Benchmark scores confirms Tegra 3 for T-Mobile’s HTC One X+, Jelly Bean on board


The puzzle pieces are coming together to reveal more information about T-Mobile’s upcoming HTC One X+. The latest info comes by way of the devices NenaMark benchmark scores, where it is confirmed that handset model number HTC PM63100 will run an NVIDIA Tegra 3 clocked to 1.7GHz. A 720p display is also present, and, perhaps most noteworthy, the One X+ is running Android 4.1.

While a T-Mobile launch is expected for September, there are also rumblings that AT&T could see the phone as well. A souped up version of the HTC One X is something to get excited about by itself, but the thought of the handset running Jelly Bean gets our mouths watering all the more.

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  1. I have the One S and it’s been a fantastic daily driver.
    I can hope that the X+ is just as good if not better.

    Have we hit a slowdown in innovation at this point that we are getting revised models?

    1. If it doesn’t have a removable SD slot and battery consider it a failure.

      1. So the last two Nexus phones are failures?

        1. haha^

        2. Only reason.why those aren’t failure is because they get the latest updates first.

        3. So the last two Nexus phones don’t have removable batteries?

      2. I doesn’t need an ad slot if it has at least 32gb like the international version.

    2. Not innovation: we are just starting to reach a technological plateau where things like moor’s law start to break down: once we hit a certain nanometer size, the benefits start becoming less and less, and the price to make starts becoming more and more. So we’re currently in a phase between old and new technologies, which is actually GREAT for innovation. we get to iron out all the kinks of existing technologies (say, LTE, thunderbolt, ivy bridge, USB3.0) while we wait for new technologies to make their debut (EG, Samsung’s new AMOLED technology), and all the while we get to work with great new software and major OS refreshes/enhancements.

      so a temporary slowdown in technology, yes, but not a slowdown in innovation. ;)

      (unless apple gets their way with the courts, in which case innovation becomes illegal)

      1. liked for the last line. no truer words sir.

    3. no its just that phone manufacturers aren’t going to release a new phone every month because that would just make them lose money

  2. I still love my GS3… but honestly, if this came out before I got my GS3 then I would be on the HTC train…

    1. Who cares, the new nexus or nexi will be out by then.

      1. out before september? i doubt it.

        1. True, but I would still rather wait

          1. i understand, but you know there is no telling if it will come to tmobile, or if it does if it will come without being delayed 5 months like the one that came to sprint. But yeah waiting for at least the announcement would be wise i presume, if you can wait.

          2. The nexus? Im assuming it will be sold on Google play like the galaxy nexus, and most likely before ANY carrier gets it…if you are going to go nexus, go with the Play Store.

          3. Hopefully, and hopefully this time they don’t wait 6 months to offer it. but still allot of people won’t want to be spending $700 cash at once.

          4. If my Galaxy 7 was any indication of Google’s customer service regarding the timely release and shipping of their device, I’ll just pay cash and pick the phone up from a local retailer.

    2. It is tge same as the one x but with and updated proc + JB. Considering the s3 is getting JB very soon (maybe even before this phone launches) I dont see how that phone is more attractive.

      1. by updated i meant OC’d

  3. Seriously HTC? I love my One X, but if this comes to AT&T, you are a d*ck.

    1. would you really have waited 5-6 months for a marginal spec bump?

      1. Processor bump actually wouldn’t bug me. A bump to 2GB of RAM would, 32GB of flash would, and an SD slot would.

        1. But you’d likely lose LTE. That’s why T-Mobile can release a device that uses Tegra 3, which so far has been limited to HSPA+. They don’t have an LTE network.

          1. Which is why I am not too sure this would come to AT&T because I am pretty sure AT&T wants only LTE high end phones (just like Verizon). But if it did come to AT&T with LTE, I would feel like a Bionic, D3, or Razr owner.

  4. Finally!

  5. Isn’t this supposed to have a new type of Tegra 3?

    1. Yes.

  6. Please come to the Evil Blue Empire.

  7. If the One X is getting a spec bump they need to also release an HTC Evo 4G LTE with one.

  8. I hope the new nexus has the tegra t33

    1. Why so Nvidia can *not* release the drivers for the kernel and screw development?

      1. W ell look at our choices the new T33 or the s4 , the adreno 225 GPU sucks compared to the rest, the only thing it has going for it is the CPU and the T33 trumps even that, If we nag about it enough I’m sure tegra will release the kernels but if we get the s4, were stuck with that

  9. Awww Mann.

  10. HTC suxx, got a tbolt 1 yr ago and stuck with gingerbread until key lime pie is out. I get to miss out on ICS and jellybean. I will NEVER buy another HTC device.

