HTC working on their own 5-inch phone?


New rumors suggest HTC could be the next major smartphone manufacturer to cross the 5-inch screen threshold, possibly adding a bit of competition for the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Not much is known about the handset, but a report from DigiTimes says the handset will sport a screen resolution of 1794 x 1080 pixels, a hi-res display that would best the current crop of 720p offerings. While not confirmed, there exists a GLBenchmark score for an HTC device with a matching resolution that puts a Snapdragon S4 chipset with Adreno 320 GPU into play.

The HTC phone would join the likes of the LG Optimus Vu and Galaxy Note in an attempt to capitalize on the market for those seeking a device that has the portability of a phone but the functionality of a tablet. With the 4.7-inch screen of the One X, the company is no stranger to large display sizes. But just how successful a phablet offering from the manufacturer might be has us intrigued.

[via DigiTimes]

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  1. Cool i like HTC phones just make sure it has sd slot and a removable battery the one x is good but missing sd slot and battery removal so no way in hell could i buy a phone with only 12gb of user space its just stupid, So wake the F up HTC try copying your Koren buddy’s Samsung they get it

    1. I think HTC is taiwanese. For me, SD slot is a must. As for removable batt, it’s nice to have, but not a must.

  2. Are they still considered phones? -__-

  3. I hope they do it right then I can move back to HTC
    Must fix background running apps and Really tone down sense and the obvious SD slot removable bat
    and the

  4. HTC needs to realize on Iphones can have no sd or removable battery. Android customers don’t play that.

    1. *only IPhones

    2. I’ve never swapped a battery or SD card in 2 years of owning an Android phone, I wouldn’t miss either of these as I’d miss not having MHL support in the Nexus 7.

      That been said, I’d never buy a non-Nexus Android phone again. I want updates like iPhone users get.

  5. A 5 inch HTC phablet would be a game changer,, one would assume it would be quad core with the note 2 having it to compete with the fruit company later this year… Aahhhhhh the benchmarks that it could give on quadrant standard

  6. Phones are getting way too big. The SGS3 is uncomfortable to hold in the hand after a while.
    4-4.5 max for phones, anything bigger is crazy for mainstream phones like the SGS3. Then again I guess there is a market for phablets, but I would hope mainstream phones start to go down in size a little.

    1. i dunno, i’m only 5’10 and my Evo (4.7 in) feels just fine. I also have buddies of the 5’6 stature who have gs3’s and love em.

      1. heard the same about the s3 but nothing about the one x…. I think it’s a combination on width and heigth etc…

        1. ah maybe so, i never took differences in width into account

          1. yeah If you put both side by side and the s3 screen is bigger (by a bit) but the htc has that weird curve thing to it and that seems to alleviate much of the size issues. All the differences are minimal but that’s what r&d is for. But I do agree the s3 is hard to get the thumb up there for the slide down. I think htc kinda nailed it. If not maybe just a slight bit too tall.THANKFULLY with the note and other similar devices out we don’t nee to worry about flagship phones getting to much bigger so they can keep them seperate from the phablets!

      2. I have large hands and it is not possible for me to use the phone one handed comfortably…such as swiping across the screen or up and down swipes, or fast typing with one hand the way it was comfortable using the smaller 4 inch phone.

        I think companies should release two models of the same phone. A 4.8 inch Galaxy S3 for those who want massive screens, and a smaller 4-4.5 screen for people who want more hand comfort.

        I will say the HTC One X does feel more comfortable in the hand, but then again the lack of a removable battery and microSD slot is a total fail.

        1. They’re really not designed to be completely used one handed like iPhones are, they’re designed to give you necessary functionality in your horizontal view as a phone while holding it in your left hand and navigating with your right hand or turning it side ways and using it in landscape mode with both hands. I think it depends a lot on mobile platforms becoming the new standard gaming platforms, it feels like a much better PSP Vita and the screen size makes a huge difference for media consumption.

    2. Getting too big? I bought an HTC Advantage 7501 in 2007. It had a 5″ screen, 8 GB micro drive (remember those?). Back then, the conventional phone industry was locked in an arms race to see who could build the smallest hand set possible. Everyone would look at me like i had a third eye. They all asked, “Why do you want a big phone?” My single word answer – “Data”. If you’re like me, and use the data connection way more than the voice network, you would not be making statements like, “Phones are getting way too big…”

      1. I guess I’m nothing like you then.

    3. Yea I’d never buy the SGS3, it’s way too big, I’d go back to the iPhone before I got that. Wake me up when they make a 4.0″ one.

  7. Why not increase batter life instead?

  8. Just as long as it is “Note shaped” and nothing like that Vu monstrosity… Note was just a teeny bit too big… dumping the .3 would be sweet!

  9. I’m glad that that nasty fruit company (hence the one bite) didn’t make the first 5″+ phablet.
    Oh wait, don’t tell me that they have been working on a prototype somewhere some time back in 2005.

    Nasty fruty, you see, OEMs like to “copy” something that the market demands.
    In the business world, it’s called competition.
    Oh wait, you’re not here to do business nor compete.
    You want to rule the universe.

    Here comes the new era, big screen phones with smart stylus.
    And yes, nasty fruity has some patents about it somewhere up their a@@es.

  10. HTC can own this space if they do it right. I’m savvy enough to crack open a device and replace a battery (which, with a useful life of 3 -4 years probably won’t even be an issue). An SD card slot is a must. Make it thin like the new EVO 4G LTE. Give it a nice core set of stylus based apps. Include a driver for popular bluetooth portable keyboards and mice. Done deal. Hurry up and take my money!

  11. thee nothing wrong with the v i own own one and im happy with it.

  12. hell ya

  13. I really can see HTC sense on a big screen I really can’t; too ugly

  14. Keep making them bigger soon we will walking around with tablets, it’s getting ridiculous 4 to 4.5 inches Shoild be the sweet spot, I’m 6.1 and have pretty big hands but still what’s the point

  15. how bout you guys get ICS on all the devices that are supposed to get it first then you can play with your 5″ phone dreams… hope HTC doesn’t wonder why their sales are down…

  16. 5″ phones are not “phablets,” if the phone is 136×70 with onscreen buttons then it’s the same as the GS3, HTC One and Panasonice Beluga Power. If the screen reaches 5.3″ or the ???x80 size then it’s a “phablet.” The LG Optimus VU isn’t a “phablet” because it has a 5″ screen, it’s a “phablet” because it has a 4:3 aspect ratio and ???x80+ width. I expect 5″ phones with onscreen buttons at 136x70x9 to be the future “norm” for phones, altho’ I hope they use 1440×900 for +330ppi and not x1080 just for marketing purposes and slaughter the battery time. As far as the non removable battery issue, I think unibody designs are superior in terms of their dust and water proofing. It’s just a question of moving away from thinness and towards battery size i.e. Razor Maxx and accepting 9mm is thin enough and we really want more battery time on our phones isntead.

  17. HTC behind the curve. Nothing new.

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