Aug 3rd, 2012

When I heard Jelly Belly was releasing their own app I just had to take a look. They’ve released a Jelly Bean live wallpaper that is actually pretty good. It’s simple but it does do the trick in getting you into the mood to have some of your favorite jelly bean flavors.

Upon setting the live wallpaper I’m met with several options, including which flavors I’d like to appear in my jar, the background, and even the gravitational effect.

Yes, that means you don’t have to look at that god awful popcorn-flavored jelly bean if you don’t want to (sorry, Jelly Belly, but those things are vomit-inducing crap).

Once you set the wallpaper you can start adding Jelly Beans by tapping on the display. The entry of flavors is random but rest assured it will only put the flavors you want in. From there you can flick jelly beans around to your heart’s content.

The Play Store listing even suggests you can make up your own mini-games such as jelly bean volleyball, though if you’re planning to do something like that I’d suggest doing it on a clear home screen as icons and widgets can get away.

You can dismiss the jar by shaking your phone and start the process of adding jelly beans all over again. Unfortunately I’ve found that it’s easy to accidentally dismiss the beans while the phone is in your pocket, but perhaps that’ll keep you tapping away. The app is a free live wallpaper and can be found in the Google Play Store.