    1. there are rooting options…I’m pretty sure there is a ice cream sandwich build

      1. Not really anything available by way of ROM for the thunderbolt.

  11. Make this a Nexus phone and I’m sold!

  12. a tegra 3 at 1.7 ghz is going to be a battery draining machine

    1. you forget that the tegra 3 has the +1 core for battery saving, I’m getting about 10 hours of heavy use on the infinity with the new T33 chip in it and thats from a tablet with a 1080p display the HTC one x only has 720 so I’m sure battery won’t be a concern

      1. see the problem is that even though the infinity pad has excellent battery life it also has a massive battery. The normal htc one x with the 1.5ghz tegra 3 only gets 6.5 hours of continuous use.

        1. You’re right I completely overlooked that fact, hopefully it will have a larger battery cause a phone at 4-5 hours won’t fare well

      2. I’m getting between 4-5 hours of screen time on my TF700

        1. really O.o that’s weird im getting double that I mostly use it for web browsing / taking notes during class with a occasional pic here and there of the board. Is your super IPS option on ?

          1. Nope, just have auto brightness on. I use it mostly for browsing the web. Right now I’ve had it off the charger for 1 day 12 hours but the screen time is less than 4 hours and it’s at exactly 30%. I typically have it on the charger every night. I don’t have a lot of stuff running so no idea what it could be.

            Sent from my Asus Transformer Infinity

          2. I don’t have auto brightness on, mine is usually at like 60% brightness, that might be causing it but it might be something else also I dont think the brightness would cause that big of a difference.

          3. Usage time and screen on time are two different things.

          4. He already mentioned in an earlier post that he uses it mostly for web browsing, also 4-5 hours of screen on time sounds like moderate to heavy use but even with that im still getting double that with mine and i have the same tablet

          5. so you’re getting 9 hours of screen on time? impressive if true.

          6. If anything, auto brightness seems to tend to make the screen less bright. Usually using it in a dimly lit room. Do you use the default browser or Chrome? If you use Chrome, are you using the syncing settings?

            Sent from my Galaxy S III

          7. Default, chrome seems buggie at times

          8. I agree about the bugginess, seems whenever I want to enter text it bugs sometimes although that could also be SwiftKey. I’ll try the default, see if it improves

            Sent from my Galaxy S III

          9. Nah they both lag, i used swiftkey because i thought it would help but it was no different from both the stock keyboards so i went back to using stock, it might have something to do with the framerate. On ICS the nexus had the same hang problem in the browser but after they boosted the framerate to a constant the problem just went away.

  13. Until Nvidia steps up to the plate and releases kernel source/drivers, I will never own another device with their processor in it.

  14. Still upset that HTC and TMO are not moving forward with a G3…TMO doesnt need another ONE.

    1. I agree about the G line, but if it’s just going to be a case of slapping the G3 moniker on something that isn’t relatively unique, I say why bother?

  15. If this had been out earlier I would have bought this instead of the GSIII…

  16. As much as I love HTC, I’m honestly thinking I won’t own another phone that isn’t a nexus. Yes, the One X is significantly faster than the Galaxy Nexus, and it is much better looking and has a better camera and display. However, just like everybody else, they expect us to pay a premium for a device like that and for what I need a smartphone for, a nexus will do me just fine for the next few years (all while costing much less thanks to prepaid).

  17. The rumored HTC One X on T-Mobile with vanilla? Hopefully it is..

    1. hopefully, that would be sick!!! I can upgrade now…was gonna get the Galaxy SIII but might as well wait for the X+ now.

      1. If you’re going to wait might as well get the next Nexus ;-)

  18. in time for iphone 5, note 2

  19. This is the Phone that I’ve been waiting for!

  20. I’ll keep my S3, no thanks HTC

  21. I might still be interested even if it doesn’t have a replaceable battery though I will consider other models/brands first. I definitely wouldn’t be interested if it doesn’t have an expandable memory card slot.

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