Aug 9th, 2012

Some images posted of the on Samsung’s official Facebook page are causing rumblings for Galaxy S3 fans. Shown off in a series of photos highlighting the 2012 Olympic Games, a dark, almost black version of the device is can be seen taking a tour of London, snapping pics, and beaming videos.

The Galaxy S3 can currently be found in “Pebble Blue,” “Marble White,” and “Garnet Red” varieties. Since the phone was announced, many weren’t too keen on a lack of a black optioin (I, being one of them). While it wouldn’t be the first time a new color option appears after a device’s release, I’m darn-near-positive this is nothing more than poor color reproduction than an actual color slip. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a blue tinge around the edges of the purported black S3. Looks like it was Old Man Jenkins all along. Another mystery solved by Mystery Inc.!

But the almost slip still begs the question: are you guys satisfied with the current color lineup, or would you prefer to have a “Piano Black” option for the Samsung Galaxy S3?

[Facebook | Via UnwiredView]

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