Black Galaxy S3 appears in Carphone Warehouse inventory


Yesterday, images of what appeared to be possibly just maybe a black variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 appeared on Samsung’s official Facebook page accompanied by swift denials of the existence of the new color option. Many chalked the confusion up to images that were the subject of poor color correction transforming what would otherwise be a Pebble Blue GS3 into something different altogether. But a newly leaked Carphone Warehouse inventory screen might just take this rumor to the next level.

Listed alongside the Pebble Blue and Marble White Galaxy S3 handsets is an entry for none other than the black version that has caused so much speculation in the past 24 hours. Will it amount to anything? The chances seem likely, regardless of whether or not the mystery images actually portray the device or not.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. So it was true haha. I kinda like the blue one though as you can see the brushed lines on it better. The black might just be solid black.

  2. Weirdly enough I think I like blue better. Dammit Samsung, being wise in your color choices.

  3. Maybe my eyes are decieving me, but doesn’t that look like a dark brown color and not black? Look at his brown leather watch strap, the phone looks like a darker shade of that, a brown color.

    I still think pebble blue is nicer. It’s not even really blue, it looks more like an upscale looking metallic lavender.

    1. you need glasses dude thats black period.

  4. Why blue and white should had black from the start

  5. Does anyone at phandroid know you can just snap the back off the S3 phone and install any of 12 colors? Costs about $3.

  6. Really, now people want black after everyone keep saying how they all looked the same and boring.

  7. WTF I only got the white because they didn’t have black. Thanks a lot Samsung for screwing over your fans.

  8. I want!!!!!!!!1

  9. @abc Yes, it does, because black is definitely a darker shade of brown ;)

  10. but apple already has a patent on black

  11. This thread is racist.

  12. I like the blue one too…

  13. In mexico the black one is already on sale, the only one we dont have is the red one, but otherwise, blue, white and black yes ;)

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