Official: Samsung relaunches Galaxy Note 10.1, available globally this month


Samsung isn’t waiting for an August 15th press event to introduce us to their revamped Galaxy Note 10.1 This morning the company has officially announced a retooled version of the device first shown off at Mobile World Congress last February. The Note 10.1 will sport a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM and will be available with several different connectivity options, including WiFi only, 3G/HSPA+, and a 4G LTE model coming later this year. The non-LTE editions will launch globally this month.

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  1. The keyboard looks a whole lot like an iPad/iOS keyboard…

    1. It has amazing keybaord,…it can be adjusted to any place on the device’s screen

  2. I wish everyone did speakers like this. True stereo pointed at ur ears

  3. I like the form. I like the stylus. I even like the Samsung apps. Photoshop looks amazing.

    Still waiting for a Nexus 10 as I like updates, and Touchwiz looks like a bag of skittles.

  4. Looks quite impressive. I wonder how the stylus will be – the Galaxy Note’s is better than ye olde resistive styluses but it’s still quite some way from being good enough. I want a stylus that is fast and accurate enough so when I use it, it seems like a pen – exactly where I mark is instantly marked. Anything less than this and drawing becomes a chore because I’m always forced to remember that there is a disconnect between what I do and what appears on screen.

  5. Nice but 16gb for 750 i don’t think so and the screen come on not even close to what that fruit uses

  6. That video was truly amazing.

  7. THAT is what you should expect from a tablet.

  8. i am willing ot complety forsake stock android for this. o_O and i hate non-stock android.

  9. Wow, wow.

  10. A recipe for Apple Pie in the video..? I smell a lawsuit.

  11. I’ve been waiting for this to come out! Even had to delay my bday gift since my bday is July 12 – but it looks like it was worth the wait. Finally a tablet that’s great at all the stuff we’ve been using them for (games, web browsing, social interaction) now with true real world everyday applications. Love it!

  12. As long as there is expendable memory. This may just be the next tablet for me.

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