is is …
    1st.while he opening the iphone, he dropped it down.2nd it attaches with a longer wire. 3rd
    physically and mechanically he will receive more disruption.
    bcause only the bottom of the samsung touches the ground because it’s closer his tug, Towing principle LOOLOLO
    sorry 4 my english, it’s not the one.

  21. I use Gorilla tape, it’s crazy sticky, awesome stuff.

  22. Dang! Calm down there, spaz!

  23. great to know i can street surf with a GS3.

  24. All accounts are now closed. Twitter,youtube and his blog. Marketing blogspam viral bullshit.

  25. Video is gone.

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