Verizon-branded wireless charging units for Samsung Galaxy S3 showing up in stores


Samsung’s inductive charging units for the Samsung Galaxy S3 aren’t quite ready yet, but that won’t stop Verizon from offering a charging pad of their own. They’re selling an inductive charging pad for $50 alongside an official Samsung charging back plate for $40 according to PhoneScoop.

While it’s unfortunate the official charging pad couldn’t be ready in time we’re sure folks who have been looking forward to it won’t mind this makeshift combination. If you prefer to get both pieces from Samsung then you’ll have to wait until September. Otherwise, call your local Verizon store and see if they’ve gotten any of these things in stock.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. $90 for wireless charging? Really?!? Because microUSB chargers are sooo hard to come by.


    1. This would be extremely nice to have for my desk at work. $90 is a little steep, but could be worse I guess.

    2. What’s worst is that the gs3 should include it built in only thing that should be needed is the matt

    3. just like isheep. buying expensive needless thing.

      1. If your like me I go through lots of chargers caus I trip over them and other things that wear it out and in the dark its annoying when I try to locate the port and stick it in right Side up. For me the thing is an investment. Considering charger replacements are $20 anyway and the. Harding pad is an investment that can be used in future phones

        1. Why spend that much for a replacement charger when you can buy a generic wall adapter and data cable for about half that?

          1. Generic chargers are unpredictable. I’ve had some that worked great and some that render my touchscreen useless when plugged in.

        2. Cool name, keep on truckin!

    4. My thoughts exactly. When I saw it was $90, two words escaped my lips: “Fk that.”

    5. Bro I got this and I paid 34 for the charger and 29 for the cover and you can consider the charging pad as an investment. Those are my pictures I sent in. The price listed is just the max that is on the sticker on the package. I am going to look around at the stors and test to see if I can if d a cheaper chargingad that will charge it. I am not sure but there is only two kinds of wireless charging technologies so there is a good chance that there is going to be other chargingad options. Also I have been using it for 2 days and it’s not only fast I know that I won’t ever get the micro USB to wear out any more.

  2. Why must verizon excessively brand everything. It makes it look ugly and tacky. Take a Page from apple. Minimum branding but still massive brand recognition.

  3. can you charge while on the phone? usb can.

  4. wait, i thought the GS3 came wiht inductive charging BUILT IN? o_O

    1. yes, Samsung has claimed that it’s supposed to have built in support for this. I guess we will find out soon enough to what extent “native support” means.

      1. Its not built in.
        Edit: It is partially built in that is has the connector, but a new back plate will be required, whether from Samsung or Verizon.

        1. That sounds perfectly reasonable though. I can’t wait to see the full line of official Samsung accessories for this device

          1. Yeah, we’re going to see them like when they released all the accessories for the G-Nexus…hopefully they’ll actually release them sooner rather then later unlike with with the G-Nexus accessories…..Why can’t they just release the accessories at the same time as the device. People would probably pick buy the accessories at the same time that they are buying the device.

          2. I’m not sure why they delay accessories so much. It might be because of the complications of getting a phone to market. Maybe the main reason is because a design change could waste a lot of money if the accessories are ready to be sold at the same time.

        2. ok, so just like my droid charge. makes sense, i guess.

      2. in SUPPORT translates to Its supported, but you will have to pay extra!

  5. Come on now….wireless or not, charging devices is annoying unless attached to mhl. Less than $40 for an oem dock w/spare nfc batterry and swap as needed.

  6. Verizon: You’re making a developer Edition of the S3?! Fine! We’ll make and release a charging mat before you do and get some of our money back! How ya like them apples?
    Samsung: You are reminding me of Apple at the moment actually…

  7. Yep f that $35-50 for everything I might consider it.

    1. I got it for sixty dolars total almmost

  8. Yes like the Charge. The deep rich black color is unmatched by the gs3. (Amoled PLUS) Since then must have amoled. Not plus anymore on gs3 but far better resolution & I would not have bought gs3 w/o dock w/spare battery. Samys flimsy back covers pop off and snap on so easy when swapping batteries.

  9. I’ll wait till Samsung puts one out without Verizon’s logo.

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