Samsung Galaxy S3 getting Jelly Bean in Q3, Galaxy S2 and Note in Q4 [Rumors]


According to a new report from SamMobile Samsung Galaxy S3 owners shouldn’t have to wait too long for the arrival of Android 4.1 on their devices. According to intel coming from within Samsung, the update has already made it through the early rounds of testing as “public” builds are being assembled for further evaluation. A rollout of Jelly Bean for the S3 seems likely for late Q3/early Q4.

Jelly Bean should follow for a few other devices by the end of the year, including the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Note, but initial testing is still taking place. There is a chance that Samsung will opt to deliver a “value pack” update rather than the full Android 4.1 software, but Q4 is the optimistic delivery estimate either way.  Finally, rumors put a Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note 2 towards the end of the year, which suggests that the handset will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung has yet to confirm dates and devices for the upgrade to Jelly Bean, so don’t go writing it down on the calendar just yet. If you do, be sure to use a pencil with a good eraser, because things are likely to change.

[via DroidDog]

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  1. Verizon version to see receive it Q4, 2015.

    1. Wow you are giving Verizon too much credit, probably more like 2020

      1. Just as a matter of public record, my VZW GS3 is already running Jelly Bean. Smoothly.

  2. I love my Galaxy Note but I’ll be getting a Nexus device this year end..
    Latest updates and completely open is more important to me then the bigger screen.

    1. am hoping for a note sized nexus…….:)

  3. If my Note gets Jelly Bean, I may not feel the need to upgrade to the Note 2.

    1. Shhhhh! Don’t tell Samsung!

    2. *IF* the Note gets JB, it will not happen before the release of the Note 2.

    3. That’s exactly why Samsung might not update it to Jelly Bean.

    4. The note 2 might be able to run two apps on the same screen at the same time just like the note 10.1

  4. Nexus all the way. Burned too many times with manufacturer’s empty promises. Especially Samsung.

    1. Especially Samsung? um… Samsung has been one of the most reliable in terms of updates.

      1. Samsung Galaxy 1 promised v2.3 years ago.

        1. SGS1 is currently on gingerbread… What’s your point? Do you not understand how complex that kind of update is?

          1. The Vibrant isn’t. How complex can it be when every other variant has had it for a least a year? They are getting better though :

          2. Unless I am mistaken, that’s not Samsung’s fault. In fact, a lot of the time, the manufacturer doesn’t bother spending millions on updates because the carriers always either block, or cripple it anyway. T-Mobile is the only carrier that didn’t pass the update, so blame them.

    2. My friend… most of the Nexus up to date (Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus) phones are from SAMSUNG!!!!

  5. I hope they don’t try that value pack crap with the note! Samsung should support their products better than that.

  6. Let’s hope that Jelly Bean for the S3 is well tested, and that Jelly Bean for the S2 fixes the long list of major issues on the recent ICS upgrade.

  7. Samsung will never give an update for the S2. They made all these empty promises before, with the S1, S+, etc.

    1. the S1 received 2 major release updates. Are you one of those who thinks IBM should still be proving updates for the 5051? Why should Samsung spend millions on upgrading devices that are considered (by market standards) ancient?

      1. The SGS1 was a total fiasco with updates. Maybe not the international version, but all US variats were jerked around for a while. A lot of false claims of projected update times. The Vibrant still does not have GB. Now I understand that its mostly carriers that gum up the works, and I think that Samsung has learned from that and have made significant improvements to their support

        1. Oh not to worry… we place almost 100% blame on the moronic carriers for any update blunders. In fact, carriers INTRODUCE problems with their “versions” of upgrades/updates

      2. I’m talking from personal experience with the S+ i9001 (international version), which was lauched with Gingerbread and there were firm promises to update to ICS. Samsung then changed it’s mind and said there’ll be a feature pack. Which they gave up on, as well.
        So yeah, Samsung’s pulling a lot of bull.
        I do not imply or expect that Samsung should offer neverending support to it’s devices. However, a 2 major updates policy, like the one practiced by Google and their Nexus’, should be considered, especially when we’re talking about flagship devices.

        1. Oh ok, my mistake. I’m not very familiar with the S+ model, I assumed you were using the word S+ to abbreviate S1, S2, S3, etc. I’m not defending them on their update blunders with a few devices, but they have been the least of the evils with that. Go ask the average HTC or Moto owner about their updates lol. They might cry from frustration.

          1. No harm done.
            And to think I was considering going over to HTC.. Thanks for the heads-up.

  8. My question is, what are they going to do with Google Now? S Voice is a pretty big feature to them. I hope they leave Google Now just how it was intended.

  9. Expect HTC to come out with a date for its One line up.

  10. I need my Google now to put iPhone users down ahaha

  11. I am from oman, and we still haven’t got ice cream sandwich update here

  12. We will see, I’m not holding my breath… It is Verizon after all

  13. Forget any updates if you have T-Mobile!

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