Verizon posts changelog for Droid Charge FP5 update


Verizon has been teasing us a bit on an upcoming update for the Samsung Droid Charge. They posted information about the update last week only to pull it with no actual rollout of new software occurring. Now Big Red has posted the full changelog for software version FP5, one that largely mirrors the log for the Charge’s FP1 software. So instead of many tweaks and enhancements, users can expect a solid bug fix patch. The appearance of the changelog suggests a rollout could be imminent.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. unless it fixes the constant clicking during calls, my father will be switching to an iPhone. I’m disappointed that he has had such a poor experience with android.

    1. Bummer

    2. Same thing happened mine actually… i probably still wouldn’t recommend android to that kind of user, except maybe the Nexus if they can handle a phone that big.

      I ended up putting CM 7.2 on his, and he liked it better, problem solved for now I guess.

      Let me just say that if this update isn’t ICS (remember that OS update that came out 9 months ago?) then they can keep it.

      1. He is a software engineer and has even developed an app for the large hospital where he works. I completely understand why he is switching. Between the hospital pushing for only iOS app development and his experience with this unsupported pos device, it is disappointing but understandable.

    3. Troll!

  2. im still stuck on my droid charge, and its performance is getting REALLY dissapointing. however, i have a dying lapop and a tablet with a cracked screen to replace first…

  3. No amount of updates will save this disaster of a phone, I regretted selling my HTC incredible 2 for the Droid charge. Only with rooting and flashing eclipse rom made it bearable to a small degree

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