Purported Black Galaxy S3 Shows Up On Samsung’s Facebook Page (Don’t Hold Your Breath)


Some images posted of the on Samsung’s official Facebook page are causing rumblings for Galaxy S3 fans. Shown off in a series of photos highlighting the 2012 Olympic Games, a dark, almost black version of the device is can be seen taking a tour of London, snapping pics, and beaming videos.

The Galaxy S3 can currently be found in “Pebble Blue,” “Marble White,” and “Garnet Red” varieties. Since the phone was announced, many weren’t too keen on a lack of a black optioin (I, being one of them). While it wouldn’t be the first time a new color option appears after a device’s release, I’m darn-near-positive this is nothing more than poor color reproduction than an actual color slip. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a blue tinge around the edges of the purported black S3. Looks like it was Old Man Jenkins all along. Another mystery solved by Mystery Inc.!

But the almost slip still begs the question: are you guys satisfied with the current color lineup, or would you prefer to have a “Piano Black” option for the Samsung Galaxy S3?

[Facebook | Via UnwiredView]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. It’s kind of funny, when they first announced Pebble blue, and marble white, I wanted a black one instead badly, and thought the two announced colors were ugly.

    I’m not sure if I’ve just got’n used to the current colors or what, but now this black one looks odd and unattractive to me. It’s entirely possible I’m just a fickle man.

  2. Don’t like it

  3. If I had the money for a new phone, I would prefer the one X than S3 purely because of the lack of black.
    Although if I had any self control I’d wait for the next Nexus.

    1. Technically, the One X’s “black” is actually more of a taupe O_o

      1. Actually now I’ve been challenged, I wouldn’t get one X either due to lack of battery swapability, or sd (not sure if does have sd slot from memory).

  4. Would love a black. Would get red, but don’t want ATT branded….. ugh.

    1. Red seems kinda…. girly. I’ve always been a fan of “salmon” :p

      1. Phhhhhtttttt. Lolz.

        Red, color of passion, anger and very fast cars…….

        1. and bloooood 0.o

      2. The Pink Taco Galaxy S3

  5. Black would have been a better choice than blue. Releasing a blue and white was a dumb idea by samsung.

    1. blue and white is great! Now, many phones are black and white…

      1. I think “gun metal” would have been nice. Just like the blue (with the silver flakes in it) but black :)

      2. It seems Samsung released a Blue instead of Black just to spite Apple….I prefer black over blue, which is why i had to settle for white.

  6. Same here.

  7. I think a matte black would look nicer. Kinda stealth!!

  8. damn jenkins, its always him! good job chris you solved another! (and for the record i don’t “hate the writers and only come for the news” i come here because I ENJOY reading the articles you all throw together, keep it up!)

    1. Thanks, bud. It means a lot :)

      1. You also have really cool hair; I also agree with Mr. Covert_Death, your articles are the most fun to read. Thanks for being awesome.

    2. me too….i am a secret admirer and stalker of Chris Chavez…. Phandroid is not the same without him O_o

  9. Awesome, hope they release it.

  10. If Samsung did black with a silver trim on the outside, Apple would sue them.

  11. If you really want to change the color of your S3 (to almost anything) all you have to do is buy 3 things:
    1) aftermarket batterycover. tons of these on ebay.
    2) aftermarket full-coverage color screen protector. A few companies make these, like this green one from Mercury: http://www.amazon.com/Mercury-Protector-Samsung-GT-i9300-T-Mobile/dp/B008HY7HW0
    3) a sticker for the home button to complete the fashion ensemble

    (I know – it’s a hassle. I would’ve bought black too if it was available at launch, but my white s3 inside a darkgrey/lightgrey Incipio Silicrylic case has really grown on me. I think I might replace the back cover with garnet red, though, if the next android version really is going to be Kandy cane instead of KeyLimePie :)

  12. I actually like the white. ive always owned black but something about the white just catches my eye. That being said I’m waiting on the next Nexus no matter what. Also waiting to see if verizon rapes it again so I can finally decide whether I’m switching carriers.

    1. IF Verizon gets it, they will treat it just like they did the Galaxy Nexus.

    1. That’s just the blue in bad lighting, I can see the faintest hint of blue.

  13. if they release a black GS3 I’ll be pissed seeing as i just recently got the pebble “purple” GSIII since its the least femanine looking of the 3 femanine color options…..
    Yay… Purple White and Red… o_O
    Least they couldve done was made the trim silver or gun metal like the other two, but nooo.. Metalic purple…. x_O
    First time I ever put a case on my phone. I can semi tolorate the front, but bought an aluminum bumper and wrappped the battery cover in carbon fiber.

  14. Yes I have the blue but would have preferred the black

  15. That’s almost definitely a pebble blue in bad lighting. Even when I physically look at mine in bad lighting the front looks blackish.

  16. …Have you not seen the blue and red? Why would anyone want black? Im bored with black and grey phones.

    1. some people are ,sorry to say.are boring…..blue is great color.

      1. I don’t even like blue, but I like the pebble blue.

  17. I have the Pebble Blue and I love the color. Every phone on the planet comes in black, BLAH, boring. The RED is hidious, mainly because it has this defective lettering on it. I think, it says ATT, not sure. The white one is also very nice. Im glad to finally see no black phone, every phone that has come out since the StarTac has come in black. (Remember the Star Tak I think every business person had one. lol)

  18. black ftw

  19. Piano black? It’d be onyx right? It’s inspired by nature guys, lol.

  20. I still prefer basic black, although VZW has had some purple phones that I found really attractive.

  21. Yeah we need a black color option..

  22. With a black case on my Pebble Blue, you almost can’t tell it’s not black. Slottke metallic blue where the buttons are, which looks cool, and the purpleish home button, which is ok. Not gonna get all pisses if a black version comes out. Would have gotten black if it had been a preorder option, but I like my blue.

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